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Experience the best that Mosul has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. Ratings are based from 358 places in the city.

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Abdul Sattar Barber image
Abdul Sattar Barber
Hair salon
👍👍 The pinnacle in the world of shaving The illustrious name for 35 years I have been a customer in the store for 18 years I wish you good luck, success, and continued livelihood greetings to you all
4.80 (32 reviews)
تراث الموصل - Mosul Heritage image
تراث الموصل - Mosul Heritage
Heritage preservation
👍👍 A special place that represents the history and civilization of Mosul and Mesopotamia. I recommend everyone to visit the place
4.60 (196 reviews)
Dair Mar Elia image
Dair Mar Elia
👍👍 I was here in 2010 and blessed to have experienced this 1400 year old Christian Monastery that made it through so many Wars, but ISIS put an end to it all and sadly destroyed it everything. Nothing is left of it. The only good news is that a coalition of soldiers from Iraq, Kurds, Pesh and US forces...
4.60 (43 reviews)
Old Bridge image
Old Bridge
👍👍 One of the most beautiful places in Mosul, because everyone who has memories from childhood associates them with this bridge, Dr. Naji Sarsam, after the Jasra crossing, Sibahi Bazar, Bab al-Saray, Al-Atmiya market, and many other areas that were sweet.
4.50 (887 reviews)
Follow rest & cafe image
Follow rest & cafe
Coffee shop
👍👍 كلش جميل ومرتب وخدمه وطعم روعه
4.50 (46 reviews)
MODERN PALACE HOTEL 2فندق مودرن بلازا ٢ image
MODERN PALACE HOTEL 2فندق مودرن بلازا ٢
👍👍 فندق راقي جداً / تحس روحك بين اهلك بتعاملهم وياك+ فطور الصباحي جداً محترم + مساحة الغرف جداً ممتاز جد هذه أفضل فندق سكنت بيه / كل الحب والإحترام الهم Very comfortable hotel
4.50 (37 reviews)
Qara Serai castle (The Black Palace) image
Qara Serai castle (The Black Palace)
Historical landmark
👍👍 قره سراي دار المملكة أو دار الحكم كما عرفت قصر يقع في مدينة الموصل في محافظة نينوى في شمال العراق على الضفة الغربية لنهر دجلة في الجانب الأيمن من المدينة بناها الاتابكيون وسكنها الحمدانيون والعقيليون وكل من حكم الموصل
4.50 (35 reviews)
دورة الاغوات image
دورة الاغوات
4.50 (33 reviews)
University of Mosul image
University of Mosul
👍👍 Wonderful and excellent, God willing, and good luck to all
4.40 (355 reviews)
Pizza yummy image
Pizza yummy
Pizza restaurant
👍👍 I loved. Tasty and cheap plus nice place
$$ $$
4.40 (297 reviews)
جامع المواصل الكبير (جامع صدام الكبيرسابق) image
جامع المواصل الكبير (جامع صدام الكبيرسابق)
👍👍 The mosque is the largest mosque in the city. It is located on the left coast of the Tigris River and can accommodate 5,000 people. Its construction began in the mid-1990s, but work was disrupted due to instability in the country. Work was supposed to begin in 2013, but military battles delayed it....
4.40 (260 reviews)
Bashtabya Castle image
Bashtabya Castle
Historical landmark
👍👍 Bash Tapia Castle was built in the 12th century as one of seven castles within Mosul's city wall. The castle was damaged by Timur in 1393, and was later rebuilt by the Ottoman Empire. Bash Tapia Castle played an important role in the siege of Mosul during the Ottoman–Persian War of 1743–1746. The s...
4.40 (254 reviews)
Qibaa Mosque image
Qibaa Mosque
👍👍 It was named after the Quba Mosque.. The Quba Mosque was the first mosque built in Islam, and the first mosque built in the Prophet’s city.
4.40 (192 reviews)
مرقد النبي يونس image
مرقد النبي يونس
👍👍 The mosque and shrine of the Prophet Yunus, peace be upon him, is one of the oldest mosques in Iraq and one of the richest places. It is located in Mosul on the Hill of Repentance or the Hill of the Prophet Yunus, peace be upon him. In Mosul, the Hill of Repentance or the Hill of the Prophet Yunus,...
4.40 (130 reviews)
AL BIAL Rest & cafe image
AL BIAL Rest & cafe
Coffee shop
😐 الحلويات طيبه بس النراكيل مو شي يمهم وتعامل مع الزبائن عادي مو رسميات مثل تفضل حبيبي وعيني والى اخره هذه صورة كريب من عندهم🌚
4.40 (95 reviews)
Bytna Art Center image
Bytna Art Center
👍👍 An ancient heritage institution. I advise everyone to visit this site. Excellent service and sophisticated treatment
4.40 (63 reviews)
طرشي الشفاء الفرع الرئيسي image
طرشي الشفاء الفرع الرئيسي
Shopping mall
👍👍 Famous in all cities and provinces
4.40 (58 reviews)
TWO CUPS image
Coffee shop
👍👍 Excellent place in terms of calm, staff and food
4.40 (55 reviews)
حمام المنقوشة image
حمام المنقوشة
Tourist attraction
👍 A place worth visiting in Mosul. There are many beautiful old things. Free entry 💚 The place is very clean and tidy 🧡 I wish some ancient Yazidi tools were in a museum!? All the best and success 🕊️🌼
4.40 (47 reviews)
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