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Discover the best places in Kermanshah, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 57 places in the city.

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Taq-e Bostan image
Taq-e Bostan
Tourist attraction
Large, historical site where Sasanian rock reliefs were carved around the 4th century CE.
4.60 (1.2K reviews)
Oak Hostel image
Oak Hostel
👍👍 Stayed may 2022. Very nice hostel. Clean and big rooms with curtains for privacy. Owner and staff speaks good English and German and are very helpful. They make you feel like you're at home :) Price is very fair and they have safe parking for motorbikes and bicycles in closed area. One of the best h...
4.80 (150 reviews)
Tekiye Moaven Al Molk image
Tekiye Moaven Al Molk
Tourist attraction
Religious complex covered in tiles with vivid geometric patterns & depictions of historical figures.
4.40 (347 reviews)
Shafei Jameh Mosque image
Shafei Jameh Mosque
👍 Jame Shafi'i Mosque is a Sunni Jame Mosque in Kermanshah, which is located in the direction of Kermanshah Bazaar (Dark Bazaar), which was established in 1324. This mosque leads from one side to Javanshir Square and from the other side to Tarikeh Bazar and was built by the Sunni people of Kermanshah...
4.50 (202 reviews)
Kuhestan Park image
Kuhestan Park
City park
👍 This park is set up by the mountain with interesting landscapes. You can get a very good view of Kermanshah by driving up to the top.
4.50 (166 reviews)
Parsian Kermanshah Hotel image
Parsian Kermanshah Hotel
Warm rooms & suites in an upmarket hotel with 2 restaurants, a cafe & an indoor pool.
4.20 (386 reviews)
Eastern Park image
Eastern Park
City park
👍👍 Prefect 😍😍😍
4.50 (95 reviews)
Zagros Paleolithic Museum image
Zagros Paleolithic Museum
Archaeological museum
👍 Biglar Begi Takiye or Farashbashi Building is a Takiye in the old context of Kermanshah city on Modares Street. This building is located in the old neighborhood of Faizabad and on Bigleri Street in front of Sarem al-Dawlah Street. This takiye, which was built during the Qajar period with the efforts...
4.30 (150 reviews)
Arg Shopping Center image
Arg Shopping Center
Shopping mall
👍👍 Arg Shopping Center is a popular commercial center located in Kermanshah. It offers a variety of shops and services across its multiple floors. The ground floor is home to men's clothing stores as well as a shop dedicated to bags and shoes. Moving up to the first floor, you will find a wide selectio...
4.20 (189 reviews)
Taq-e Bostan Blvd image
Taq-e Bostan Blvd
Tourist attraction
👍👍 بنده متصدی درجه یک کافی نت میباشم و کلیه خدمات رو با بالاترین دقت و سرعت انجام میدهیم
4.50 (75 reviews)
هتل بوتیک کرمانشاه Kermanshah Botique Hotel image
هتل بوتیک کرمانشاه Kermanshah Botique Hotel
👍👍 It's great place to stay because the atmosphere is really comfortable and beautiful and the prices are great too. The staff is nice and professional. Also it's close to the bazar and city center.
4.90 (43 reviews)
Kourosh Hotel image
Kourosh Hotel
👍 The room was a little dirty (there are some hair over beds) But it has a good restaurant, good-tempered attendants and beautiful Designing. Also it has a big pool
4.10 (169 reviews)
Moalem Park image
Moalem Park
City park
👍👍 Utterly astounding atmosphere, really good option for sparing your leisure time😍
4.30 (94 reviews)
Heidari Restaurant image
Heidari Restaurant
Barbecue restaurant
👍👍 There were lots of restaurants which serve Dande Kebab, among them i think this was the best. Also the place was not modern an good looking but the quality of the food was very very nice. The kebab was very delicious and it tastes nice. I recommend anyone who visit Kermanshah to have a lunch there.
4.00 (261 reviews)
Shirin Park image
Shirin Park
City park
👍👍 I used to go there as a kid and the memories happened to come back to me after I left the city and then I had to go back once I got the chance again! Has a bit of magic to it even though not much has been build on it, good view though! Enjoy
4.10 (146 reviews)
Caren Cafe Restaurant image
Caren Cafe Restaurant
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 فضای کاملا مناسبی داره و ایده عال برای خوانواده‌های و دورهمی های دوستانه است. سالاد سزار و پیتزاش عالیه و البته گارسون‌های محترمی هم داره
4.60 (47 reviews)
Shahed Park image
Shahed Park
😐 Shahid Park is open, and by the way, the wall and fences in front of it have been removed, and access to it has become easier. Yes, it has a lot of parking spaces and in terms of children's safety, it is a very safe and secure place, but I wish they would pay more attention to the sanitary faciliti...
4.20 (86 reviews)
Jamshid Hotel image
Jamshid Hotel
👍👍 The stylish four-star Jamshid Hotel was opened in one of the coolest parts of Kermanshah in 2006 with the most modern amenities. This hotel is a short distance from many historical and scenic facilities, including Biston and Ghori Qaleh Cave, two large and beautiful parks in the west and east, and...
3.90 (265 reviews)
Nobahar Plaza image
Nobahar Plaza
Shopping mall
😐 actually, we went to the restaurant and coffee shop at the top floor, the decoration was almost perfect! staff behaviour was kind, with respect and politely but unfortunately quality of food was awful so that we couldn't eat it all. we ordered jooke and morgh.. i suggest not to try it
4.00 (154 reviews)
Old Tree of Shirin And Farhad image
Old Tree of Shirin And Farhad
Tourist attraction
👍👍 The Shirin and Farhad Tree or the Mercy Tree (Kurdish: دار شيرن و فهراێ) is the name given by the people of Kermanshah to the 700-year-old plantain tree that is located next to the historical site of Taq Bostan in the city of Kermanshah and was registered as a national natural monument in 2008. The...
4.80 (34 reviews)
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