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Discover the best places in Kerman, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 92 places in the city.

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Ganjali Khan historical Bathhouse image
Ganjali Khan historical Bathhouse
Tourist attraction
👍👍 One of the most beautiful and historical bathhouses in Iran.
4.50 (457 reviews)
Hotel Pouya image
Hotel Pouya
4.90 (121 reviews)
Ganjalikhan historical Square image
Ganjalikhan historical Square
Historical place
4.60 (184 reviews)
Ganjali Khan Mosque image
Ganjali Khan Mosque
Scenic complex with a school, square, caravanserai, bathhouse, Ab Anbar, mint, mosque & a bazaar.
4.50 (209 reviews)
Narenj Hostel image
Narenj Hostel
👍👍 Although I arrived at 4.30 am in the morning, Sirus welcomed me with open arms into Narenj Hostel. After a night sleep he gave me great tips where to go in Kerman and his company was always warm and welcoming. Sirus is a really great guy and Im really happy that i met him. Trough out my travels in I...
4.80 (82 reviews)
Zoroastrian Fire Temple image
Zoroastrian Fire Temple
Tourist attraction
👍👍 It's such a nice place! At first if you want to enter that place you have wear special Zoroastrian hats which will be given to you at that place. Also, as they say, your body has to be clean. The place is full of Zoroastrian pictures, quotes, prayers. And you can get near to the fire. But still you...
4.50 (130 reviews)
Shahbaz Hotel ( traditional ) image
Shahbaz Hotel ( traditional )
👍👍 The best hotel you can possibly find in Kerman, friendly staff and super clean environment. The breakfast was great too. Literally my best experience. Do not hesitate to book a stay here. From Mehrad With Love to "Khanom Doctor"
4.50 (122 reviews)
Jabaliyeh historical Dome image
Jabaliyeh historical Dome
Parsi temple
👍👍 Jabaleh Dome hides its secret and does not reveal its true history, which has caused experts to give different dates for the construction of this building. The exact date of the construction of the building is not known, but from its structure, it can be guessed that it was built at the end of the...
4.20 (309 reviews)
Kerman Martyrs Cemetery image
Kerman Martyrs Cemetery
Military cemetery
4.80 (67 reviews)
Arad Hostel image
Arad Hostel
👍👍 I strongly recommend this place for all people who love traveling. With a best quality in facilities and excellent hospitality by their staff. They created a great moment in Kerman for us beside its fantastuc nature and awsome historical places,the sweet memories of Kerman will remain forever. Selec...
4.70 (76 reviews)
Kerman Historical Bazaar image
Kerman Historical Bazaar
Tourist attraction
4.30 (179 reviews)
Jame Mosque of Kerman image
Jame Mosque of Kerman
👍👍 Such a nice place. I was waiting to see this place, because I had seen the pictures of its portico. Its ornaments are very nice, very delicate. But one thing was very unusual about this place. It had no dome.
4.50 (101 reviews)
Vakil Bazaar image
Vakil Bazaar
👍👍 An excellent place to just kick your feet up and relax and enjoy the atmosphere and the tradition and history of the bazaar.
4.40 (105 reviews)
Shohada square image
Shohada square
4.40 (100 reviews)
Qaem Forest Park image
Qaem Forest Park
National forest
👍👍 The project “Pardisan Ghaem” Jungle Park Open Air Amphitheater with area of 350 square meters, Ridge and Valley design style and aim of decoration and weather protection,is quarterbacked by Kerman Municipality and designed and bulit by DibaTS in 2008 in Kerman
4.30 (117 reviews)
Harandi Garden Museum image
Harandi Garden Museum
👍👍 Harandy Garden Museum (Reza Shah Museum, Musical Instrument Museum and Archaeological Museum) is one of the most famous gardens in Iran that is located in Kerman province. Harandy Garden Museum was founded by one of the military officers of the era, 'Adl al-Saltaneh', at the end of the Qajar era on...
4.20 (139 reviews)
Pars Hotel image
Pars Hotel
Stately hotel offering 2 ornate restaurants, plus an indoor pool, a movie theater & a spa area.
4.00 (358 reviews)
The Grand Bazaar of Kerman image
The Grand Bazaar of Kerman
4.30 (102 reviews)
Khatun Hostel image
Khatun Hostel
4.90 (41 reviews)
Keykhosro Complex (مجموعه کیخسرو) image
Keykhosro Complex (مجموعه کیخسرو)
Persian restaurant
😐 I read about this restaurant in internet several time I believe it should be better But it is not About atmosphere someone sing and play music on stage very loudly and I hate loud sound when I am eating I order FESENJOON but it is sour Service it is not good because staffs are not enough
4.00 (255 reviews)
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