Tokishige image
Ramen restaurant
Narrow, buzzy noodle bar known for its house special ramen bowl with chicken breast.
$$ $$
4.30 (1K reviews)
Ramen Kaoru image
Ramen Kaoru
Ramen restaurant
👍👍 I had something to do in Koshigaya, so I stopped off for lunch and went to this restaurant that a friend told me about. When I arrived around 12:00, there were about 10 people in line. It seems to line up after purchasing a meal ticket first. While I was waiting in line, the staff came to collect m...
$ $$$
4.30 (1K reviews)
担々麺 胡麻 image
担々麺 胡麻
Dan Dan noodle restaurant
👍👍 I came here because I wanted to eat tantan noodles for lunch. While I was lost in the parking lot, I waited for 8 people... Only 6 people can sit in the store. To the store in about 15 minutes. The small store is (sorry) very calm. Well, I ordered Tandan noodles. It has a strong sesame scent and...
$$ $$
4.40 (295 reviews)
Kagahiro Soka image
Kagahiro Soka
Izakaya restaurant
👍 草加駅前に用事があり何年かぶりに来店 平日の水曜日の夕方6時過ぎにやっぱり 常連さんでいっぱいでしたがお一人 すぐ入れました。焼き鳥が美味しいのが 知ってたからひと通りたのみました。 安いし新鮮で美味しかった。
$ $$$
4.30 (324 reviews)
やきとん一粋家 草加店 image
やきとん一粋家 草加店
Izakaya restaurant
$ $$$
4.40 (196 reviews)
Sōka Shrine image
Sōka Shrine
Shinto shrine
🫤 5 minutes from Soka station. In front of the torii, the park with SL was crowded with children. There are flower chozuburi everywhere in the precincts of the shrine. When I was sitting in front of the shrine office, thinking that it was spring-like and pleasant, Are you re-laying gravel? "There's a...
4.20 (657 reviews)
TAILOR【テイラー】草加西口店 image
Personal trainer
5.00 (59 reviews)
Neisutaisokyoshitsu Sokamaruiko image
Neisutaisokyoshitsu Sokamaruiko
👍👍 体験で来ました。対応や説明が丁寧でいいと思います。先生の指導もわかりやすく子供も楽しく参加出来ました。施設は広くはないですが、大きいトランポリンも鉄棒もあります。 マルイの中なので買い物にも便利そうです。
4.90 (63 reviews)
Beer House Coopers image
Beer House Coopers
Modern izakaya restaurant
👍👍 初めて行きましたが草加とは思えないお洒落な店で、料理も美味しかったです🎵
$$ $$
4.50 (108 reviews)
Ganso New Tantan-men Hompo - Soka image
Ganso New Tantan-men Hompo - Soka
Ramen restaurant
Unpretentious restaurant with late-night hours dishing up spicy ramen, gyoza & beer.
$$ $$
4.10 (686 reviews)
Indian Restaurant ARATI (インド料理 アラティ ) image
Indian Restaurant ARATI (インド料理 アラティ )
Indian restaurant
$ $$$
4.50 (107 reviews)
jazz&drinks Sugar Hill image
jazz&drinks Sugar Hill
Jazz club
👍👍 Such a wonderful live house in Soka! Before I found out about this live house, I used to go to the city center to listen to it. I searched online to see if there was a store nearby that I could go to, and when I came across this store, I decided to give it a visit. The atmosphere of the store was v...
4.60 (87 reviews)
洋食屋 アターブル image
洋食屋 アターブル
Western restaurant
$$ $$
4.30 (166 reviews)
うめだ商店 image
👍 Instagram友がデザートをアップしていたから食べログなどを閲覧したら食事も良いと!早速、訪問!しなきゃ! 駐車場は建物の奥の方に平置き砂利が7~8台かな?路地は狭いのでご注意ください。 建物は昔の農家?さんの古い民家をリフォームで縁側席もあるみたいでした。 開店と同時に人組みづつ案内してくれます。4人席が6~...
4.30 (155 reviews)
ニューホットマサラ NEW HOT MASALA image
ニューホットマサラ NEW HOT MASALA
Japanese curry restaurant
👍👍 I have tried many restaurants, but this place was something special. Food was awesome beyond my imagination. They served me chicken soup, I haven't found any better than that one yet. Hats off to your chef, he was from India. I can't recall his name. Many Many thanks to him!
$ $$$
4.10 (389 reviews)
ケンズ パスタ image
ケンズ パスタ
Italian restaurant
😐 During the corona vortex dinner I tried to go to the nearby Yayoi eaves, but I've been wondering about it for a long time Visited the store for the first time without a reservation With beer 🍺 snacks Potato 🥔 cheese 🧀 mentaiko 🍣🌶️ open grilled I asked for a Margherita visa 🍕 It was delicious😁...
$$ $$
4.30 (149 reviews)
Ryugagotoshi image
Ramen restaurant
Compact ramen noodle shop serving traditional dishes, including seafood & tsukemen options.
$$ $$
4.10 (378 reviews)
牛角 草加駅前店 image
牛角 草加駅前店
Yakiniku restaurant
$$ $$
4.20 (203 reviews)
Kushikatsu Tanaka Soka image
Kushikatsu Tanaka Soka
Izakaya restaurant
$ $$$
4.10 (348 reviews)
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