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Experience the best that Karaj has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 34 places from Shopping category.

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آکواریوم قاره هفتم - شعبه 2 image
آکواریوم قاره هفتم - شعبه 2
Aquarium shop
👍👍 کاملا خوش برخورد کآملا تمیز و مرتب و با راهنمایی کامل و دوستانه
4.90 (38 reviews)
Harmony image
Furniture store
👍👍 It's a great place to spend some time in if you are a fan of interior design. You can buy unique furniture with high quality here or just get ideas for your house. There's a cafe and an art gallery inside which makes it more pleasant.
4.50 (179 reviews)
Mehrad Shopping Mall image
Mehrad Shopping Mall
Shopping mall
👍 Colorful, alive, and modern. Nice place to hangout and grab something to eat.
4.40 (173 reviews)
Hyper Me image
Hyper Me
👍 Currently, the best branch of Hyper Me chain store in Karaj. Entrance gate to parking is a little weird. Obviously the building isn't proper for a department store, so to get into main saloon from parking you need to pass 3 or more escalators . Variety of goods are fine, prices are not expensive, ho...
4.20 (274 reviews)
پاساژ جاوید image
پاساژ جاوید
Shopping mall
👍👍 پاساژ جاوید یکی از پاساژ های قدیمی توی کرج هستش که به صورت تخصصی فروش انواع لوازم خرازی ، لوازم خیاطی و چرم خام انجام میشه. تعداد بالایی مغازه داخل پاساژ هست که انواع اجناس با قیمت های مختلفی رو ارائه میکنند. پیشنهاد : به دلیل رقابتی بودن قیمت ها اول قیمت محصولی رو که قصد دارید بخرید از مغازه دار ها...
4.20 (37 reviews)
Mahestan Shopping Mall image
Mahestan Shopping Mall
Shopping mall
👍👍 Very good and fancy shopping centre. Fairly easy to find a carpark. Shopping is relatively expensive compared to other shopping centres but most of the times you can find whatever you need with a good quality. Definitely recommend it. Paid carpark is available in front of it but in the afternoon it...
4.10 (826 reviews)
Nika Mall image
Nika Mall
Shopping mall
👍👍 It’s a good place ,You can have so much fun and it has the good food court that you can find Italian pizzeria at the end is a good place.
4.10 (247 reviews)
Bazar Ali image
Bazar Ali
Shopping mall
4.10 (117 reviews)
Zendegi Complex image
Zendegi Complex
Shopping mall
👍 Nice but expensive
4.10 (95 reviews)
Mandegar shopping Center image
Mandegar shopping Center
Shopping mall
🫤 The exterior is beautiful...unfortunately, there is a parking problem at the moment and the surrounding streets are very crowded... The biggest problem of the passage is its interior space, the very steep slope of the corridors along with improper flooring that makes it difficult to move and even sl...
4.10 (53 reviews)
Mabna image
Shopping mall
👍👍 Very clean and solitude. Sounds great for having a weekend shopping.
4.10 (52 reviews)
Golestan Shopping Center image
Golestan Shopping Center
Shopping mall
👍👍 Old updated
4.10 (50 reviews)
Chechelas Shopping Centre image
Chechelas Shopping Centre
Shopping mall
👍👍 A delicious sushi at Chichilas revolving restaurant on the ground floor with a view of the Karaj roof
4.10 (41 reviews)
Azadi Shopping Center image
Azadi Shopping Center
Clothing store
👍👍 is good
4.00 (154 reviews)
Milad Tower image
Milad Tower
Shopping mall
😐 The mall is not very big. It is more suitable for buying computer items and of course there is a good restaurant on top of this tower. All in all, it's worth a visit.
4.00 (88 reviews)
Derakhti Shopping Center image
Derakhti Shopping Center
Shopping mall
👍 مرکز خرید تقریبا شیک و محیط آرام تمیز و دسترسی آسان به خرید
4.00 (63 reviews)
Mehrshahr image
Shopping mall
😐 مرکز خرید خیلی کوچیک و معمولی هست . یک طبقه همکف داره و یک طبقه بالا . چیز خاصی نداشت .
4.00 (63 reviews)
Patris Shopping Center image
Patris Shopping Center
Shopping mall
👍👍 مرکز خرید خوبی هست و سطح بالاست. بعضی مغازه ها تخفیف های خوبی داشتن. می دونید که متاسفانه بخاطر اوضاء بد اقتصادی، وضعیت همه صنف ها خرابه. اینجا هم از این قاعده مستثنی نبود. افسردگی و ناراحتی تو چهره فروشنده ها بود. ولی اگه خرید دارین، حتما به این مرکز خرید سر بزنید. خصوصا موقع حراج. یه مغازه طبقه هم...
4.00 (62 reviews)
Taleghani Tower image
Taleghani Tower
Shopping mall
👍👍 مرکزتجاری خوبی هست
4.00 (39 reviews)
Mollasadra Shopping Center image
Mollasadra Shopping Center
Shopping mall
👍👍 Best price. Best shopping
3.90 (213 reviews)
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