Rockstar Tattoo image
Rockstar Tattoo
Tattoo shop
👍👍 I came with an idea for a tattoo and Rockstar Tattoo gave their insight of editing it. I have two tattoos that I love from the tattoo maestro Kiril , thank you for the perfect art with great patience and may we always take caution of the shapeshifting reptilians.
4.90 (1.3K reviews)
פארק אשדוד ים image
פארק אשדוד ים
Family-friendly place for outdoor activity, featuring a pond, paved trails & playgrounds.
4.60 (8K reviews)
Ashdod Performing Arts Center image
Ashdod Performing Arts Center
Cultural center
4.60 (2.1K reviews)
Pescado image
Kosher restaurant
👍👍 Great fish restaurant, food is tasty and special. For first visit, don't take the main dishes, take all the openings!!
$$$ $
4.60 (1.8K reviews)
Beach shimshon Sheva image
Beach shimshon Sheva
👍 Accessible, handicapped areas/ access, local busses, free, free parking, clean, lifeguards
4.60 (1.5K reviews)
Pnina Pie image
Pnina Pie
👍👍 There is no bakery like this one. It has a big variety , sweet sour , The cheesecake is recomended!! So when you craving for a bake dough , sweet or sour , doesnt matter This place is for you !! So delicious. But be aware its abit pricy.
$$ $$
4.60 (1.4K reviews)
The Eye of the Sun, by Motti Mizrachi image
The Eye of the Sun, by Motti Mizrachi
Tourist attraction
👍👍 A beautiful sculpture seen from very far and enjoyable to see at night
4.60 (952 reviews)
BIG FASHION Ashdod image
Shopping mall
👍👍 beautifully designed large shopping center, with ponds in which live Koi carps and water flowers, and what wonderful fountains in which young children happily bathe. Very large free underground parking, always very clean.
4.50 (13K reviews)
GODA גודה image
GODA גודה
👍👍 Magnetic place❤️❤️❤️
$$ $$
4.70 (356 reviews)
Gambrinus image
😠 We had an awful experience at the restaurant , the service was horrible , waiter refused to help us with choosing what to order, we were given the wrong dish and started eating it as we thought that’s what we ordered, then they told us there was a mistake and they will have to charge us on that dish...
$$ $$
4.50 (6.9K reviews)
Amphi Ashdod image
Amphi Ashdod
4.50 (5.5K reviews)
Pirate Park image
Pirate Park
👍 Kids enjoyed the park ! they didn’t spend too much here since It’s right on the beach which was way more enticing. Became very crowded in the late afternoon, trying to understand what Israelis do with their kids all morning…
4.50 (4.1K reviews)
פינטה אשדוד image
פינטה אשדוד
👍👍 Popped in with a couple of friends for dinner just before Jewish New year. The place was very quiet and we had an extremely attentive service and a very enjoyable evening with the place almost entirely to ourselves. As many others have stated, the beer selection from across the globe, is fantastic....
$$ $$
4.50 (3.4K reviews)
Castle image
Bar & grill
👍 Decided to spice up my Saturday with a little pub crawl in Ashdod, so me and my mates swung by Castle for some drinks. The weather was spot on, so it was buzzing outside with all the tables occupied, but inside was surprisingly chill. The bar had this cool old-fashioned vibe, complete with small kni...
$$ $$
4.50 (2.9K reviews)
Lachish River Park image
Lachish River Park
Hiking area
😐 There's not a lot of shade there and, and it's very far from one thing to another. I do not recommend going there with small kids in a hot day.
4.50 (2.9K reviews)
Ashdod Yam Fort image
Ashdod Yam Fort
Historical place
👍👍 It was worth my time and two different modes of transportation to get there. Came early in the day; Was the ONLY one inside this Ancient Fortress. This Place; with the Audible Narrating Speaker System; made my mind imagine being there in Ancient Times. The Foundation Remnants and Masonry is just Ama...
4.50 (2.3K reviews)
שלומפר image
👍 This is a great place to go out and have fun. The menu is interesting and the atmosphere is welcoming, chilling, and mostly fun. It's a bar after all, so they have a variety of alcoholic beverages as well (and mostly). The music is also a great thing there, world wide classics. The only downside i...
$$ $$
4.60 (516 reviews)
פיצה אשדוד רוגוזין 5 image
פיצה אשדוד רוגוזין 5
👍👍 אחלה תפריט לטבעונים אפשר לטבען כמעט את כל התפריט.איזה כיף שיש מקום כזה באשדוד גם הבעלים נחמדים תמיד כיף לבוא לשם לאכול וגם משלוח מגיע מהר.הזמנתי היום פיצה אישית קיבלתי פיצה אישית ענקית אחד הגדולות שאכלתי בפיצריות אישית כמו גדולה.כדאי גם להוסיף טוסט טבעוני
$ $$$
4.90 (165 reviews)
Story Garden Cafe image
Story Garden Cafe
👍👍 This is a gluten free & vegan heaven! SO MANY options I didn't know what to choose! Delicious food, everything super fresh, high allergy alertness, they're def doing it right! *downside: No bathroom, only public restrooms at the park (across the path, not far away, but public) Not accessible to whe...
$$ $$
4.50 (1.7K reviews)
Mei Ami Beach image
Mei Ami Beach
👍👍 Nice peacefull beach...with scenic view ..surfing friendly and picnic place...must visit place....
4.50 (1.6K reviews)
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