Clínica Dental Advanced Center image
Clínica Dental Advanced Center
Emergency dental service
5.00 (49 reviews)
Smile Solutions Tegucigalpa image
Smile Solutions Tegucigalpa
👍👍 THE BEST 🥰 *Friendly *Comprehensive *Retailers *Divine all those who work there 🤗
5.00 (44 reviews)
Physical therapist
👍👍 Excellent, I bear witness and testimony of my mother with weakness and loss of balance in a wheelchair. With the help of God and physical therapy today he walks without help and dances
4.90 (94 reviews)
Famident - Clinica de Ortodoncia, periodoncia e implantes dentales en Tegucigalpa image
Famident - Clinica de Ortodoncia, periodoncia e implantes dentales en Tegucigalpa
👍👍 I am super happy with my orthodontic treatment, I have been treated by a highly qualified team at each of my appointments, I love that they are super professional and aesthetic in everything they do. I recommend it 100% for anyone who wants dental treatment.
4.90 (94 reviews)
Lashes by tato image
Lashes by tato
👍👍 Since 2019 Lashes by Tato has kept my lashes looking beautiful. The customer service they have provided me since then has been the best and each of the services I have received at the studio has completely met my expectations.
4.90 (50 reviews)
Centro de Endodoncias y Emergencias Dentales C.E.E.D image
Centro de Endodoncias y Emergencias Dentales C.E.E.D
Denture care center
👍👍 Excellent service, the best in technology, staff 100% certified in digital dentistry processes.
4.90 (34 reviews)
María Hospital, Pediatric Specialties image
María Hospital, Pediatric Specialties
Children's hospital
😠 La atención hospitalaria buenísima los doctores , enfermeras y su personal muy atentos . Pero su cafetería pésimo servicio y precios exageradamente caros y uno se siente en la obligación de visitarla cuando lleva a los niños hacer exámenes ya que los lleva en ayunas y pues desea darles algo de comer...
4.70 (109 reviews)
Centro de Cáncer Emma Romero de Callejas image
Centro de Cáncer Emma Romero de Callejas
👍👍 Employees treat patients with respect and kindness. The prices are affordable and you can opt for a social worker if you do not have enough resources. A pleasant place and they currently maintain all biosecurity measures
4.70 (33 reviews)
Clínica Mater Dei image
Clínica Mater Dei
Women's health clinic
👍👍 Did a pcr test and got the results 7 hours later and also was a great price. Definitely recommend
4.50 (41 reviews)
Hospital San Felipe image
Hospital San Felipe
😠 My relative was treated in the worst possible way and ended up losing his life due to the negligence of medical care. He is not a serious patient, they told him, days later he lost his life. For them, people are not even animals because they talk to them. and they treat you as if they were not impor...
4.30 (127 reviews)
Hospital El Carmen image
Hospital El Carmen
👍👍 Un lugar muy limpio, excelente atención y sobre todo no es muy caro.
4.30 (44 reviews)
Hospital Group Medicasa image
Hospital Group Medicasa
Private hospital
👍👍 I had Appendicitis surgery there the day before yesterday. Thank God I came out of the operation very well. They gave me 100% of the treatment, from the review, diagnosis, to the prophylactic treatment prescriptions. Never before have I been treated so well (as well as my son) in a hospital or healt...
4.20 (45 reviews)
Bernardos Veterinary Hospital image
Bernardos Veterinary Hospital
😠 I went to do an emergency exam on my dog ​​on Saturday, they were responsible for sending me the result the same day in the afternoon, today is Monday and not even their lights, they don't answer their numbers. They only show a lack of commitment to their clients and little interest in the health of...
4.00 (63 reviews)
Honduras Medical Center image
Honduras Medical Center
😠 Very bad customer service they didnt send my husbands doctor exams to the us embassy on time .. they are very rude . Especially dr.claudia bravos secratarys. Dont go here .
3.90 (171 reviews)
Private hospital
😠 I am very upset I arrived with the Pressure and low blood sugar I wanted to explain to the nurse and she left very rudely and ignored the symptoms I explained to her and when I told her that if she talked to the doctor she could see me sooner. According to the day before, that is, Thursday, they gav...
3.90 (83 reviews)
Hospital, clinica y óptica Santa Lucía image
Hospital, clinica y óptica Santa Lucía
Eye care center
😠 Very bad customer service 😡 a bad experience, apparently they have no communication between employees. They made me wait more than 1 hour to be attended to. Today I started a procedure in the morning and continued with the specialist's review, it turns out that the staff did not have my file comple...
3.70 (66 reviews)
Hospital y Clinica DIME image
Hospital y Clinica DIME
😠 It has (apparently) equipment to do exams in various areas, but the lack of effective organization and lack of attention of its employees makes this a place that I do not want to visit/search/recommend again even if I have an emergency. Despite having an appointment (from the previous day) for an u...
3.70 (66 reviews)
Hospital Escuela image
Hospital Escuela
😠 Never in my life has I seen the slightest interest in a nurse in trying to help a patient. “Go and look for him (the Doctor) you?” “I'm not the one who is taking care of him, ask whoever your question corresponds to.” Pure “don't talk to me” faces These people weigh their mouths, their hands, EVERYT...
3.60 (220 reviews)
Clinicas PORSALUD image
Medical clinic
😠 Vine de noche con mi madre a la que nunca había traído, mi hermana y mi sobrina, estaba lloviendo y no dejaron que entraramos con mi mamá, a pesar de que se le explicó al guardia que mi hermana es la que maneja, la bebé no podíamos dejarla sola en casa y yo debía pasar porque era quien iba a pagar l...
3.40 (77 reviews)
Hospital San Jorge El Hato image
Hospital San Jorge El Hato
😠 Terrible service regarding parking 3 days ago I went to the hospital they park the cars when I was going to pick it up after about 15 minutes of waiting they told me that I should go because the car does not start, they had disarmed the control and completely deactivated the car, of course They didn...
3.20 (47 reviews)
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