Top rated Tourist attractions in Tel Aviv-Yafo

Experience the best that Tel Aviv-Yafo has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 114 places from Tourist attraction category.

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EZRaider TLV image
EZRaider TLV
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Such an awesome experience!! Super cool and comfortable,great locations and really nice people. Thank u guys we will definitely come back in our next visit
5.00 (284 reviews)
TLVnights Tours image
TLVnights Tours
Tourist attraction
👍👍 One of the best evenings I had in Tel Aviv! Loved the vibe and the people. I recommend this pub crawl to everyone! Ido, the host knows all the best and coolest spots around and gave us amazing restaurant recommendations as well. Thanks to Ido there was no waiting in lines in to enter. The pub crawl...
5.00 (78 reviews)
D- TLV Pub Crawl image
D- TLV Pub Crawl
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Such an amazing night!!! It was a great experience crawling between the best bars in the city with our host and our group of great people both locals and tourists while we got free drinks and skipped the line. Recommended for everyone who’d like to have a night out in Tel Aviv🥳
4.90 (87 reviews)
Krav Maga Israel image
Krav Maga Israel
Martial arts school
👍👍 I did a one week Krav Maga camp in May. Although I am new to Krav Maga, I had an incredible time & took a deep dive into the Krav world. Ron & Jarrod are incredible instructors and I would do it again in a heart beat. We trained in different locations (beach, military base, forest, Jerusalem) and go...
4.90 (58 reviews)
קו החוף של תל אביב-יפו image
קו החוף של תל אביב-יפו
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Beautiful long stone wall that leads you along to either the beach or the pier followed by beautiful big waves hitting shiny big rocks to have a view to enjoy on your walk 🪨🌊 Lead you either to the old city of jaffa from the down road left or from the up hill right to the beaches of tel aviv and...
4.90 (52 reviews)
Tel Aviv Promenade image
Tel Aviv Promenade
Tourist attraction
Beachfront promenade dotted with cafes, popular with walkers, cyclists & scooter riders.
4.80 (1.1K reviews)
Joseph Bau House Museum image
Joseph Bau House Museum
👍👍 Fascinating little museum about the life and works of Joseph Bau and his wife, Rebecca. Best to contact the museum by phone or email ahead of time to make a reservation. We spent an hour and a half, much of it, speaking with the curator about her father. The museum is a 20 minute walk from the Tel A...
4.80 (306 reviews)
אקס אנד קו | Axe & Co image
אקס אנד קו | Axe & Co
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Such a unique attraction! The instructors were very nice and happy to help or give an advice. As for 2 participants, the one hour experience was definitely enough and worth it. The price is extremely fair and I recommend anyone to try it! Release some nerves and anger on axe throwing 🪓
4.80 (222 reviews)
HaKaktusim Garden image
HaKaktusim Garden
👍👍 An amazing cactus garden with many species and full of jackals.
4.80 (172 reviews)
Frank Meisler Gallery image
Frank Meisler Gallery
Art gallery
👍👍 Incredible arts of great creator!
4.80 (54 reviews)
Old Jaffa image
Old Jaffa
Historical landmark
👍 A lot of places to see and explore. Narrow streets, pieces of art, port and architectural design. All with rich history. Nice area for walking. Very busy at the weekends. Many restaurants and shops nearby.
4.70 (7K reviews)
The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History image
The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History
Natural history museum
Huge museum opened in 2018, with millions of exhibits including fossils & rare cinereous vultures.
4.70 (5.1K reviews)
Abrasha Park image
Abrasha Park
Public park on top of a promontory offering views over the Mediterranean & the city itself.
4.70 (1.2K reviews)
Wishing Bridge image
Wishing Bridge
According to legend, this wooden footbridge with sea views & zodiac sign plaques can grant wishes.
4.70 (1.2K reviews)
Ilana Goor Museum image
Ilana Goor Museum
An eclectic collection of works by Israeli artist Ilana Goor on display in her historic residence.
4.70 (1K reviews)
Suspended Orange Tree image
Suspended Orange Tree
👍👍 You know; Other People can "Blab & Flap" about....."It's just an Orange Tree in a hanging Pot"! Yes, It may ONLY be an Orange Tree; but, it's Also...Artistic, Historical, Beautiful and Blooming with Color. The Thought of Growing an Orange Tree; Suspended in a Terracotta Pot enveloped around the base...
4.70 (656 reviews)
The Center for Israeli Innovation image
The Center for Israeli Innovation
Visitor center
👍👍 Taglight - Israel innovation centre, the place is really great... You will find all the innovative products over here... Must explore place when you visit Israel..
4.70 (249 reviews)
Givon Art Gallery image
Givon Art Gallery
Art gallery
😐 A strange display with no explanations
4.70 (54 reviews)
Aden Jewish Heritage Museum image
Aden Jewish Heritage Museum
Heritage museum
👍👍 I have passed by the location of this museum several dozens of times and only this time I noticed it and this is probably due to the large colorful sign that was placed at the entrance. There were four of us, the museum was empty except for the person in charge. He gave us the utmost attention and e...
4.70 (31 reviews)
Yarkon Park image
Yarkon Park
Green space with 6 landscaped gardens & a pond, as well as sport facilities, open lawns & mini-golf.
4.60 (18.6K reviews)
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