Taco Mexi image
Taco Mexi
Mexican restaurant
$ $$$
4.50 (781 reviews)
Taqueria Mexicana Guadalajara image
Taqueria Mexicana Guadalajara
Mexican restaurant
👍👍 Excelente servicio, lugar y comida a precio justo y deliciosa
$ $$$
4.50 (402 reviews)
Restaurante Solo Mexico image
Restaurante Solo Mexico
Mexican restaurant
👍👍 Very welcoming, delicious the entire menu, excellent quality and very good service. Highly recommended for Mexican food, much better than other restaurants of the same theme in San Pedro Sula. Good prices and family atmosphere.
$$ $$
4.40 (474 reviews)
Donde Ofelia • Los Andes image
Donde Ofelia • Los Andes
Mexican restaurant
👍👍 Riquísimos tacos, recomiendo mucho los de suadero y cochinita pibil. Deliciosos! No podes irte sin unas micheladas, son levanta-muertos! Decoración temática 🇲🇽 preciosa. Puntos extra por el genial servicio al cliente, 100/100! 🔥
4.50 (226 reviews)
Tacos Don Manolito image
Tacos Don Manolito
👍 Undoubtedly, the mexicanest XD food you can get here! Flavour, freshness, and spiciness would be the three words I would use to describe it. It was my first time here and just loving it and planning on coming back!
4.40 (240 reviews)
El Pinche • Multiplaza image
El Pinche • Multiplaza
Mexican restaurant
$$ $$
4.20 (1.1K reviews)
Takicardia image
Mexican restaurant
👍👍 100/10 comida muy rica y el ambiente es de lo mejor No voy a olvidar esos tacos de birria 🥵
4.50 (160 reviews)
Taquitos La luna image
Taquitos La luna
Mexican restaurant
👍👍 食物超級好吃!櫃檯人員也非常親切,非常棒的一間餐廳!
$$ $$
4.50 (153 reviews)
Mextaco Centro image
Mextaco Centro
Mexican restaurant
4.30 (298 reviews)
Taqueria Mexicana Los Charros image
Taqueria Mexicana Los Charros
Mexican restaurant
👍👍 Los mejores tacos del sur. Muy delicioso
$ $$$
4.50 (130 reviews)
Mexican Tacos Tijuana Style image
Mexican Tacos Tijuana Style
Mexican restaurant
4.70 (78 reviews)
El Torito image
El Torito
Mexican chain featuring burritos, fajitas & a tequila bar in an informal setting.
4.20 (220 reviews)
Cannibal Cafe image
Cannibal Cafe
Mexican restaurant
😐 Every business in Roatan accepts dollars as long as they are not marked or torn. They would not accept my dollars at all. They said the bank won't accept my dollars even though they were not marked nor torn. I had to leave without paying and went to the bank and had no issues exchanging them. They w...
$$ $$
4.20 (211 reviews)
Mexican Food image
Mexican Food
Mexican restaurant
$$ $$
4.30 (138 reviews)
Antojitos Mexicanos image
Antojitos Mexicanos
Mexican restaurant
👍👍 Great place for Mexican like tacos. Over all great place to eat Mexican food. However the only issue I had was the beef wasn't steak cut up and cooked. It was ground beef, which was the only disappointing part of the visit. The Chicken was awesome, the Chorizo Sausage was good, the ground beef w...
$$ $$
4.00 (899 reviews)
El Inge del Taco image
El Inge del Taco
Mexican restaurant
👍👍 Deliciosos tacos de birria 😊 y excelente atención.
4.80 (54 reviews)
MR. Taco image
MR. Taco
Mexican restaurant
😠 Primera vez que comí tacos allí y la última. Toda la noche pase con dolor de estómago creo que la higiene del lugar no es muy buena. Y los tacos nada que ver a tacos mexicanos
4.40 (92 reviews)
Tapachula image
Mexican restaurant
4.20 (109 reviews)
La Calavera image
La Calavera
Mexican restaurant
👍👍 Good
4.10 (138 reviews)
Antojitos La Mexicana image
Antojitos La Mexicana
Mexican restaurant
🫤 no es muy buena la comida y nunca hay tacos de birrea no se que onda
4.20 (102 reviews)
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