Most reviewed Fast food restaurant in Bogor

  1. 4.60 McDonald's Lodaya   (10179 reviews) Iconic fast-food burger & fries chain
  2. 4.60 McDonald's Juanda   (8227 reviews) Iconic fast-food burger & fries chain
  3. 4.40 Saung Pak Ewok   (4911 reviews) Typical dishes in a modest eatery
  4. 4.50 Pepper Lunch Baywalk Mall Pluit   (624 reviews) Brunch
  5. 4.30 KFC   (352 reviews) Fried chicken restaurant chain
  6. 4.30 Lumpia Basah Suryakencana   (275 reviews) Cash only
  7. 4.70 Burger King Boxies123 (new mall)   (224 reviews) Fast-food chain for grilled burgers
  8. 4.30 MM Juice Restaurant   (84 reviews) Casual
  9. 4.70 Ayam Geprek Tiba Tiba - Baranang Siang Indah, Katulampa, Bogor   (43 reviews) Dine-in

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This page was last updated on May 11, 2023.

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