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Discover the best places in Tonekābon, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 20 places in the city.

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Setareh Sou Restaurant image
Setareh Sou Restaurant
👍👍 One of my favourite places in Tonekabon. Good atmosphere with the managment working also as the waiter with very good attitude and is very friendly. The food is not very cheap and the quality is okay, but the plus point for me is the uninterrupted sea view and service with a smile. Also, women don't...
4.20 (266 reviews) (~1.54 km from centre)
Leili Pastry image
Leili Pastry
Pastry shop
👍👍 The best Leili pastry I have visited for last 3 years in the Mazandarani province. Regardless of routine and same quality of their products in all branches, their coffee and fresh cakes was the best thing I have ever tried in their branch. Good luck.
4.50 (73 reviews) (~2.78 km from centre)
Cheshmeh Kileh historical Bridge image
Cheshmeh Kileh historical Bridge
👍👍 Cheshme Kileh Bridge is one of the tourist attractions of Tonkabon, an old bridge whose construction process started in 1309 AH with the design of engineers from Russia and Germany and was completed by 1311 AH. This structure is as old as the first Pahlavi period and is known as one of the most beau...
4.60 (53 reviews) (~0.63 km from centre)
Westa Hotel image
Westa Hotel
👍👍 It's all about precision, from design to treating guests, from recipe to the way of serving dishes. Do not even think of anywhere else in a circle with the center of here and radius of 500 km 😁😉 Thanks to my friend Mr. Ghoorchian a really kind person in the facility, really helpful. Try every thin...
4.30 (84 reviews) (~9.86 km from centre)
Renato Italian Café Restaurant image
Renato Italian Café Restaurant
👍👍 The soup was so delicious. The Big burger was well cooked, but the beef stroganoff was a bit greasy. The atmosphere was nice & satisfying. The timing & service was good. The bathroom was clean. Prices were expensive but it was worth it. Didn't like the black color of the plates for serving. The Hawa...
4.10 (113 reviews) (~3.11 km from centre)
راه سنگی image
راه سنگی
👍👍 Excellent service & ambiance
4.60 (44 reviews) (~1.83 km from centre)
Khoone Geli (The Mud House) image
Khoone Geli (The Mud House)
👍👍 Many years have passed since I entered the Khoone Geli as a "Traveler" and now, I do not know how it feels to be a "Traveler" in the Khoone Geli. The feeling of being a traveler in the space of a Khoone Geli lasts only a few minutes and then changes its place with the pleasant feeling of meeting an...
4.90 (32 reviews) (~7.88 km from centre)
Khazar Hyper Center image
Khazar Hyper Center
Shopping mall
👍 A complete and big hyper but somehow the goods are expensive.
4.10 (79 reviews) (~5.2 km from centre)
Khoone Madarjoon Ecolodge image
Khoone Madarjoon Ecolodge
Self-catering accommodation
👍👍 This place indeed has a lots of good vibes, made by the family... The good souls.. And Delicious local food prepared with love beside an amazing landscape. An old house with fascinating stories.. Warm and welcoming hosts, suitable for a pack of 2 to 20 guests...
4.20 (57 reviews) (~9.72 km from centre)
Tonekabon Fruits and Vegetables Market image
Tonekabon Fruits and Vegetables Market
Fruit and vegetable store
😐 Hello, the market is delicious and beautiful, they sell fish almost every hour (they auction it to the highest bidder), they have white fish, carp, ginger fish, farmed ghazal ala and smoked fish, pickled garlic, fruits and vegetables. He found it, but it is expensive and you have to pay for it. Ther...
4.00 (86 reviews) (~0.35 km from centre)
Masa Restaurant image
Masa Restaurant
👍 رستوران تو طبقه نیم همکف هایپر سنتر واقع شده و از داخل و خارج این هایپرسنتر میشه به اون دسترسی داشت. محیطی ساده شیک و جذاب داره، سالن به بخشهای مختلف درونی و بیرونی محوطه بندی شده. یه بار داره که میتونین نوشدنی های سرد و کرم رو انجا سفارش بدین و روی صندلی های جلوی بار بشینین و نوش جان کنین، اون قسمت...
4.20 (45 reviews) (~5.25 km from centre)
Cheshmeh kileh Park image
Cheshmeh kileh Park
👍👍 Giving food to gulls here is very enjoyable
4.20 (42 reviews) (~0.19 km from centre)
Sekaj Restaurant image
Sekaj Restaurant
👍 Se Kaj is a good and promising and rare restaurant in Tonkaban It may be strange, but before Se Kaj, there was no standard restaurant in the city other than Akbar Jojeh, which has a very limited menu. Of course, there are many local eateries and small kebab shops, but it was not a big and outstandin...
3.90 (60 reviews) (~2.53 km from centre)
Soli Pizza image
Soli Pizza
😐 I have experienced this resturant three times. Two times we ordered pizza which was delicious, but once we ordered Caesar salad and Alfredo Pasta which were not good at all. It has nice environment with good staffs.
3.70 (83 reviews) (~2.33 km from centre)
sadra Hotel image
sadra Hotel
👍 It has a very respectable staff It was perfectly clean The sound of the air conditioner made the window wetter; I preferred the heat to his voice so I could sleep. The mini buffet in the fridge was not big and I had to go out to dinner. They say breakfast at 8 in the morning and I sat down until...
3.70 (71 reviews) (~3.05 km from centre)
Mahan Shopping Mall image
Mahan Shopping Mall
Shopping mall
👍👍 Stylish and up-to-date shops
3.90 (32 reviews) (~0.66 km from centre)
پلاژ ساحلی خلیج image
پلاژ ساحلی خلیج
😠 افتضاح اینجا جمع دختر و پسری بودش معلوم نبود وزودی چقدره هزینه چادر زدن چقدره کلی ادم مجرد از همه منطقه اونجا بودن و هرکس خودشو صاحب اونجا اعلام میگرد حدود یک کیلومتر پایین تر بعد مجتمع تفریحی فرهنگیان یک پلاژ تازه تاسیس عالی هست ورودی نداره و امکانات نسبت کاملی در تنکابن داره
3.70 (34 reviews) (~7.63 km from centre)
Shora Park image
Shora Park
👍 It is a relatively small park with large gazebos and cement platforms with restrooms, drinking water, and dishwashers
3.60 (39 reviews) (~3.64 km from centre)
کافه رستوران ایتالیایی آرماندو image
کافه رستوران ایتالیایی آرماندو
😠 Hello Unfortunately, the time of our arrival at the restaurant cafe was a quarter to 10 in the evening, and by the time the orders were ready, it was almost 12 in the evening. Please, if customer satisfaction is important to you, honestly say that you have a problem with the cook and don't hold peop...
2.90 (39 reviews) (~3.11 km from centre)
Amir Toobaee Restaurant image
Amir Toobaee Restaurant
👍👍 The most delicious kebabs I have EVER tasted in all of Iran. I am a big foodie and I have been to several new and flashy or authentic restaurants, but none come even close to the quality of food in Toobaee restaurant. The decor is very old but do not be put off by this, just shows the history of the...
2.90 (54 reviews) (~0.58 km from centre)
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