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C Roll image
C Roll
Seafood restaurant
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
4.50 (415 reviews)
👍👍 We are visiting from Germany and have seen many hotels/hostels on our 6 week trip through Iran. I loved this hotel and can definitely recommend it! We paid only 35€ per night for the medium sized double room, including breakfast. Everything was super clean, comfy and professional. Some staff even sp...
4.70 (172 reviews)
Zeytoon Park image
Zeytoon Park
👍👍 We did try a boat ride here which was really fun. It's also nice that you could bring a blanket and food to have a picnic here.
4.20 (613 reviews)
Qeshm City Center Complex 1 image
Qeshm City Center Complex 1
Shopping mall
👍 A good shopping mall in the town. you can find any kind of souvneir you wish. But don't expect reasonable price tags. Air conditioning system also works well and you won't feel the high temprature outdoors.
4.10 (1.2K reviews)
N.S.Q Diving Center image
N.S.Q Diving Center
Diving center
👍👍 A squba diving center, in persian gulf beach. One of the best places for diving in persian gulf.
4.60 (93 reviews)
کافه حس خوب image
کافه حس خوب
👍👍 I had a freakin’ fantastic meal!! I was recommended by a young shopkeeper to eat at Hesse Khoob and wasn’t disappointed. I got the fried fish (best i’ve had!) and 2 sheep kebab, rice and salad. The decor is modern, they have menus in English and the owner and staff all were very kind to me. The o...
4.40 (143 reviews)
Qeshm Bazaar ghadim image
Qeshm Bazaar ghadim
Traditional market
4.00 (610 reviews)
رستوران شمالی بهشت قشم image
رستوران شمالی بهشت قشم
Seafood restaurant
Dine-in · Takeaway
4.90 (43 reviews)
Qeshm City Center Complex 2 image
Qeshm City Center Complex 2
Shopping mall
👍👍 One of the most modern and large business centers in Qeshm Island
4.00 (311 reviews)
Park Zaytoun image
Park Zaytoun
👍 Olive Park is usually of interest to tourists, unlike the sun, which usually dies locally. It is very clean and safe and has a good beach for swimming. The nights are lit by strong lamps and many people go swimming at night. Unfortunately, he does not have a shower and his women's bathroom is a bit...
4.30 (95 reviews)
Jijian Classic Kabab image
Jijian Classic Kabab
Barbecue restaurant
Dine-in · Takeaway
4.20 (119 reviews)
Khaneh Karegar Guesthouse image
Khaneh Karegar Guesthouse
Guest house
👍 اینجا هتل چند ستاره نیست.‌استراحت گاه کارگریست‌.‌‌‌‌.به نسبت قیمت و هزینه عالیه...همه این موارد یک طرف ...برخورد خدمه و پرسنل بسیار عالی هست ... فقط در این مکان به هیچ عنوان غذای سرخ کردنی درست نکنید...تهویه مطبوع مناسبی در کار نیست و بوی پختنی های معمولی هم در این مکان باعث آزار اول خودتان و بعد د...
4.30 (92 reviews)
Tomoshi traditional bread image
Tomoshi traditional bread
Traditional restaurant
😐 نان تموشی(قشم) در کل متوسط بود.آش رشته از بقیه اش بهتر بود.چای دارچینشم خیلی خوب بود؛نون های کاغذی به اسم تموشی سبک و جالب بود.بلالوت هم یه رشته زعفرونی شیرین بود انگاری .ولی از نظر قیمتی خیلییی پایین بود.
4.50 (60 reviews)
Saaheli Camping image
Saaheli Camping
👍 The beach of this part of Qeshm is very beautiful, clean and relaxing. It takes about 5 minutes by car from anywhere in Qeshm. The best place to see the beautiful sunrise of Qeshm is in the sea. You can have a very energetic walk. The photo I posted is almost from this area. Sunrise. Please keep th...
4.40 (70 reviews)
Avina Hotel image
Avina Hotel
👍👍 Super clean, super hospitable, professional personels, nice breakfast, etc. highly recommended. Specifically look for suites. They have a nice view of persian Gulf. During breakfast time in the hotel enjoy local food.
4.50 (55 reviews)
Rioug Traditional restaurant image
Rioug Traditional restaurant
Indian restaurant
👍 A local restaurant with very warm staff Very varied and delicious local dishes! Prices were also appropriate It is recommended for a surprise breakfast
4.30 (75 reviews)
Badil Restaurant image
Badil Restaurant
👍👍 It is a sea food restaurant basically but it serves other traditional dishes as well​ such as kabob and chicken kabob. Soup is also included in the service. Honestly i can't pick one dish among them to recommend.
3.90 (304 reviews)
BigBoss image
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 رستوران بیگ باس که دقیقا کنار سی رول قرار داره یکی از با کیفیت ترین رستوران های قشم محسوب میشه. خوشمزگی و تازگی غذاها، تنوع بالای منو، زیبایی و مجلل بودن خود ساختمان رستوران و رفتار خوب کارکنان رستوران باعث میشه که بخوای چندین بار به اینجا سر بزنی. ما روز اولی که به قشم رسیدیم تقریبا نزدیک ساعت ۵ بع...
4.70 (40 reviews)
King Burger image
King Burger
Hamburger restaurant
👍👍 Very good
4.20 (76 reviews)
Seafood Khaleh Traditional Restaurant image
Seafood Khaleh Traditional Restaurant
Seafood restaurant
Dine-in · Takeaway
3.80 (265 reviews)
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