Ponchik image
Dessert restaurant
👍👍 An unexpectedly worthy place not only to spend time, but also to eat.
4.50 (642 reviews) (~1.5 km from centre)
Semeynyy Restoran Chak-Chak image
Semeynyy Restoran Chak-Chak
👍👍 Very cozy and most importantly delicious. A place where you can have a great time for any family holiday
$$ $$
4.50 (420 reviews) (~1.6 km from centre)
" Алтын Ғасыр " Салтанат сарайы И Мини Маркет image
" Алтын Ғасыр " Салтанат сарайы И Мини Маркет
😠 Өте әдемі салтанат сарайы екен.қонақ күту қызметі де көңілден шықты.бір ұнамағаны ұзақ жолдан ертерек барған едік ,той басталғанша қақиып тұрып қалдық.ішке кіре алмай
$$ $$
4.40 (508 reviews) (~1.24 km from centre)
Alyp bazar image
Alyp bazar
Shopping mall
👍 Keremet
4.30 (2.1K reviews) (~1.68 km from centre)
Kafe Karima image
Kafe Karima
👍 The pilaf was delicious, but I didn’t really like the samsa. Service is fast.
$$ $$
4.30 (502 reviews) (~1.26 km from centre)
Restoran Bayterek image
Restoran Bayterek
👍👍 The menu here is very tasty! It was our first time at the Baiterek restaurant. Everyone was satisfied) The menu, prices and service are very good. The atmosphere is pleasant, the music is good. In general, super)) I recommend this place)
4.40 (255 reviews) (~2.19 km from centre)
Altyn Tan image
Altyn Tan
👍👍 The shish kebab is the most delicious I’ve ever eaten in my life. We don’t make such delicious ones in Astana! And how many varieties! And what low prices!!!! Of course, I’m also unhappy with the waitresses, but this did not diminish my delight in this cafe. Here Where else are these prices availabl...
$$ $$
4.20 (751 reviews) (~1.56 km from centre)
Kafe Dastarkhan image
Kafe Dastarkhan
👍👍 Кухня очень на хорошем уровне, подача блюд тоже хорошее. Цены средние, объем порции средний насытится хватит. Есть местный кот хлеб не ест зажрался пидрила мохнатая.
4.30 (306 reviews) (~1.42 km from centre)
Кафе "Куырдак" image
Кафе "Куырдак"
👍👍 All dishes are delicious, large portions. An ordinary dining room, but Lagmany, khanum, cauldron kebab, dumplings, everything is incredibly tasty. The waiters are great.
$$ $$
4.30 (287 reviews) (~0.11 km from centre)
Fast Food Adal Kebab image
Fast Food Adal Kebab
Fast food restaurant
😠 Ordered a chicken to take home. There is no sauce, I call back, she says that she put the sauce. Just a poltergeist
4.20 (484 reviews) (~2.17 km from centre)
Kafe Zakaz Samsa image
Kafe Zakaz Samsa
😠 The service is disgusting, you can sit there until the evening and no one will serve you. But at the exit they make sure everyone pays.
$ $$$
4.20 (456 reviews) (~8.53 km from centre)
Mereke Saltanat Sarayy image
Mereke Saltanat Sarayy
$$ $$
4.20 (451 reviews) (~2.82 km from centre)
Kausar Khol Saltanat Sarayy image
Kausar Khol Saltanat Sarayy
😐 Assalamualaikum everyone! I liked the ceremonial palace. But the service of the attendants is poor (unsatisfactory), the acoustics are bad, and the speech is not clearly heard.
$$ $$
4.20 (414 reviews) (~1.92 km from centre)
Rynok Daulet Butik 15 image
Rynok Daulet Butik 15
Shopping mall
👍 A very good market within the city and cheaper than in Alypa, I recommend our old city market after the renovation became even better, although the market place was removed, it’s a pity there is everything and at a much lower price I use this market myself
4.20 (295 reviews) (~1.74 km from centre)
Tts "Karima" image
Tts "Karima"
Shopping mall
👍 Karima is a good supermarket. Here you will find all the products and stationery. There are several terminals. There are two People's Bank ATMs outside. There is parking, and a valet helps in the evening during rush hour. The prices are a little more expensive than in other stores but tolerable. The...
4.10 (658 reviews) (~1.24 km from centre)
Kausar image
👍👍 The food is delicious, the price is set according to your mood
4.30 (165 reviews) (~2.73 km from centre)
Narlen image
😠 Asem worker Narlen is very rude, she throws everything, argues with clients, take action, we give money, we buy, we don’t take for free!!!
4.10 (452 reviews) (~1.52 km from centre)
fatyCentre Paradise image
fatyCentre Paradise
👍👍 Very quiet, cozy place. I am pleased to be here! By the way, your hotel is very cozy. The rooms are comfortable and I also really liked the fact that you can order whatever you want from the cafe directly to the room. Thanks you!
4.20 (221 reviews) (~2.09 km from centre)
Aladdin Karaoke Restoran image
Aladdin Karaoke Restoran
😠 They didn’t like everything, they wanted to mark it normally, but it turns out everyone there is Racist! They mocked us. The waiters, the manager scolded us because we didn’t know that we had to pay for clapping with firecrackers, they didn’t pay attention to the client, the dj mocked us, including...
4.10 (342 reviews) (~1.5 km from centre)
"Dana"Svarshchik Nurbolat image
"Dana"Svarshchik Nurbolat
Building materials store
👍👍 Very good consultants, everything is top class
4.50 (86 reviews) (~1.85 km from centre)
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