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Passim Outdoor Furniture image
Passim Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor furniture store
👍👍 GI productsGI products Garden furniture and balconies, fair prices, very good raw materials, for benches
4.90 (638 reviews) (~4.17 km from centre)
Freedom Farm image
Freedom Farm
👍👍 Great place to visit/ volunteer, not enough public transportation but it worth to make an effort and get there. Each one of the survivors (from the industry) has his/hers story and it's so warming to see how they progress and learn to trust people 💛✨
4.90 (564 reviews) (~5.19 km from centre)
Bp ביסטרו רופין image
Bp ביסטרו רופין
👍👍 We had a great time. The service was wonderful and the food as well
4.80 (1.4K reviews) (~9.51 km from centre)
Pina star image
Pina star
Resort hotel
👍👍 מומלץ בחום ערכנו במקום יומולדת 40 לחבר. בדיוק מה שחיפשנו - בריכה מפנקת, מטבח מאובזר ומנגל מעולה ומקום נוח ונקי ללינה של 8 אנשים. בעלת המקום אילנה נותנת הרגשה של בית מהרגע הראשונים שמדברים איתה, המשך בהוראות והנחיות לקראת ההגעה, תדריך מפורט במקום וקשר רציף בווטסאפ לדעת שהכל בסדר כל הזמן לאורך השהיה.
4.90 (435 reviews) (~7.39 km from centre)
Zorba image
👍👍 Easy to say that this is the best F'n pita dish I've ever had in my life. The people who work there work with all their hearts and it's a charming place for a quick meal. You can get a cold beer at the store next door. I'm taking friends here to impress them for sure. The hype is worth it. Definite...
$$ $$
4.80 (606 reviews) (~9.58 km from centre)
Adam's Corner image
Adam's Corner
Fast food restaurant
👍 Luckily we know this area because our kids live here and this place is great for lunch! If you happen to find yourself in Kadima this is a great local lunch spot! Nice park close by too to sit and enjoy your lunch!
$ $$$
4.80 (444 reviews) (~6.76 km from centre)
עגלה של קפה image
עגלה של קפה
Coffee shop
👍 Great surroundings to take the coffee and sit around. Plenty of space. Food was nice only Asai ball for gluten free. The coffee was cold when we got it. But tasty
$ $$$
4.70 (693 reviews) (~5.95 km from centre)
Hanamaru image
👍👍 A very great place. The food was so good - fresh and tasty. Actually It was a surprise for my birthday by my family. We were 6 adults and 3 children but everyone was satisfied. The place has a lot of kinds of food - sushi, Thai, burgers, fish and more - but everything was done so well! The food cake...
$$ $$
4.60 (4.7K reviews) (~9.85 km from centre)
Funky Monkey image
Funky Monkey
Theme park
🫤 We got to the place an hour before closing. They asked for a full price and after 30 minutes already started asking people to leave. I’d be ok with this but the place was also extremely dirty with trash on the floor. My little kid wanted to play in the kitchen but all the toys were broken or missing...
4.70 (672 reviews) (~5.91 km from centre)
חומוס פינת ירושלמי image
חומוס פינת ירושלמי
👍👍 The heartwarming old couple runs this hummus with their son, it's a family hummus place and it tastes like this. Homy flavors, best recipe.
$ $$$
4.80 (337 reviews) (~6.92 km from centre)
פארק פרדסיה image
פארק פרדסיה
City park
👍👍 אחלה פארק עם מתקנים לכל הגילאים, מגלשות, טיפוס אומגה ועוד… בנוסף יש בריכת דגים נחמדה ומרחב עם דשא
4.70 (552 reviews) (~7.23 km from centre)
יער הרקפות image
יער הרקפות
👍👍 It's a beautiful little area of the forest. It's perfect for families and is somewhat handicapped accessible. I say somewhat because it is comfortable for a short distance throughout the flowers, but it's not accessible at the top of the hill. My mother walks with a leg brace and she did fine, but I...
4.70 (499 reviews) (~7.35 km from centre)
Taste From The West image
Taste From The West
👍👍 Loved this place. 250₪ and you get a great meal. 5 meat dishes, 1 meat stu, 1 dessert. No limit on soft drinks and beer from the tap. Atmosphere was very nice, felt cozy, and nice music, we were able to talk and have fun all night long. The owners are also your waiters and they are very nice peopl...
$$ $$
4.80 (284 reviews) (~3.09 km from centre)
OneIce Arena image
OneIce Arena
Ice skating rink
👍👍 Very nice ice skating place. Everyone is super friendly and helpful even if I don't speak Hebrew. I was charged 65₪ for the skates and the entrance. Very reasonable price. There is two rinks, one for classes (I loved to see figure skaters training) and one for free skaters. The staff is very helpful...
4.60 (994 reviews) (~3.41 km from centre)
Amigos Burger Bar image
Amigos Burger Bar
👍 very nice decorated burger restaurant, the place is very friendly and welcoming , very delicious and generous meals served in a really fair prices , suitable for families , kids and even can host small groups , this place is usually full of people and very crowded , so i am taking one star off the r...
$$ $$
4.60 (927 reviews) (~7.22 km from centre)
Museum of Tractors image
Museum of Tractors
Technology museum
👍 Great place for little ones! They restore all kinds of tractors and have a lot of other antiques and relics on display. You have to keep a close eye on your little one because the old tractors inside the hangar are not to be touches, and the antiques on display are right within reach (not behind gla...
4.60 (920 reviews) (~4.32 km from centre)
חומוס עפיף image
חומוס עפיף
👍👍 Hummus Paul Shakshuka A pickle made of pickles, tea and coffee in a very tasty and delicate texture
$ $$$
4.70 (347 reviews) (~0.17 km from centre)
Orchestra 19 image
Orchestra 19
👍👍 נכנסים אל חצר של בית פרטי שכל המשפחה בחוץ וזה לרגע לא ברור... אבל אז מגלים שבני הבית מקסימים, ויש שולחנות אבירים נוחים לאכילה ואין שום הצקות של זבובים כי דואגים שם לניקיון ואסתטיקה ראויים לשבח ואז האוכל מגיע, ו-wow מה זה הדבר הזה??? אז שוחחנו קצת עם השפים במקום והבנו שהבעלים הוא אמן והאמנות שלו היא...
$$ $$
4.80 (234 reviews) (~4.33 km from centre)
Haupt image
👍👍 Very delicious food with thought given for every bite. Even their coffee is above average in taste! Prices and portions are average range. 10/10 would recommend
$$$ $
4.60 (624 reviews) (~9.02 km from centre)
Ilanot Arboretum Visitor Center image
Ilanot Arboretum Visitor Center
Botanical garden
👍👍 Nice park for a relaxing walk. There are picnic areas and parking. The photos were taken at the end of winter.
4.50 (3.8K reviews) (~7.73 km from centre)
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