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Experience the best that San Luis Potosi has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 18 places from Tourist attraction category.

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Historical Center, San Luis Potosi image
Historical Center, San Luis Potosi
Tourist attraction
Grid of streets flanked by Baroque & neoclassical buildings home to shops, eateries & museums.
4.80 (1.7K reviews)
Capilla de Aranzazu image
Capilla de Aranzazu
Catholic church
👍👍 La joya de la corona La Capilla de Aranzazú, en San Luis Potosí es la obra cumbre de la Orden franciscana del siglo XVIII. Fue construida dentro de los vestigios del primer convento del siglo XVI. Los recursos destinados para su edificación se le debe a la sociedad vasca establecida en San Luis, en...
4.80 (70 reviews)
Plaza de Aranzazu image
Plaza de Aranzazu
Tourist attraction
Pretty historic square with a yellow 18th century convent & its arched stables & a fountain.
4.70 (6.6K reviews)
Jardín de San Francisco image
Jardín de San Francisco
👍👍 Centro San Luis Potosí - many nice places and restaurants around in the area. Come and see.
4.70 (6.5K reviews)
Catedral Metropolitana de San Luis Potosí image
Catedral Metropolitana de San Luis Potosí
Catholic cathedral
Sprawling 17th-century cathedral featuring a richly ornate baroque-style facade & an airy sanctuary.
4.70 (5.2K reviews)
Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe image
Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Catholic church
👍👍 Best place to start a walking tour from the church to downtown walking down la Alameda 💯💯💯🖤🖤🖤SLP 2023
4.70 (3.6K reviews)
Caja de Agua image
Caja de Agua
Historical landmark
Decorative, circular 19th-century structure once used for water storage & now a symbol of the city.
4.70 (2.3K reviews)
Museo Federico Silva image
Museo Federico Silva
👍👍 Great exposition of the Federico Silva's sculptures. The author is one of the best Mexican contemporary artists. I like all there, the modern style sculptures, how they are presented in the Museum (perfect lightning, colours environment, descriptions and visualization). The little patio inside the b...
4.70 (1.1K reviews)
Nstra. Señora Del Carmen image
Nstra. Señora Del Carmen
Catholic church
Catholic Baroque church housing a rich collection of 18th-century paintings & sculptures.
4.70 (819 reviews)
Plaza Fundadores image
Plaza Fundadores
Historical landmark
👍👍 Check out the elote stand on the southeast corner. Super bright plaza from all the stone, so gotta keep some shades around here. Ton of foot traffic, some benches, ice cream and popsicle shops, indoor malls, a Carl's Jr., underground parking, and I probably missed a handful of other plaza staples.
4.60 (7.3K reviews)
Edificio Ipiña image
Edificio Ipiña
Tourist attraction
👍👍 An excellent building that occupies the entire block, has a very large parking lot, and many Commercial premises from furniture stores, snow shops, cafeterias, bookstores and there are also handicrafts for sale, An excellent place to come and visit if you visit the city of San Luis Potosí, it is lo...
4.60 (658 reviews)
Museo Francisco Cossio image
Museo Francisco Cossio
Art museum
👍 Un Museo de calidad, tanto en estética como en el nivel de las piezas y exposiciones que presentan. Muy recomendado para aprovechar el tiempo observando y aprendiendo del pasado, en un lugar muy acogedor, a primera impresión sintiendo que estás en una casa. Los días martes la entrada es gratuita, lo...
4.60 (508 reviews)
Iglesia del Niño del Desagravio image
Iglesia del Niño del Desagravio
Catholic church
4.60 (446 reviews)
Museo Regional Potosino image
Museo Regional Potosino
👍👍 The museum is very interesting, it has many archaeological aspects not only from SLP, but also from Morelia, the State of Mexico and other states, generally you will find sculptures and clay vessels, its church has a different entrance than the ones you commonly know.
4.60 (317 reviews)
Train museum image
Train museum
👍👍 Fantastic place to visit. Lo recomiendo mucho. Ask for a guider, it will worth it!
4.50 (6.4K reviews)
la Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosi Botanical Garden image
la Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosi Botanical Garden
Botanical garden
👍👍 A place truly worth visiting, you can spend hours and hours appreciating each of the species that this Garden houses and protects. As an important fact: San Luis Potosí has ​​the desert with the most species of cacti in all of Mexico. The place is organized into different routes but everyone can tak...
4.50 (374 reviews)
Estatua del Señor de las Palomas image
Estatua del Señor de las Palomas
Tourist attraction
👍👍 It is a bronze sculpture, iconic in the state capital. It represents José Moreno Díaz, popularly known as "The Lord of the Pigeons" who was a citizen known for starring in authentic shows by feeding the pigeons in the city center. It was made by the artist and sculptor from Potosí Mario Cuevas.
4.50 (133 reviews)
Tranvía Turístico San Luis Rey image
Tranvía Turístico San Luis Rey
Tourist attraction
🫤 My first and last trip on a tour bus. We'd already walked all the sites the day before. Had to duck cables that crossed the road. Part of me found that the best part of the tour but for the safety of others I mark it down. They do the route several times a day and must know where the low hanging c...
4.40 (695 reviews)
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