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Experience the best that Ardabil has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 22 places from Food & Drinks category.

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Silak fast food image
Silak fast food
Fast food restaurant
👍 دکوراسیون داخلی زیبایی داره و میزهایی که دو ردیف صندلی کنارشون داره و یه حالت خصوصی به کسایی که می شینن می ده . منو تنوع خوبی داره و قیمت ها یکم بالاست ولی با توجه به حجم غذا قابل توجیه هست و غذاها اکثرا خوشمزه است . ارزش امتحان چندباره داره.
4.60 (38 reviews)
Bare Sefid Restaurant image
Bare Sefid Restaurant
Barbecue restaurant
😠 During the holy month of Ramadan, I traveled with my little child and my wife, which was completely closed from morning to night. Passengers must be served in the cities. Which unfortunately in the city of Ardabil to no
4.50 (153 reviews)
Sheykh Safiadin Traditional Restaurant image
Sheykh Safiadin Traditional Restaurant
👍👍 One of the best restaurants I've ever been in Ardabil. Try Dizi or Bichagh Gheyme Pilo, you won't regret it!
4.40 (122 reviews)
رستوران بهارستان image
رستوران بهارستان
👍👍 * غذایی که سفارش دادیم: چلو برگ محلی و چلو جوجه * کیفیت و طعم غذا عالی * برخورد پذیرش (خانم) محترمانه * در مقایسه با رستوران سعادت از هر لحاظ بهتر (یک روز پیش همین غذا رو تو رستوران سعادت سفارش دادیم که طعم و بوی غذاشون رو نپسندیدیم) * قیمت با توجه به کیفیت غذا, مناسب
4.40 (39 reviews)
Seyed Agha Restaurant image
Seyed Agha Restaurant
👍👍 One of the best traditional restaurant in Ardabil Also with sweet smell and clean
4.30 (83 reviews)
Haj Mokhtar Restaurant image
Haj Mokhtar Restaurant
👍 سرعت حاضر شدن کباب خیلی عالی بود محیطش نسبتاً تمیز و مناسبه کیفیت کباب‌ها خیلی عالی نیود، ولی میتونم بگم خوب بود.
4.30 (56 reviews)
Domino Fast Food image
Domino Fast Food
Fast food restaurant
😐 Nice place Good staff Average food
4.20 (89 reviews)
Saadat Restaurant image
Saadat Restaurant
👍👍 مسافر سرعین بودیم و از طریق گوگل دیدم امتیاز بالایی داره اینجا (سال های قبل حاج قربان و دیزی سرای شیخ صفی رو تست کرده بودیم) امسال اومدیم اینجا هم تست کنیم که فقط ناهار دارن، به جرات میتونم بگم عالی بود و بسیار خلاق بودن در دیزاین و دورچین غذا و قیمت هم که فوق‌العاده بود ب نسبت کیفیت و حجم غذا اینطو...
4.20 (83 reviews)
Sara Pizzeria image
Sara Pizzeria
Pizza restaurant
😐 The prices have become very expensive and the quality is not the same as before and has become less!
4.20 (72 reviews)
Gol Sorkh Restaurant image
Gol Sorkh Restaurant
👍 قیمتها منصفانه و کیفیت غذا ها قابل قبول بود. من کباب شاندیز و دنده کباب گرفتم و با توجه به پاندمی بیرون رستوران سرو کردیم. شهروندان خود اردبیل هم بسیار زیاد به رستوران مراجعه میکردن. هم برای صرف غذا و هم برای بیرون‌بر. کره.ی محلی که در کنار برنج ارائه میشد عطر و طعم دلپذیری به برنج میداد.اگه به ارد...
4.20 (71 reviews)
Sadeghi Historical Restaurant image
Sadeghi Historical Restaurant
👍👍 Everything is great there
4.10 (76 reviews)
A'yan Restaurant image
A'yan Restaurant
4.10 (61 reviews)
فست فود سیتی برگر image
فست فود سیتی برگر
Fast food restaurant
👍 مغازه دو طبقه با سقف بلند و دکوراسیون داخلی مناسب.کیفیت غذا متوسط.
4.10 (48 reviews)
رستوران تُرکی پرپروک Perperuk Turki fast food image
رستوران تُرکی پرپروک Perperuk Turki fast food
Fast food restaurant
👍 Its a good fast food in ardabil near shorabil lake
4.10 (35 reviews)
Shah Abbas Restuarant image
Shah Abbas Restuarant
👍👍 The Most Beautiful Traditional Restaurant in town with Abbasi era architecture combined with mouthwatering Persian cuisines and calming persian classical music and warm welcoming personel … A++ Must Visit place … Had a great night !!!
4.00 (388 reviews)
Qorban Restaurant image
Qorban Restaurant
Fine dining restaurant
👍 kase Kebab was delicious but greasy. the prices were affordable. I liked Chenje the most
3.90 (687 reviews)
Erameno Restaurant image
Erameno Restaurant
👍👍 If you wanna taste real kabab, you have to try this local restaurant, the quality of food is high and the price is awesome. It is very crowded and you should not plan for late lunch because you will be disappointed with no remaining any food.
3.90 (79 reviews)
کبابی و جیگرکی ( تورک)حاج بیوک image
کبابی و جیگرکی ( تورک)حاج بیوک
Barbecue restaurant
👍👍 the best in the world! most delicious Kebeb which you can eat in Iran!
3.90 (33 reviews)
Ziyafat Restaurant image
Ziyafat Restaurant
😐 The definitions I heard about the restaurant's food did not really. I tried one time but I do not think I'll go again.
3.70 (37 reviews)
Khansalar Resturant image
Khansalar Resturant
😠 By far, one of my worst food experiences was in Ardabil, the staff is confused, the quality of the food is very low, the meat is very tough and the chicken, which was clearly already fried and left over and heated up. The kebab had no taste, no taste, can it be kept? Part of it had just burned. And...
3.60 (68 reviews)
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