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Discover the best places in West Coast Division, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 2.5K places in the county.

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亚燕 Ah Yen Sandakan Traditional Fried Pork Kuey Teow (Since 1940) image
亚燕 Ah Yen Sandakan Traditional Fried Pork Kuey Teow (Since 1940)
Hakka restaurant
👍 Its a safe option if you're ever in Suria and don't know where to go for meals. The noodles, no need to say la, its good. So i opted to try their sandwich instead. The pork sando is delectable, with crunchy pork bits and tangy salad engulfed in white fluffy bread. Very nice. I also tried their deep...
4.90 (897 reviews)
KK Garden Seafood Restaurant, Sedco 风下之乡海鲜坊 image
KK Garden Seafood Restaurant, Sedco 风下之乡海鲜坊
Seafood restaurant
👍👍 VERY good food. Superb service. Pricing is too good to be true. Possibly the cleanest restaurant in town! Even the toilets are super clean. Definitely hotel standard. Never seen a Seafood restaurant with such clean toilet. OH and the place is HUGE! Looks like it can cater for big scale events.
5.00 (440 reviews)
Chinese restaurant
👍👍 Tidak pernah mengecewakan. Curry laksa is a good option if you don't want just plain noodle (soup). They got fried chicken as well not just fried pork. Portion fits the price. Curry laksa is unfortunately unavailable for delivery service. Various payment options available as well. From cash to QR...
4.90 (718 reviews)
Guan's Kopitiam Sutera Avenue image
Guan's Kopitiam Sutera Avenue
Chinese restaurant
👍 First time here for lunch, I would say the croissant with salted egg quite special, a must try dish. Other dishes are fine, price is okay. Service is good 👍👍 Just located inside sutera avenue.
4.80 (2.3K reviews)
Peppermint Karamunsing Capital image
Peppermint Karamunsing Capital
Vietnamese restaurant
👍👍 11.05.23 When to Komplek Karamunsing to purchase some PC stuff & decided to have lunch. Had the Spicy Chicken Rice, Beef Stew Koay Teow & Beef Stew with Rice, as usual, quite tasty & full of flavour. Peppermint has been my regular, especially the Asia City outlet. Can have them in combo with dr...
4.80 (1.5K reviews)
Sacred Heart Cathedral image
Sacred Heart Cathedral
Catholic cathedral
Begun as a mission in 1903, this prominent Catholic cathedral features an open, contemporary design.
4.80 (1.5K reviews)
Guan's Kopitiam Gaya Street image
Guan's Kopitiam Gaya Street
😐 Short stop for drinks and snacks. The AC is great from the heat. We were lucky to locate a table. To order, fill up the order in the paper provide. The service is fast, smooth and attentive. Coffee with milk is too strong for my taste. Salted Egg with Croissant is good. Oh, great stop on Sunday...
4.80 (1.2K reviews)
St. Michael's Church, Penampang image
St. Michael's Church, Penampang
Catholic church
👍👍 A historical monument in the district of Penampang. The church has stood the test of time through arduous conditions and still is a beacon of hope. Weddings are common here as the interior of the church is exquisite. Parking is quite packed on top of the Church but there is still space below it. The...
4.80 (855 reviews)
Guilt Free Society KK image
Guilt Free Society KK
Health food restaurant
👍 Nice healthy food. Price is slightly on the high side though
4.90 (422 reviews)
Masjid Nurul Hikmah Mosque image
Masjid Nurul Hikmah Mosque
👍👍 Its very spacious. But not really easy to find the ladies wudhuk area if unfamiliar with the place, since its located in side rather the men area on the outside. But overall, if you have been there once, you'll definitely will remember it easily.
4.80 (721 reviews)
Sabah State Mosque image
Sabah State Mosque
Completed in 1975, this contemporary mosque in the city's center can accommodate 5,000 visitors.
4.70 (2.8K reviews)
Burger King 1 Borneo image
Burger King 1 Borneo
Fast food restaurant
4.90 (320 reviews)
STAY BKI image
Art cafe
👍👍 I had a wonderful experience at STAY cafe. The comfortable ambiance, complete with ample seating and numerous sockets, made it an ideal spot to both relax and get work done. The menu offered a delightful variety, from their specialty drinks (Han’s coffee pleasantly surprised me) to the hearty ramyeo...
4.90 (315 reviews)
Burger King Plaza Tanjung Aru image
Burger King Plaza Tanjung Aru
Fast food restaurant
Well-known fast-food chain serving grilled burgers, fries & shakes.
$$ $$
4.80 (421 reviews)
Shangri-La Tanjung Aru image
Shangri-La Tanjung Aru
Resort hotel
Refined rooms & suites, some with sea views, plus a chic spa, 3 restaurants & a 2,000 sq m pool.
4.60 (10.4K reviews)
Dozo Nanyang Kopi House KK Times Square image
Dozo Nanyang Kopi House KK Times Square
👍 Food is good. Especially polo bun & toast bread.
4.70 (624 reviews)
Mari Mari Cultural Village image
Mari Mari Cultural Village
Tourist attraction
Tours of local ethnic communities' traditional homes, with culinary, craft & dance demonstrations.
4.60 (2.9K reviews)
Kinabalu GeoPark image
Kinabalu GeoPark
National park
Large, forested nature preserve with upscale lodging & Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo's highest mountain.
4.60 (2.1K reviews)
Burger King Suria Sabah image
Burger King Suria Sabah
👍👍 Not very crowded after lunch hour. Tried the soft serve, nice. Iced latte also nice and bitter. Wanted mocha but staff said sweet. Onion rings and mushroom swiss is my fav.
4.90 (232 reviews)
Burger King Kompleks Karamunsing image
Burger King Kompleks Karamunsing
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 Nice service ...humble and kind..
4.90 (230 reviews)
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