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Experience the best that Amman has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 35 places from Tourist attraction category.

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Jubran || جبران || Amman Abdali Boulevard image
Jubran || جبران || Amman Abdali Boulevard
Middle Eastern restaurant
👍👍 Great place highly recommend for anyone visiting Amman Go to the top place the view will be perfect Quite relaxing and enjoying to view. Food was not bad but need to improve specially on the menu not clear description what included. Recommend to go through weekdays late night after nine with no rush...
$$$ $
4.80 (25.9K reviews)
Amman Panorama Art Gallery image
Amman Panorama Art Gallery
Art gallery
👍👍 I have seen some reviews here claiming that the place is of bad service and the staff are rude, and I am here to tell you none of that is remotely true. I have been there a few days ago with friends, and the staff were so sweet to us that we ended up staying there for more than 2 hours! And the owne...
4.80 (411 reviews)
Grand Husseini Mosque image
Grand Husseini Mosque
Mosque built by King Abdullah I on the site of one built by Omar Bin Al-Khattab around 640 CE.
4.70 (20.1K reviews)
King Abdullah I Mosque image
King Abdullah I Mosque
Spacious 20th-century mosque featuring an inscribed blue-domed rooftop, soaring minarets & a museum.
4.60 (5.8K reviews)
Roman Temple of Hercules image
Roman Temple of Hercules
Historical landmark
Historic Roman temple remains dating back to 162-166 CE, with a large sculpture of Hercules' hand.
4.60 (2.3K reviews)
Abu Darwish Mosque image
Abu Darwish Mosque
Hilltop mosque with the original striped exterior made of alternating rows of black & white stones.
4.60 (1.5K reviews)
Umayyad Palace image
Umayyad Palace
Historical landmark
Ruins of an 8th-century palace complex, with a grand dome & historical information.
4.60 (505 reviews)
Martyrs' Memorial Museum image
Martyrs' Memorial Museum
War museum
👍👍 martyr 's memorial is a cultural masterpiece, and a national museum that records the stages of Jordan's modern history was erected in memory of the martyrs who sacrificed themselves in defense of the homeland and its people, and it contains exhibits that talk about the history of the Jordanian armed...
4.60 (391 reviews)
Parliamentary Life Museum image
Parliamentary Life Museum
History museum
👍👍 Great place to learn a bit about the exciting Jordanian history. Very friendly staff and warm welcome.
4.60 (77 reviews)
Amman Citadel image
Amman Citadel
Historical landmark
Famous archaeological site with remnants of past civilizations, plus several notable buildings.
4.50 (20K reviews)
Odeon Theater image
Odeon Theater
Historical landmark
Intimate amphitheater built by Romans in the 2nd century, offering 500 seats & open-air concerts.
4.50 (259 reviews)
Mosque Martyr Salah al-Din Darwazeh image
Mosque Martyr Salah al-Din Darwazeh
👍👍 Macha Allah is very beautiful and beautiful
4.50 (122 reviews)
Umayyad Mosque image
Umayyad Mosque
Historical landmark
👍👍 The Umayyad Mosque is an ancient mosque dating back to the Umayyad era. It is located in the center of the Jordanian capital, Amman, specifically within the walls of the city's castle, which also contains many Umayyad monuments and other civilizations that came to the city thousands of years ago. It...
4.50 (97 reviews)
Hercules' Hand image
Hercules' Hand
Tourist attraction
😐 معبد كان ضخما في عمارته.وموقعه المطل.على معظم" جبال عاصمتنا الكبيره.مكان نظيف وبامكان الزائر الوصول لهذا المعبد بواسطة المشي او ركوب العربات .!لمواصلات متوفره.ومراقب أمنيا..نظيف ولا نعرف لماذا لم تنزع الصخره من داخل المعبد.ححارته كبيرة جدا.والحمد الله رب العالمين
4.50 (52 reviews)
Haya Cultural Center image
Haya Cultural Center
Cultural center
Kids' cultural center since 1976 with play areas & a planetarium, plus art, dance & cooking classes.
4.40 (3.8K reviews)
Al Kalha Stairs image
Al Kalha Stairs
Historical landmark
👍👍 This staircase is one of Amman's hidden gems. The unassuming stairs lead you to a beautiful path of cafes, old bookshops, art and cultural centers, and lots of street art and grffiti. Extremely photogenic.
4.40 (187 reviews)
Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery image
Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery
Art gallery
👍👍 Simply, this is one of the best art galleries in Jordan. They pick their pieces wisely and the building architecture is amazing.
4.40 (175 reviews)
Jordanian Museum of Popular Traditions image
Jordanian Museum of Popular Traditions
Local history museum
👍👍 The Folk Museum is located in the Roman amphitheater It contains ancient silver and agate jewelry, old clothes, and ancient ways of life, and embodiments of this with models. Very beautiful
4.40 (138 reviews)
Nabad Art Gallery image
Nabad Art Gallery
Art gallery
👍 The only reason I didn't give this place 5 stars is the person who was looking after the gallery when we were there. The place closes at 6PM and at 4:30PM he told us that we have to leave. We didn't even have a chance to finish looking at all the photos. The gallery itself is at an excellent locatio...
4.40 (77 reviews)
Byzantine Church image
Byzantine Church
Historical landmark
👍👍 So close to the Temple of Hercules
4.40 (59 reviews)
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