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Explore the city's most talked-about destinations, sorted by the number of reviews. The higher the position on the list, the greater the number of reviews for each place. Discover the pulse of Kingston through these extensively reviewed and popular spots. This list contains 180 places from Tourist attraction category.

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The World Famous Dunn's River Falls & Park image
The World Famous Dunn's River Falls & Park
Popular terraced waterfall for climbing, plus a scenic, sandy beach with a cafeteria.
4.60 (15.1K reviews) (~61.14 km from centre)
Emancipation Park image
Emancipation Park
This city park hosts large-scale events & offers a jogging track, stage & endemic plants.
$ $$$
4.40 (7.6K reviews) (~3.55 km from centre)
Coronation Market Jamaica image
Coronation Market Jamaica
Fresh food market
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Always leave here with market bags of fresh vegetables, ground provision and fruits. I walk and compare prices and freshness, I have a couple stalls that I always stop at to get the necessary produce, all in all a good stroll among stalls of fresh produce and different characters as they beckon you...
3.90 (4.7K reviews) (~0.59 km from centre)
Pier One image
Pier One
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Fantastic experience. The restaurant came highly recommended and did not disappoint when we walked in. Service was exceptional, the water front floor was clean and well organized, restrooms were very clean. I did feel prices were a little high but the food was amazing and I felt worth it. If I could...
$$ $$
4.20 (4.1K reviews) (~132.01 km from centre)
Bob Marley Museum image
Bob Marley Museum
Reggae legend Bob Marley's 19th-century house museum offers guided tours, plus a cafe & a gift shop.
4.60 (4.1K reviews) (~5.56 km from centre)
Hope Botanical Gardens image
Hope Botanical Gardens
Botanical garden
Established in 1873, the 200-acre park includes exotic & native plant collections & a zoo.
4.30 (3.7K reviews) (~7.26 km from centre)
YS Falls image
YS Falls
Tourist attraction
Scenic destination with 7 waterfalls cascading into natural swimming pools amid lush gardens.
4.50 (3.5K reviews) (~111.05 km from centre)
Mystic Mountain image
Mystic Mountain
Tourist attraction
Zip lining, bobsledding & climbing count among the attractions at this mountain-top adventure park.
4.40 (3.3K reviews) (~60.54 km from centre)
Bob Marley Mausoleum image
Bob Marley Mausoleum
Rural chapel near his birthplace & childhood home where Bob Marley & family members are buried.
4.60 (3.1K reviews) (~62.88 km from centre)
Bamboo Beach Club image
Bamboo Beach Club
Beach club
Entertainment venue in a sandy cove, with dance shows & drumming, plus cocktails & beach dining.
4.40 (3.1K reviews) (~92.09 km from centre)
Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios image
Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios
Tourist attraction
Tourist attraction where visitors can swim with dolphins, snorkel with stingrays & feed sharks.
4.20 (2.9K reviews) (~61.21 km from centre)
Harmony Beach Park image
Harmony Beach Park
Relaxed, picturesque destination with a crescent of sandy beach & wide open grassy spaces.
4.40 (2.7K reviews) (~132.11 km from centre)
Appleton Estate image
Appleton Estate
Tourist attraction
Historic rum distillery in a scenic valley with a visitor's center, guided tours & tastings.
4.70 (2.6K reviews) (~101.3 km from centre)
Ocho Rios Market image
Ocho Rios Market
🫀 You can get what u want but not the most well put together place... I dont want to say its dirty there because it's a market but yea.... Go on the inside or round back if you need better prices. Those on the front prices are mostly based on convenience....
3.80 (2K reviews) (~58.55 km from centre)
Turtle River Park image
Turtle River Park
3-hectare park housing a pond stocked with fish & turtles, plus gardens, a snack kiosk & playground.
4.20 (1.9K reviews) (~58.64 km from centre)
Blue Mountains National Park image
Blue Mountains National Park
National park
πŸ‘πŸ‘ If you don't go then you won't know. It is the garden of eden less the forbidden fruit. I had more varieties of fruit in a 24 hour period than I have the last 51 years of my life. All that being said, the experience reset me and also put my body, mind and spirit back in alignment. Thank you t...
4.40 (1.9K reviews) (~24.31 km from centre)
Jamwest Motorsports & Adventure Park (Home of Jamwest Speedway) image
Jamwest Motorsports & Adventure Park (Home of Jamwest Speedway)
Tourist attraction
πŸ‘πŸ‘ If you want get a lot of excursions done all in a day. This is a nice place to choose. It has a lot to offer like... zip lining, horseback rising, ATV riding, really nice safari tour, and etc. They also have a bar and restaurant on-site. They have really cool animals throughout the park. They also...
4.30 (1.8K reviews) (~156.37 km from centre)
Cecil Charlton Park image
Cecil Charlton Park
πŸ‘ I look me wedding photos here and it turned out really beautiful. Its nice .
3.90 (1.7K reviews) (~75.98 km from centre)
Hope Zoo Preservation Foundation image
Hope Zoo Preservation Foundation
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Great opportunity to teach your child(ren) about the various animals while spending quality time. The Avian offering was great and children love it. Also a good opportunity to get some sun and steps in as this was a great walk around. The child play area is also great for kids. Overall, a great fa...
4.10 (1.6K reviews) (~7.69 km from centre)
Chukka Eco-Adventure Outpost at Good Hope image
Chukka Eco-Adventure Outpost at Good Hope
Tourist attraction
πŸ‘πŸ‘ What an awesome place with so much to do. Take insect repellent though as I got bit a few times. Fab food and a good tour around Rum tasting was good too. Fab cocktails at the bar. Dirty banana without the coffee was lovely
4.50 (1.6K reviews) (~105.74 km from centre)
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