Mary & Nay Nail Salon image
Mary & Nay Nail Salon
Hair salon
👍👍 I love how my nails leave me!! Very good work, good service and good quality of the product they use. Thank you for your always attention girls 😍 Highly recommended!
5.00 (37 reviews)
Physical therapist
👍👍 Excellent, I bear witness and testimony of my mother with weakness and loss of balance in a wheelchair. With the help of God and physical therapy today he walks without help and dances
4.90 (94 reviews)
Lashes by tato image
Lashes by tato
👍👍 Since 2019 Lashes by Tato has kept my lashes looking beautiful. The customer service they have provided me since then has been the best and each of the services I have received at the studio has completely met my expectations.
4.90 (50 reviews)
La Belle Hair Studio image
La Belle Hair Studio
Beauty salon
4.90 (35 reviews)
Hotel Real InterContinental Tegucigalpa image
Hotel Real InterContinental Tegucigalpa
Upscale all-suite hotel with an outdoor pool, a spa & a lounge/bar, plus 2 refined restaurants.
4.80 (5.3K reviews)
Barberia Galeano image
Barberia Galeano
Hair salon
👍👍 Here I have been a customer for 20 years, first with my husband and now with my children, excellent service.❤️
4.80 (80 reviews)
MV Beauty Salon image
MV Beauty Salon
Beauty salon
👍👍 First-class care, they maintain biosafety measures, quality services and products, delighted with the results.
4.80 (32 reviews)
Spa InterContinental Tegucigalpa image
Spa InterContinental Tegucigalpa
👍👍 It is an excellent place to be visited
4.70 (49 reviews)
The Beauty Room image
The Beauty Room
Beauty salon
😠 Bad service, they give you a phone number, you never answer, you write to them on WhatsApp, they only leave it on view
4.70 (39 reviews)
Estudio Stefany Galeano image
Estudio Stefany Galeano
Beauty salon
👍👍 Excellent attention and punctuality.
4.70 (38 reviews)
Sala de Belleza Ivonne's image
Sala de Belleza Ivonne's
Beauty salon
👍👍 My beauty salon since I can remember, I feel pampered every time they serve me, the girls are super friendly, their services are spectacular, fully recommended professionals.
4.60 (59 reviews)
Clinica Med Estetic image
Clinica Med Estetic
Facial spa
😠 Terrible attention, I wrote to them on Whatsapp and they didn't respond. When I went in person they closed the door on me, I felt like I was a criminal.
4.60 (33 reviews)
Sala de Belleza y Peluqueria Ivonne's image
Sala de Belleza y Peluqueria Ivonne's
Beauty salon
👍 It was my first time. I wanted to try a legendary service here in Téguz. The service is of a great quality. My only two complaints of this experience were that I was there on time, however, they were cutting another's person hair, (I scheduled my appointment in advance). And the leave in hair produc...
4.50 (61 reviews)
Sala de Belleza Yolanda's image
Sala de Belleza Yolanda's
Beauty salon
😠 Xiomara was my stylist, don't get a haircut with her!! I went there to get a long layered haircut... I didn't get that! Instead she did what she wanted, she did a face framing cut, which I clearly didn't asked for, a v shape in the back!!! She didn't even comb/brush my whole head of hair!! It took h...
4.40 (272 reviews)
Sala de Belleza Yolanda's image
Sala de Belleza Yolanda's
Beauty salon
😠 For how expensive they charge, the service is terrible. If you are not "known", you almost have to beg the girls to take care of you. I have been three times, and all three times it has been the same, a bad experience in every way. It's a shame that it's just the fame of the name... I don't think I'...
4.30 (125 reviews)
Zoé Integral Health Center image
Zoé Integral Health Center
Wellness center
🫤 I just have to say one thing, I haven't been to the clinic yet, but from the moment I'm calling outside the city of Tegucigalpa, it's a headache trying to talk to these people, suddenly the phone they have is not working or it has a Not enough staff, trying to make an appointment and have them respo...
4.30 (64 reviews)
Nail Classic image
Nail Classic
Beauty salon
🫤 The place is clean and well equiped. However I did not like my designer. Also they do not know what is real gel which is nowadays is famous in the world. They did not know how to take away my nails' gel first. And it took extra time. Since they did not have real gel, they had to do polygel for my na...
4.30 (60 reviews)
Hair Gallery Salon & Spa image
Hair Gallery Salon & Spa
Beauty salon
👍👍 Excellent service, all the staff were very professional, they pampered me, they offered me water and I liked that they use excellent quality products. I recommend Hair Gallery Salon. I like it and I will return a second time.
4.30 (34 reviews)
Sister's Beauty Salon image
Sister's Beauty Salon
Beauty salon
👍👍 It is a good beauty salon, their employees are super good, they take care of you very well, they do an excellent job
4.20 (45 reviews)
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