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Experience the best that Karaj has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 35 places from Health category.

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کلینیک آینده image
کلینیک آینده
👍👍 The best occupational therapy and counseling clinic in Karaj. Experienced and expert staff, wonderful atmosphere. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
5.00 (43 reviews)
دکتر پروین تمیز image
دکتر پروین تمیز
👍👍 Hello, Mrs. Dr. Tamiz, they are very personable and perfect in terms of behavior, and they are very professional in terms of business discussions. I am very happy that I had the experience of working with them.
5.00 (42 reviews)
دندانپزشکی تخصصی ماهان(دکتر حاج حیدری) متخصص لثه و ایمپلنت image
دندانپزشکی تخصصی ماهان(دکتر حاج حیدری) متخصص لثه و ایمپلنت
Dental implants periodontist
👍👍 ایمپلنت کردم بسیار راضی هستم اصلا دردی نداشتم خیلی خوب بود همیشه دعاگوی شمام
4.80 (122 reviews)
Dr. Hamid Ghasemi image
Dr. Hamid Ghasemi
😠 I've been going regularly for two months, I paid a lot, but they still haven't done anything to my daughter's teeth.
4.60 (58 reviews)
Moazzen image
Dental clinic
👍👍 Very clean, very professional
4.50 (83 reviews)
Dr. Mandana Hejazi image
Dr. Mandana Hejazi
Dental clinic
4.50 (52 reviews)
Dr. Ali Morsali image
Dr. Ali Morsali
👍👍 A cozy and pleasant environment A wonderful landscape in front of you A light music in around A warm and heartfelt encounter A modern and professional designed office supporting digital office program A workroom full of the best and most up to dated dental equipment and technologies An unparalleled...
4.40 (34 reviews)
Mehrvila Dental Clinic image
Mehrvila Dental Clinic
Dental clinic
👍👍 I went to this clinic in order for root canal treatment and veneer. The staff and clinicians are professional and good at communication. The dentist, Dr. Bagherinezhad, is very nice and expert. His expertise could help me keep the beauty of my smile and save my time (didn't need to refer to the clin...
4.20 (85 reviews)
Mehrshahr Central 24h Clinic image
Mehrshahr Central 24h Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 وقت چشم پزشکی گرفتم. آقای ناصر نورمحمدی فر بعنوان چشم پزشک منو ویزیت کرد. کلا کمتر از ۳۰ثانیه بیشتر وقت نگذاشتن و وقتی توضیح دادم که دیابتیک هستم و برای چکاپ چشم مراجعه کردم هم معاینات استاندارد را انجام ندادن. متاسفانه درمانگاه مهرشهر اخیرا افت بسیار شدیدی از بابت پزشکان و رفتار با بیماران پیدا کرد...
4.10 (104 reviews)
Artin image
Dental clinic
😠 با سلام دوستان عزیز و همشهری های محترم اینجانب یکی از بیماران این کلینیک بودم جهت معالجه دندان آسیاب و کشیدن آن به این درمانگاه مراجعه کردم قابل ذکر است نظر شما را به چند نکته مهم و حیاتی در خصوص این کلینیک به صمع و نظر شما برسانم ، 1-نبود وسایل کافی و امکانات در حد یک درمانگاه معمولی و ضعیف ، 2-پزش...
4.00 (73 reviews)
دکتر یوسف رفیع - جراح دندانپزشک image
دکتر یوسف رفیع - جراح دندانپزشک
👍👍 سلام.من بتازگی ترمیم چند دندان در مطب دکتر رفیع انجام دادم.از کار ایشان بسیار راضی هستم.بسیار با دقت و با صبر و حوصله کار میکنند.تمامی نکات و پروتوکل ها در مطب دکتر رعایت میشه.و مهم تر اینکه از باکیفیت ترین مواد و اجناس استفاده میکنند .بنده هشت سال پیش هم یک دندان درمان ریشه انجام دادم و روکش کردم و...
4.00 (52 reviews)
Ara Veterinary clinic image
Ara Veterinary clinic
😠 Dr. Sabbagh are really scales. I wanted to take care of a support cat and it was decided to take a few diagnostic kits for the disease ‌ I paid 400,000 tomans and then when I went to ask a question in the room I saw two of their kits expired last year! Thank God to this work conscience! At the same...
3.80 (35 reviews)
Noor Alborz Eye Hospital image
Noor Alborz Eye Hospital
Ophthalmology clinic
😠 Hello and polite I had Lasak surgery in Azar 1400 and I am satisfied The quality and work of the doctors of this hospital is excellent, but unfortunately 90% of the secretaries and women working in Noor Karaj Hospital are very impatient and rude, it may be due to the high volume of daily activities,...
3.60 (193 reviews)
بیمارستان چشم پزشکی نور image
بیمارستان چشم پزشکی نور
😠 I was sitting there waiting for my visit that suddenly the doctor's secretary yelled at a very little girl, who was crying out of fear, and threatened her to inject her if she keep crying!!! UNBELIVABLE!!!
3.50 (38 reviews)
کلینیک چشم پزشکی نورنگاه image
کلینیک چشم پزشکی نورنگاه
Ophthalmology clinic
😠 I have visited this clinic more than a few times. First of all, cash is not accepted on top of the cash register, but the card reader of the cash register is always broken, and they say to take cash from the ATM inside the clinic itself. I find it very interesting. There is a reason why the system...
3.50 (32 reviews)
Aram Hospital image
Aram Hospital
Specialized hospital
😠 با سلام از لحاظ نظافت بیمارستان کاملا راضی هستم ولی همه چیز نظافت نیست ،چندین مورد انتقاد وجود دارد اولا اینکه در آن بیمارستان با شما حرف بزنن باید پول بدین کلا وارد بیمارستان که میشی انگار وارد بانک شدی دوم اینکه داروخانه اونجا وصل به شبکه آنلاین نیست و باید داروهای بیمارستان رو از بیرون از بیمارست...
3.40 (123 reviews)
Behbod Clinic image
Behbod Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 The attitude of the staff was really bad. The prices they give on the phone are only for taking the patient to the clinic, and when they visit, they say exactly double.
3.30 (79 reviews)
درمانگاه تخصصی آسمان آبی image
درمانگاه تخصصی آسمان آبی
Medical clinic
😠 Friends who want to use the services of this clinic, I would like to inform you that two of the female employees of this clinic, both of whom are short (they are not for the reception area! They are working in other areas, for example), these two ladies are extremely unethical and without personalit...
3.30 (51 reviews)
Alborz Hospital image
Alborz Hospital
Specialized hospital
😠 Very awful, opium, a very rude lady was sitting as if she was a bride and came to show off to the groom with a very inappropriate make-up, which is itself a source of pollution. The emergency doctor, wearing comfortable pants and slippers, did not bother to raise his head at all. or examine the pat...
3.20 (275 reviews)
Kasra Hospital image
Kasra Hospital
😠 It was the worst hospital I saw in my life. It is a very awful hospital with very, very poor management. It is not even as good as a public hospital. Giving yourself a patient, even in an emergency, you should look for an anesthesiologist. The staff behaves very, very badly.
3.20 (118 reviews)
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