Centro Budista de Cuernavaca image
Centro Budista de Cuernavaca
Buddhist temple
👍👍 Very nice people and vice classes of Tai Chi.
4.70 (117 reviews)
Parroquia San José El Calvario image
Parroquia San José El Calvario
Catholic church
👍👍 The church itself is very nice and in great conditions. Built in 1538 has a long history and is part of the culture and the hispanic catholic development in central Mexico. The environment and ambience is of peace and respect. Located in Cuernavaca city is an historic building.
4.60 (1.6K reviews)
Santuario de Tlaltenango image
Santuario de Tlaltenango
Catholic church
🫤 It is a church or sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, it is a beautiful construction but the problem is that those who have been in charge of it see their personal interests and those of the Municipal President in turn; doing an annual fair in this month that causes a terrible...
4.60 (1K reviews)
Papalote Museo del Niño image
Papalote Museo del Niño
Children hall
😠 It is closed since the tremor! And there is no warning or information about when they reopen.
4.50 (2.2K reviews)
Chapel of San Francisco de Asis image
Chapel of San Francisco de Asis
Catholic church
👍👍 It is a chapel that has been built with the collaboration of the community. In it you can feel an atmosphere of peace, harmony and happiness. A recognition to all those who make the Chapel of San Francisco de Asís great.
4.50 (131 reviews)
Melchor Ocampo Park image
Melchor Ocampo Park
👍👍 Don't overlook this hidden gem! It may be a small, but peaceful, serene, and a tranquil place to stroll and enjoy nature. Melcho Ocampo Park is it an ecological park where you will find native plants and trees that are marked with identification for visitors. I grew up nearby and attended elementa...
4.20 (1.9K reviews)
Cultural Tlaltenango Ecological Park image
Cultural Tlaltenango Ecological Park
Ecological park
👍👍 Lovely, big park with a basketball court, tennis court and a playground. Does seem it hasn't been cleaned in awhile due to covid. But overall it's peaceful and close to restaurants and stores.
4.10 (2.1K reviews)
Barranca De Amanalco Park image
Barranca De Amanalco Park
😠 Desgraciadamente no le han dado mantenimiento y ha estado cerrado por mucho tiempo
4.10 (368 reviews)
Museo Comunitario Santa Maria Ahuacatitlan image
Museo Comunitario Santa Maria Ahuacatitlan
👍👍 Muy limpio el lugar y grande.. todas las personas son muy amables
4.10 (208 reviews)
Ecoturística Canyon del Salto de San Antón image
Ecoturística Canyon del Salto de San Antón
Tourist attraction
😐 Beauty destroyed by humans.. trash, rundown place unfortunately
3.70 (798 reviews)
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