Top rated Tourist attractions in Rome

Experience the best that Rome has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 564 places from Tourist attraction category.

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Casa Vacanze Sea House Rome image
Casa Vacanze Sea House Rome
Holiday home
👍👍 The apartment was wonderful. Everything what we need for a nice holiday was there , it was very clean , near the town Ostia Lido , only 500m to the cheap (1,5€) Metrostation to ROMA. The owner Mister Caldarella also was great and a person with a very good charakter. We will come asap in Juni with t...
5.00 (35 reviews)
Mosè di Michelangelo image
Mosè di Michelangelo
Catholic place of worship with 5th-century origins & a transept with Michelangelo's statue of Moses.
4.90 (5.9K reviews)
Galleria Colonna Museo e Pinacoteca image
Galleria Colonna Museo e Pinacoteca
Art museum
Private palace, mostly Baroque but dating to 1300s, with frescoed hall & Old Masters art collection.
4.90 (2K reviews)
Altar of the Fatherland image
Altar of the Fatherland
👍👍 Its construction began in 1885 and ended in 1911. It was built to commemorate the unification of Italy and its people and to honor the first King of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele II. The equestrian statue in the center of the monument is in fact his portrait. The sculpture is made from the bronze casting...
4.90 (920 reviews)
Forum of Augustus - Journey into the holes image
Forum of Augustus - Journey into the holes
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Ok
4.90 (114 reviews)
Rome, Italy image
Rome, Italy
Tourist attraction
4.90 (54 reviews)
Arches Severiane on the Palatine image
Arches Severiane on the Palatine
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Among the ruins of the Palatine Hill these arches can be seen. What were they? a superstructure to support the Severian expansion of the Imperial Palace at the beginning of the 3rd century, as there was no longer enough space at the top of the hill. Excellent views over the Circus Maximus.
4.90 (44 reviews)
Trevi Fountain image
Trevi Fountain
Aqueduct-fed rococo fountain, designed by Nicola Salvi & completed in 1762, with sculpted figures.
4.80 (416.7K reviews)
Pantheon image
Historical landmark
Iconic temple built circa 118 to 125 A.D. with a dome & Renaissance tombs, including Raphael's.
4.80 (230.7K reviews)
Monument to Victor Emmanuel II image
Monument to Victor Emmanuel II
Historical landmark
Grand marble neoclassical temple honoring Italy's first king & First World War soldiers.
4.80 (64.5K reviews)
Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major image
Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major
Landmark papal basilica founded in the 5th century & known for its Roman mosaics & gilded ceiling.
4.80 (35.5K reviews)
Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano image
Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano
Landmark cathedral, the Pope's official seat, with ornate 1700s facade & statues of the Apostles.
4.80 (25K reviews)
Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio di Loyola image
Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio di Loyola
Catholic church
17th-century Roman Catholic church with trompe l'oeil ceilings & frescoes depicting St Ignatius.
4.80 (11.2K reviews)
Fiumi Fountain image
Fiumi Fountain
Classical 17th-century fountain, a homage to 4 rivers, featuring a Roman obelisk topped by a dove.
4.80 (10.1K reviews)
Church of St. Louis of the French image
Church of St. Louis of the French
Catholic church
France's baroque national church in Rome, known for the Caravaggio paintings in its chapel.
4.80 (6.6K reviews)
Chiesa del Gesù image
Chiesa del Gesù
Catholic church
Consecrated in 1584, this lavish church has a richly decorated interior by Giacomo della Porta.
4.80 (5.4K reviews)
Trajan's Column image
Trajan's Column
Historical landmark
A carved frieze winds up around the outside of this column erected upon victory in the Dacian wars.
4.80 (3.8K reviews)
Neptune Fountain image
Neptune Fountain
Tourist attraction
16th-century marble fountain depicting mythological cherubs & Neptune fighting with an octopus.
4.80 (3.6K reviews)
Parco archeologico del Colosseo image
Parco archeologico del Colosseo
Archaeological museum
Vast archaeological zone encompassing ancient sites like the Colosseum, Circus Maximus & Forum.
4.80 (3.5K reviews)
Basilica di Santa Maria in Ara coeli image
Basilica di Santa Maria in Ara coeli
Landmark 1200s church atop a long flight of steps, known for its vibrant frescoes by Pinturicchio.
4.80 (2.6K reviews)
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