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Experience the best that Gifu has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. Ratings are based from 1K places in the city.

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Ginzadaiyamondoshiraishi Gifuten image
Ginzadaiyamondoshiraishi Gifuten
Jewelry store
5.00 (166 reviews)
LIFEMAKEパーソナルトレーニングジム岐阜本巣店 image
Personal trainer
👍👍 I had a chronic illness and had various handicap, but I couldn't go to a normal gym, so I found out about this and participated in the experience. He suggested a method that suits him so that he would not be burdened, and if there was a burden during exercise, he would immediately advise on the hab...
5.00 (73 reviews)
メンズ脱毛BOSS 岐阜店 image
メンズ脱毛BOSS 岐阜店
Hair removal service
5.00 (69 reviews)
Beauty Salon Lily image
Beauty Salon Lily
Beauty salon
5.00 (50 reviews)
beauty salon ojos image
beauty salon ojos
Eyelash salon
👍 毎月お世話になっています。 施術も丁寧だし、いつも満足いく仕上がりにしてくれます。接客もよく、ずっと通いたいと思えるお店です。 たまに液が、目に入り、しみることがありますが、 仕上がりはいつも、とても綺麗です。 おすすめしたいお店です。
5.00 (49 reviews)
E.V.O Personal Training Gym 岐阜店 image
E.V.O Personal Training Gym 岐阜店
Personal trainer
👍👍 2年近く通わせてもらっていますが、トレーニングのおかげで理想の体に近づいてきました。 トレーナーさんはイケメンで少し厳しめですが、知識豊富でわかりやすく教えてくれます。 たまーに褒めてくれるので、飽きることもなく楽しく頑張れています(^^) 今後ともよろしくお願い致します。
5.00 (47 reviews)
beauty salon eje image
beauty salon eje
Eyelash salon
👍👍 I've been coming here for about 8 years now, and every time I open a new store, I keep coming back to the owner! He is such a reliable owner! It was my first time at Yanagase's new store eje today, and it was a really relaxing and stylish salon. The owner is extremely beautiful, but she is also frie...
5.00 (43 reviews)
Onishi Harikyu Orthopedic Clinic image
Onishi Harikyu Orthopedic Clinic
Bonesetting house
👍👍 The director, Mr. Onishi, has an open personality. We have a lot of different conversations. However, because of his good nature, he is often forgetful which is a problem sometimes. A tall, cute girl who works as an apprentice once or twice a week often follows me around. [Sometimes a patient comes...
5.00 (42 reviews)
ハーブピーリング専門店ハーバリーハーブピーリング岐阜店 image
Beauty salon
👍👍 I first took this treatment after being told that exfoliating herbs are more effective for acne and acne scars. There was some tingling pain, but it was bearable and the staff were kind enough to talk to me about it, so I was able to leave it to them with peace of mind! I was told that it would clea...
5.00 (37 reviews)
岐阜パーソナルジム D.O.M.S《ドムス》 image
岐阜パーソナルジム D.O.M.S《ドムス》
Personal trainer
👍👍 The trainer is very kind and understanding! He listens to the clients and work hard to help them achieve their goals! If you you cooperate with the trainer and follow his instructions you will definitely reach your weight loss goals. By the way foreigners can go too!! Even if you can't speak Japa...
5.00 (36 reviews)
Tidynest【ティディーネスト】 image
Eyelash salon
👍👍 First nails after giving birth ✨ I was nervous 💓 as it was my first time at the store, but I felt at ease as the staff were all very kind and cheerful ✨ My nails are very beautiful and I get many compliments on them, so I love them ♡ I'm wondering what kind of nails I should get next✨
5.00 (34 reviews)
Beauty salon
👍👍 The staff are easy to talk to and make sure you have fun during your treatment. The treatments are thorough and the prices are reasonable, so I would like to continue coming here.
5.00 (33 reviews)
Rin RINX Gifuekimaeten image
Rin RINX Gifuekimaeten
Hair removal service
👍👍 痛みが少なく、回数を重ねるごと毛の量が減っていくのが実感できてとても良いです。 今後も続けていきたいです!!
4.90 (679 reviews)
かんてい局 細畑店 image
かんてい局 細畑店
Pawn shop
👍👍 こちらで時計を購入させていただきました。 某質店より半額くらいの価格だったので(商品の状態が同程度の同じ時計)、即決しました。商品の状態も良く、お値打ちに買えてよかったです。 店員のお姉さんが優しく親切で、とても丁寧な対応をしてくださいました。 サイズが大きく、コマの取り外しをどうしようか心配しましたが...
4.90 (488 reviews)
Aipurimo Gifuten image
Aipurimo Gifuten
👍👍 アイプリモ岐阜店で婚約指輪を購入させていただきました。何もわからない状態で来店しましたがスタッフの方がわかりやすく一から説明してくださり、満足のいく婚約指輪を購入することができました。たくさん種類があっていろいろ悩みましたがいいものばかりでした。 また結婚指輪を購入しに来たいと思います。 この度はあり...
4.90 (352 reviews)
マッスルバーDr.PumP 岐阜店 image
マッスルバーDr.PumP 岐阜店
👍👍 名古屋店が凄く楽しかったのでこちらも伺わせて頂きましたが、名古屋店よりもお店が広く快適に楽しい時間を過ごせました。 マッスルの方々に素敵なお祝いをして貰えて嬉しかったです!ぜひまた遊びに行きたいです^^
4.90 (288 reviews)
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