Palazzo Ferreria image
Palazzo Ferreria
Tourist attraction
👍👍 You just can’t miss this building cause’ it’s soo visible when you go through the main entrance of Valletta City but you also can check it inside. For example from one side you have an entrance to a clothing store so you don’t have to pay to see its beautiful interior!
4.80 (59 reviews)
Upper Barrakka image
Upper Barrakka
Photography is popular at this public square & garden with a cafe & harbor views.
4.70 (29K reviews)
Triton Fountain image
Triton Fountain
Sizable landmark fountain near a bus terminal, featuring multiple bronze tritons on a stone base.
4.70 (19.2K reviews)
St. John's Co-Cathedral image
St. John's Co-Cathedral
Elaborately adorned place of worship, completed in 1578 & filled with marbles & European masters.
4.70 (17.5K reviews)
Lower Barrakka image
Lower Barrakka
Compact public park with monuments, sculptures & flowers, plus sweeping harbor & sea views.
4.70 (12.3K reviews)
The Lascaris War Rooms image
The Lascaris War Rooms
Historical museum with preserved military artifacts in World War II–era underground tunnels.
4.70 (1.2K reviews)
Bażilika Santwarju tal-Madonna tal-Karmnu image
Bażilika Santwarju tal-Madonna tal-Karmnu
Catholic church
Religious landmark rebuilt after WWII, with a prominent dome, marble floors & a virgin painting.
4.70 (1K reviews)
Il-Berġa ta' Kastilja image
Il-Berġa ta' Kastilja
Baroque inn from the 1740s, now flanked by historic cannons & housing the prime minister’s office.
4.70 (165 reviews)
Basilica of Saint Dominic & Porto Salvo image
Basilica of Saint Dominic & Porto Salvo
👍👍 Was such a beautiful church, absolutely amazing architecture. Would definitely recommend others to see for themselves.
4.70 (156 reviews)
Ta' Giezu Church image
Ta' Giezu Church
👍 Well mentained and peacefull church worth visiting occasionally to motivate.
4.70 (93 reviews)
St Andrew's Scots Church/ St. Andreasgemende image
St Andrew's Scots Church/ St. Andreasgemende
Methodist church
👍👍 Singing "Be Thou my vision" in Maltese and English
4.70 (45 reviews)
Boom-Defence image
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Nice place, a bit hidden and out of the way. Right on the water, with a wonderful view. Here you can relax a bit from the hustle and bustle of the city.
4.70 (40 reviews)
China Cultural Centre in Malta image
China Cultural Centre in Malta
👍👍 The China Cultural Centre in Malta is a fantastic destination for anyone interested in learning more about Chinese culture and history. The Centre offers a variety of exhibits, displays, and workshops that provide an in-depth look into the art, customs, and traditions of China. The architecture of t...
4.70 (38 reviews)
Greek Catholic Church Our Lady Of Damascus image
Greek Catholic Church Our Lady Of Damascus
Catholic church
👍👍 Just behind the Presidential Palace, a beautiful Greek church both for the interior and for the extreme care taken in its maintenance. Some of the many icons on display are of the utmost beauty and detail. I recommend a visit in the morning as it is often closed or not accessible in the afternoon....
4.70 (35 reviews)
City Gate image
City Gate
Historical landmark
A pair of giant sloped stone blocks designed by Renzo Piano which open the city walls.
4.60 (14.5K reviews)
St. George’s Square image
St. George’s Square
Historical landmark
Main square, home to the storied President's Palace & other baroque & neoclassical buildings.
4.60 (4.6K reviews)
Casa Rocca Piccola image
Casa Rocca Piccola
Historical place museum
Home to a noble Maltese family, this 16th-century palace has 50+ lavish rooms & guided tours.
4.60 (2.4K reviews)
Mediterranean Conference Centre image
Mediterranean Conference Centre
Event venue
👍👍 Awesome show, cirque du soliel
4.60 (1.4K reviews)
Hastings Garden Malta image
Hastings Garden Malta
Low-key park atop the city's old fortification walls offering views of the harbor & nearby towns.
4.60 (1.3K reviews)
Teatru Manoel image
Teatru Manoel
Performing arts theater
👍👍 One of the oldest still pre-recorded theaters in the world
4.60 (1.3K reviews)
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