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shahid beheshti student camp image
shahid beheshti student camp
4.30 (137 reviews) (~5.85 km from centre)
رستوران محمد image
رستوران محمد
😠 strongly not recommended They use rotten meat to remove the smell of rot with a lot of salt. The bathroom was very dirty and smelly. It is very dangerous for those who have children because of the high risk of gastrointestinal disease or food poisoning.
4.00 (245 reviews) (~8.61 km from centre)
Restaurant Behnam image
Restaurant Behnam
😠 The worst restaurant ever. The owner is rude and always disrespect customers...
3.90 (147 reviews) (~5.94 km from centre)
Yalda Restaurant image
Yalda Restaurant
👍 غذا خوب و میشه گفت عالی فقط چند تا نکته داره که اگه حل بشه درجه یک میشه اول بهتره یکم تو کپرها تمیزتر بشه دوم قاشق و چنگال خیلی معمولی بود و کج میشد سوم برای سفارش چای باید بری صندوق که جالب نیست چهارم زیتون پرورده خیلی شیرین بود پنجم موسیقی پخش نشه سنگین تره من خودم دنده کبابشو بیشتر از پلو ماش دوس...
3.80 (146 reviews) (~4.51 km from centre)
Shafagh Stadium image
Shafagh Stadium
👍 خوب بود اما پرسنل بداخلاقی داره.
4.30 (36 reviews) (~9.49 km from centre)
Baghe bamboo image
Baghe bamboo
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 Excellent, whatever I can say, I understated the quality of the food, the behavior of the staff is excellent, the price is excellent, the occasion is excellent Today, I went to the garden for the first time and I arrived earlier than the starting time, and I was already tired. The staff and the owne...
3.90 (62 reviews) (~8.39 km from centre)
Khajoo Garden and Restaurant image
Khajoo Garden and Restaurant
👍 رستوران سنتی و دنج ،حتما تجربه کنید اونم دسته جمعی...
3.60 (103 reviews) (~9.43 km from centre)
Bagh Beh Restaurant image
Bagh Beh Restaurant
3.70 (31 reviews) (~5.69 km from centre)
Kolbeh bagh image
Kolbeh bagh
👍👍 فضای دلنشین و تمیز و بسیار زیبا ، غذای با کیفیت و متنوع ، پذیرایی حرفه ای ..... از پرسنل و مدیریت بابت همه چیز تشکر میکنم
3.30 (82 reviews) (~6.25 km from centre)
باغ تالار ناز گل image
باغ تالار ناز گل
😠 It was really a catastrophic situation in the Corona situation. It was sheer stupidity to go to this restaurant. We saw the crowd and came back. It was really an insult to intelligence.
3.40 (34 reviews) (~4.93 km from centre)
Qaleh-Sarshir image
😠 It's not a beautiful place and foods aren't very special
3.20 (156 reviews) (~9.12 km from centre)
عمارت سوربان image
عمارت سوربان
👍👍 The food is excellent and first class... the atmosphere of the restaurant was very pleasant... Arghi Matam in Isfahan and Afzal Akel
2.60 (34 reviews) (~9.74 km from centre)
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