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Discover the best places in Rasht, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 113 places in the city.

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Jajiga image
Corporate office
👍👍 My experience using Jajiga was very good. Iran and its tourist attractions are many and lovely. I recommend the culture of different tribes, beautiful natural landscapes and ancient monuments to everyone
4.80 (2.7K reviews)
Rasht Municipality Square image
Rasht Municipality Square
Tourist attraction
👍👍 I can say that it’s my place! I love it. You can figure out the city Rasht here in this square. 24/7 it’s alive. You can see girls and women are walking and hanging out at 2-3 A.M and it’s pretty safe despite of lot’s of other cuties of Iran. I started one of my first photo project here in this squa...
4.80 (327 reviews)
Rasht Grand ‌Bazaar image
Rasht Grand ‌Bazaar
👍👍 The great bazar of Rasht is of course great but my favorite part is the Fish Market. Every day from early morning fresh catches are sold in the market. The sellers sing about their products in order to take customers’ attentions. Fresh, salted and smoked all kinds of fish can be found in this market...
4.50 (1K reviews)
Sabzeh Meydan image
Sabzeh Meydan
👍👍 A large square in the center of the city where different classes of people are commuting.
4.50 (473 reviews)
Mohtasham Garden image
Mohtasham Garden
City park
Strolls & picnics in the garden grounds of a still-standing royal residence from the 18th century.
4.40 (461 reviews)
Saye Book Café image
Saye Book Café
👍👍 At the heart of Mellat park it's really shining. It's cosy, a lovely indoor and outdoor area, nice staff, and some lovely cats!
4.50 (203 reviews)
Shoore Cooli Restaurant image
Shoore Cooli Restaurant
Persian restaurant
👍👍 The Besssst 🤌 very beautiful and cozy place with kind persons and delicious traditional food 🥰🥰
4.20 (1.4K reviews)
Mellat Park image
Mellat Park
👍👍 This park is very beautiful place and I loved it.
4.20 (745 reviews)
Shekam Ol-Molouk Restaurant image
Shekam Ol-Molouk Restaurant
Persian restaurant
👍👍 1️⃣🟢 The plate of all Gilan’s Khoresht took me to other side. 2️⃣🟢 The tastes was unbelievably delicious. 3️⃣🟢 If you’re in Rasht you should have try this. 4️⃣ A tip: it would be easy if you reserve a table a day before.
4.20 (586 reviews)
Haj Hosein Restaurant image
Haj Hosein Restaurant
Persian restaurant
👍👍 Great place with delicious food. You have lots of different options to try out. The Koobideh is perhaps the best choice. The Chengeh is okay, same as Kohan. The Mirza Ghasemi is very delicious and their Kaleh Kabab is good as well. The place is pretty clean and the costumer service was great! I woul...
4.20 (370 reviews)
Razeghi Restaurant image
Razeghi Restaurant
Persian restaurant
👍👍 Razeghi Collection is one of the good and first-class brands in the food industry - it offers good quality food and is customer-oriented.
4.10 (851 reviews)
Mirza Kouchak Khan Statue image
Mirza Kouchak Khan Statue
4.60 (91 reviews)
Guilan Grand Restaurant image
Guilan Grand Restaurant
Asian restaurant
👍👍 Honestly, it is the best restaurant I’ve ever experienced in Rasht. Thats great!
4.30 (157 reviews)
Orosi Hostel image
Orosi Hostel
4.80 (59 reviews)
Chelo Shish Restaurant image
Chelo Shish Restaurant
Persian restaurant
👍👍 The best shish kebab in Rasht city can be found at Chelo Shish Restaurant! We'll tell you why the food is so good and what makes the place so special. Come to Chelo Shish Restaurant for an authentic shish kebab experience! The succulent meats and fresh vegetables will tantalize your taste buds like...
4.10 (331 reviews)
Mahdi Kebab image
Mahdi Kebab
Kebab shop
👍 I have been eating here since they were in Manzariyeh and it was always good and the quality was acceptable. Be aware that tge weekends are so crowded. They serve a variety of kebabs. In my opinion, their Chenje kebabs are the best. They have some Gilaki options too and they sell raw meat too. Hope...
4.10 (290 reviews)
Tomb of Mirza Kuchak Khan image
Tomb of Mirza Kuchak Khan
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Little Mirza God is strong
4.10 (280 reviews)
Moharram Restaurant image
Moharram Restaurant
Persian restaurant
👍👍 Fast service, excellent quality of food and ingredients, good attitude of the staff
4.00 (695 reviews)
Tomb of Houshang Ebtehaj image
Tomb of Houshang Ebtehaj
Tourist attraction
👍 قدم زدن باغ محتشم، در همه‌ی فصل‌ها زیباست. درخت‌های کهن و زیبا، که ثبت شدن و پلاک دارن، در هر فصلی زیبایی خودش رو داره. از وقتی که آرامگاه شاعر ،هوشنگ ابتهاج در انتهای باغ محتشم قرار گرفت، مردم بسیاری چه در راه‌پیمایی‌های روزانه، چه مسافرها، چه جوانها و رشتی‌های قدیمی، کنار آرامگاه شاعر درنگ می‌کنن،...
4.80 (51 reviews)
Vahid Restaurant image
Vahid Restaurant
👍 Oh oh i fall in love with that vip palce! 🤩🤩🤩🥳
4.30 (114 reviews)
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