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GPDOC Medical Centre image
GPDOC Medical Centre
General practitioner
🫀 The doctor Lawrence Lau is a very nice person. But I have got to say: they charge you for LITERALLY everything. I've got the results for my exams and I only need to be recommended to the Women's Hospital for a colposcopy and they want me to pay €70 for a consultation just to be recommended. Honestl...
4.70 (173 reviews)
Liffey Medical GP Surgery, Clinic In Dublin City Centre, Smithfield image
Liffey Medical GP Surgery, Clinic In Dublin City Centre, Smithfield
😠 I went to Liffey Medical for a series of tests. I received most of the results shortly after but was told that the results for one particular test would take 3-4 weeks. 8 weeks later, I am yet to receive the results. I have emailed the clinic several times and received no response; I have called the...
4.40 (114 reviews)
South Circular Road GP Clinic image
South Circular Road GP Clinic
Family practice physician
😠 too disappointed. I'm pregnant and a fifteen days ago I scheduled an appointment for today at 3:15pm. I missed class, I arrived on time the reception was full and it was almost unbearable heat. I waited until 5pm when he called another patient who was also already irritated. I was so disappointed...
4.40 (72 reviews)
Thorndale Medical and Cardiology Clinic image
Thorndale Medical and Cardiology Clinic
General practitioner
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Highly recommended GP service. The doctor listens patiently and gives proper explanation of the problem as well as treatment plan. He was not in the hurry to move onto next patient, which is very important to me. This is was recommended to me by a friend and I found it really good. The doctor is als...
4.90 (35 reviews)
Jubilee Medical Centre GP (Capel St. Medical Centre) image
Jubilee Medical Centre GP (Capel St. Medical Centre)
Medical Center
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Recommended for Thyroid: Dr. Chii Lee is an amazing professional (actually is one of the leading doctor members of the Thyroid Society in Ireland), she takes the time to listen to you and do all necessary check-ups. So you won't feel alone (or crazy) in your battle for a better life while have a thy...
4.40 (63 reviews)
Eldon Family Practice image
Eldon Family Practice
🫀 Very helpful practise manager who takes time to deal with any queries. I had a 20 minute wait beyond my scheduled appointment time which could be viewed as a positive in away because it meant the patient before me was receiving a thorough consultation. However, I did observe one of the practise' do...
4.60 (43 reviews)
Abbey Street Medical Centre image
Abbey Street Medical Centre
Family practice physician
😠 Unfortunately, I had a horrible experience with this service. Last week, I had an over the phone consolation with a doctor. Our conversation lasted approximately 3 minutes. In that time, she took little to no care to understand my situation. She explained I had a respiratory chest infection and that...
4.10 (67 reviews)
Raheny General Practice image
Raheny General Practice
Family practice physician
😠 I've been a patient in this practice for over 25 yrs but yestetday and also 5 weeks ago I was refused an apt to be seen as a matter of urgency. Very severe ear infection with resulted in total loss of hearing. Totally shocked by the surgery's response, lack of empathy and the way the receptionist sp...
4.30 (41 reviews)
Dr Edel Dominique image
Dr Edel Dominique
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Absolute incredible, Kind and very informative Doctor. She goes well above and beyond her call of duty! She is somebody that really has a passion for what she does and cares deeply about her patience. Couldn't recommend her enough.
4.20 (38 reviews)
Ashtown Medical Center image
Ashtown Medical Center
General practitioner
😠 210 euros for 10 minutes of visit and saying that my boyfriend has to get used to the ailments and nothing will help. I totally do not recommend this place and the doctor ;)
4.30 (32 reviews)
Mountjoy Family Practice image
Mountjoy Family Practice
Family practice physician
😠 My boyfriend doing a blood test, they told results will come out next week , ask to call back for a result. After a week , he call to clinic, their reception said doctor was not there will call him next day . My boyfriend wait for a week they didn't call back , he called again after a week , they sa...
3.60 (36 reviews)
Custom House Square Medical Centre IFSC image
Custom House Square Medical Centre IFSC
Family practice physician
😠 I think I should share my experience after reading the other reviews here. Some of the doctors are really great, unfortunately, the place is running under poor management. I had a follow up appointment with a female doctor. For personal and cultural reasons I only wanted to see female doctors. I arr...
3.20 (138 reviews)
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