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Discover the best places in Karaj, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 183 places in the city.

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Level Up Game Club image
Level Up Game Club
Board game club
👍👍 A nice and cozy place for group gaming, it also is not expensive and staff are really friendly and helpful
4.90 (2.3K reviews)
Fateh Garden image
Fateh Garden
This large, popular green space with tall trees offers tennis courts & walking paths.
4.50 (698 reviews)
Iran Zamin Park image
Iran Zamin Park
👍👍 One of the most beautiful Karaj parks that has been created is on an old pear tree garden
4.60 (319 reviews)
باشگاه یوگا بهشت image
باشگاه یوگا بهشت
Yoga studio
👍👍 سلام وقتتون بخیر من ۴ تا باشگاه عوض کردم و اصلا راضی نبودم یکی ازدوستان یوگا بهشت رو به من معرفی کردن و با یک فرشته زمینی به نام مهسا جان، آشنا شدم و خدارو شکر می کنم با اینکه مسیرم خیلی دوره آنا به دلیل رضایتاز مربی و مجموعه هفته ای ۳ بار میام از نظر بهداشت و تمیزی عالی رفتار پرسنل فوق العاده ممنو...
5.00 (112 reviews)
Chamran Park image
Chamran Park
👍👍 Really good place to chill and enjoy the nature...whatever you need from a PARK.!
4.40 (781 reviews)
چنین رستوران image
چنین رستوران
🫤 Restaurant decoration and food design is quite nice. Service is slow as they seem to be understaffed. I ordered fried Kilka dish which had a terrible fishy smell and I had to return it as it was totally unedible but they charged me for it which shows their lack of concern for customer satisfaction....
4.50 (252 reviews)
Flowers Garden image
Flowers Garden
👍👍 An excellent place to spend time with friends and family and kids. Specifically in late March and early April that the weather is pleasant. I'm not sure but tulips should be in their best shape in this time period. There are flower market for shopping and some gardening products are available to bu...
4.40 (417 reviews)
Little Iran Park image
Little Iran Park
👍 Little Iran Park is a small-scale park showing the architecture and famous landmarks in different Iranian provinces. It is a wonderful place for photography.
4.50 (200 reviews)
Bame Karaj image
Bame Karaj
Scenic spot
👍 Good place but it's good you have with your girl friend
4.30 (527 reviews)
Darchin Cafe image
Darchin Cafe
👍👍 The waffle is unbelivebly delicious . It's like the best thing I've tasted in my life. The enviornment is good for both work meetings or hanging out with your friends on a saturday afternoon . Make sure to try the desserts with tea . They provide tea in pots so it's not just one cup you can have ar...
4.30 (434 reviews)
Paradiso Restaurant image
Paradiso Restaurant
👍👍 فضای بیرونی و داخلی، خیلی دلنشین و آرامبخش و زیبا طراحی شده.👍👍 برخورد پرسنل بسیار صمیمانه، گرم، محترمانه، و ارزش‌گذار.👌👌 غذاهایی که تست کردم: سیب‌زمینی با پنیر و سس که خیلی خوش مزه و با طعم مطبوع سیر غنی شده بود👍. پیتزا مخصوص پارادبزو، خوش‌مزه بود. ولی معمولی. یعنی به نظر من این پیتزا نمیتونه...
4.70 (101 reviews)
Esteghlal(Asbi) Square image
Esteghlal(Asbi) Square
👍👍 Good poace for people who lives in Karaj
4.60 (115 reviews)
Emamzadeh Taher image
Emamzadeh Taher
4.30 (269 reviews)
Vintage Cafe Restaurant image
Vintage Cafe Restaurant
👍👍 Steak was very good and well cooked.
4.50 (135 reviews)
Khanevadeh Park image
Khanevadeh Park
👍👍 Kids enjoyed the trampoline there.
4.30 (234 reviews)
Roma Restaurant image
Roma Restaurant
👍👍 Excellent food with high-quality ingredients. The staff are very polite and helpful. Food was served shortly after our order was done. Definitely recommend to try the seafood plate. A little expensive, but it is worth trying.
4.20 (390 reviews)
Baghestan Mountain Park image
Baghestan Mountain Park
👍 Good for mountain climbing ⛰️
4.30 (219 reviews)
Mehrad Shopping Mall image
Mehrad Shopping Mall
Shopping mall
👍 Colorful, alive, and modern. Nice place to hangout and grab something to eat.
4.40 (146 reviews)
Mahestan Shopping Mall image
Mahestan Shopping Mall
Shopping mall
👍👍 Very good and fancy shopping centre. Fairly easy to find a carpark. Shopping is relatively expensive compared to other shopping centres but most of the times you can find whatever you need with a good quality. Definitely recommend it. Paid carpark is available in front of it but in the afternoon it...
4.10 (818 reviews)
Mehrshahr Apple Orchard image
Mehrshahr Apple Orchard
👍👍 👍👍 Good for biking walking Having good time
4.20 (291 reviews)
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