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Rudkhan Castle image
Rudkhan Castle
Mountaintop ruins of a 6.4-acre fort built from the 3rd–7th centuries, with 42 remaining towers.
4.60 (4.6K reviews) (~155.89 km from centre)
Tabriz Grand Bazaar image
Tabriz Grand Bazaar
Historical, architecturally notable market with classic goods like carpets, spices, textiles & tea.
4.50 (2.2K reviews) (~176.3 km from centre)
Visadar Waterfall image
Visadar Waterfall
Tourist attraction
Powerful waterfall dropping into a cave-like gorge with rocky edges, overlooked by a viewing bridge.
4.50 (1.9K reviews) (~91.79 km from centre)
Meshgin Shahr Suspended Bridge image
Meshgin Shahr Suspended Bridge
Tourist attraction
Soaring suspension footbridge with mountain views & an adjacent zip line & restaurant.
4.30 (1.5K reviews) (~55.42 km from centre)
Saravan Forest Park - Phase 2 image
Saravan Forest Park - Phase 2
2 rivers & a lake lie within this forest reserve that is a popular escape from the city.
4.30 (1.5K reviews) (~173.04 km from centre)
Suechale image
Tourist attraction
👍👍 One of the most beautiful places you can set up a camp in. Nice nature, fresh air and of source cold weather! It is important to get you warm clothes with you if you wanna spend the night there. There are some hotels and motels available if you want to be more comfortable but beware it may get over...
4.70 (1.5K reviews) (~120.83 km from centre)
Sheytan Kuh image
Sheytan Kuh
Tourist attraction
Wooded summit reached by hiking trails past waterfalls & tea gardens for views of Lahijan Lake.
4.30 (1.2K reviews) (~191.67 km from centre)
Sheikh Safi Al-Din Ardabili's Shrine image
Sheikh Safi Al-Din Ardabili's Shrine
Historical landmark
Venerable 1345 mausoleum tower & dome with ancient calligraphy inside a sacred complex.
4.50 (1.2K reviews) (~0.64 km from centre)
Takht-e Soleyman image
Takht-e Soleyman
Tourist attraction
Ancient archaeological site in West Azerbaijan surrounded by a volcanic mountain range.
4.70 (1.1K reviews) (~205.75 km from centre)
Rasht Grand ‌Bazaar image
Rasht Grand ‌Bazaar
👍👍 The great bazar of Rasht is of course great but my favorite part is the Fish Market. Every day from early morning fresh catches are sold in the market. The sellers sing about their products in order to take customers’ attentions. Fresh, salted and smoked all kinds of fish can be found in this market...
4.50 (1.1K reviews) (~156.73 km from centre)
Blue Mosque image
Blue Mosque
Historical landmark
Partially-reconstructed 15th-century mosque adorned with intricate, colorful tiles & calligraphy.
4.50 (1K reviews) (~175.65 km from centre)
Babak Fort image
Babak Fort
Medieval fort & large citadel on top of a mountain surrounded by forest with a difficult ascent.
4.60 (991 reviews) (~131.7 km from centre)
Masuleh‌ Tourism Village image
Masuleh‌ Tourism Village
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Amazing palce full of beautiful and traditional things and dishes
4.60 (901 reviews) (~136.41 km from centre)
Olsabelangah image
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Stunning.. Breathtaking atmosphere!! Above the clouds ⛅️ go visit the place if you have the chance. There is a hotel there with nice location and view called Fardin Masumi. Don't miss it
4.70 (850 reviews) (~119.82 km from centre)
Gilan Rural Heritage Museum image
Gilan Rural Heritage Museum
Heritage museum
Museum celebrating the traditions, customs, architecture & handicrafts of the local rural lifestyle.
4.60 (762 reviews) (~172.32 km from centre)
Mellat Park image
Mellat Park
👍👍 This park is very beautiful place and I loved it.
4.20 (755 reviews) (~156.38 km from centre)
Masouleh Waterfall image
Masouleh Waterfall
Scenic spot
👍👍 An old village surounded by the greeny mountain full of life, i was truly fascinated by the beauty and witnessing the great harmony between the locals and the nature to survive
4.50 (697 reviews) (~136.19 km from centre)
Doodvazan Waterfall image
Doodvazan Waterfall
Tourist attraction
👍👍 when you arrive to waterfall the first thing comes into your mind is taking off your clothes and enjoy of this amazing water
4.50 (688 reviews) (~161.37 km from centre)
Constitution House of Tabriz image
Constitution House of Tabriz
Historical place museum
Museum chronicling an early-20th-century revolt through sculptures, newspapers & photos.
4.30 (603 reviews) (~176.61 km from centre)
Lounak ‌‌W‌‌aterfall image
Lounak ‌‌W‌‌aterfall
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Loonak waterfall is located 20 km from Siahkal to Dilaman road in Loonak forest park. This beautiful waterfall consists of two waterfalls that are located next to each other. The water of the waterfall flows into the river at the bottom of the waterfall after a height of 6 meters. The maximum wid...
4.20 (556 reviews) (~195.27 km from centre)
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