Basilica of Our Lady of Suyapa image
Basilica of Our Lady of Suyapa
Catholic church
Built in the 20th century, this modern Catholic basilica is dedicated to the Virgin of Suyapa.
4.80 (3.6K reviews)
Parque El Picacho image
Parque El Picacho
National park
👍 Very nice place for families to visit and see the city from above.
4.60 (6.1K reviews)
Hotel Plaza Juan Carlos image
Hotel Plaza Juan Carlos
Warm rooms & suites in a relaxed hotel offering a restaurant, a bar & a gym, plus an indoor pool.
4.60 (1.3K reviews)
Christ of the Picacho image
Christ of the Picacho
Tourist attraction
Completed in 1998, this 65-ft. concrete statue of Jesus Christ sits on a 33-ft. pedestal.
4.60 (924 reviews)
Cultural Center of Spain in Tegucigalpa image
Cultural Center of Spain in Tegucigalpa
Cultural center
👍👍 Very good activities and everyone is super friendly, they have good Internet and you can have a good time.
4.60 (93 reviews)
El picacho image
El picacho
👍 Bonito de día . Bonito de noche. Le hace falta mas variedad de comida.
4.60 (58 reviews)
PlayMax image
Amusement park
😐 Nice place, however there are some major negative points: 1.Too many adults mixed with children, "sharing" a relatively small play area, add to this that there is no capacity control. 2. There is no strict separation by age, that is, a person of 1.75 and 90 kg, for example, can be jumping, to their...
4.60 (33 reviews)
Cerro Juana Lainez Park image
Cerro Juana Lainez Park
A trail loops around this wooded park on a hill & leads to its summit for panoramic city views.
4.50 (1.6K reviews)
Chiminike image
Children's museum
Opened in 2003, this learning center features interactive science & history exhibits for children.
4.50 (1.5K reviews)
Museo Numismatico image
Museo Numismatico
🫤 The numismatic museum is located in the same building as the annex of the central bank of Honduras.
4.50 (36 reviews)
La Hermandad Park image
La Hermandad Park
👍👍 Excelente ambiente natural, los más peques se divierten, mucho con todos los juegos y además desarrollan habilidades de comunicación y socializan y eso es bueno para la salud de ellos. Además tienen una mejor calidad de vida. Saludos.
4.40 (462 reviews)
Instituto Hondureño De Cultura Hispanica image
Instituto Hondureño De Cultura Hispanica
👍 Very good place to appreciate art, presentations are always made and it is enjoyed.
4.40 (221 reviews)
Mirador, Street Al Hatillo image
Mirador, Street Al Hatillo
Amusement park
👍👍 Nice viewpoint
4.40 (91 reviews)
El Piliguin Park image
El Piliguin Park
👍 Very good there are house rentals per day
4.40 (59 reviews)
Ciudad de los Niños en Parque El Picacho image
Ciudad de los Niños en Parque El Picacho
National park
👍👍 Very nice and quiet place to visit with the family.
4.40 (41 reviews)
El Taller Hn image
El Taller Hn
👍👍 I loved the place where the cyanotype workshop was held...
4.40 (39 reviews)
Metropolitan Zoo Rosy Walther image
Metropolitan Zoo Rosy Walther
👍👍 This zoo was really nice! It's big, fairly grounded in nature and the animals look really happy! They have a lot of variety; snakes to farm animals, birds to fish. The star of the zoo for me was definitely the jaguar. This jaguar knows how to work the crowd, it came right up to us and posed, even op...
4.30 (1.4K reviews)
Chuck E. Cheese image
Chuck E. Cheese
Children's amusement center
👍 Very nice place to have fun regardless of age, most of the games are in operation, the tables are clean, the bathrooms do have to do more frequent cleaning rounds (especially taking into account that it is children who frequently use those bathrooms ) please improve this detail in its entirety. The...
4.30 (1.2K reviews)
Parque Recreativo Solidaridad image
Parque Recreativo Solidaridad
State park
👍👍 Excellent place
4.30 (382 reviews)
Comayagüela image
Historical landmark
👍👍 Hermoso lugar por la noche. Contemplar sus luces que adorna todo el lugar
4.30 (357 reviews)
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