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Discover the best places in Fès al Bali, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 914 places in the city.

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Barbecue Alarbi Fes image
Barbecue Alarbi Fes
Barbecue restaurant
👍👍 Bern in Morocco for over a week and this is one of my favorite restaurants in the whole country! The meat is freshly grilled and delicious, and I especially love the chicken skewers and the lamb pieces. Prices are very reasonable (40 MAD for enough lamb to fill me up) and the owner is one of my favo...
4.90 (612 reviews) (~0.64 km from centre)
Veggie Pause image
Veggie Pause
Vegetarian restaurant
👍👍 Fantastic vegetarian cafe - try a smoothie, the dips, soup and pizza. So many creative combos - Moroccan flair. Wonderful service.
4.90 (485 reviews) (~0.59 km from centre)
Culture Box image
Culture Box
👍👍 One of the best restaurant in the area. The prices are nice and the food delicious. They are so kind and the restaurant is big and bright. The personal work with a big smile and if you have any question about the city, they help you to feel as home. If you are tourist, I really recommend this plac...
$ $$$
4.80 (568 reviews) (~0.58 km from centre)
Crown Pool image
Crown Pool
Pool hall
👍👍 Great snooker club in fès, with professional tables and chalerous reception. Just give it a try !!
4.90 (330 reviews) (~3.29 km from centre)
Restaurant dar khabya image
Restaurant dar khabya
Moroccan restaurant
Dine-in · Drive-through · No-contact delivery
5.00 (228 reviews) (~0.15 km from centre)
Sunshine restaurant coffee image
Sunshine restaurant coffee
Moroccan restaurant
👍👍 Excellent view of the Medina. Very nice and clean. Lovely and kind staff 😊 I had the lamb tagine and it was tasty, though the inside of the lamb is a bit tough for me. Reasonable price for the view and ambiance. Note that you will have to climb the stairs up.
4.90 (308 reviews) (~0.47 km from centre)
La Cave image
La Cave
Haute French restaurant
👍👍 Different menu than the other restaurants that always serving taglines and cous cous! I took beef tenderloin yesterday, it was good, I wouldn't say exceptional. I ordered also beet root juice and they brought me something else two times, the third one was correct, in red colour :-)
4.80 (461 reviews) (~0.23 km from centre)
The Anou Cooperative image
The Anou Cooperative
Craft store
👍👍 We stumbled across The Anou Cooperative whilst checking out the Clock Cafe next door. What a wonderful find. We were very lucky to have arrived during an English lesson for some of the artisan members of the cooperative. We got to chat to them and understand the mission behind Anou - to empower the...
5.00 (210 reviews) (~0.6 km from centre)
Dar Hafsa image
Dar Hafsa
Bed & breakfast
👍👍 Dar Hafsa is a beautiful place tucked away just off the main Street heading into the old Medina. We arrived by train to Fes, and called to let them know we were coming. We took a taxi to Bab Boujloud (the blue gate) and were instantly greeted by Mohammed who walked us to the hotel (between the maz...
4.90 (252 reviews) (~0.14 km from centre)
Fondouk Bazaar image
Fondouk Bazaar
👍👍 What a gem! Delicious and inventive Lebanese food in a beautiful setting, in the heart of the medina but feels secluded. Prices were excellent for a great variety (and loads of veggie/ vegan options too). The fresh homemade lemonades are super unique and refreshing. One of our fave restaurants on o...
$$ $$
4.70 (652 reviews) (~0.28 km from centre)
Mom's touch image
Mom's touch
👍👍 A nice restaurant with a roof top. Although the view isn't that great, the atmosphere, food and staff make up for it. We ordered the pigeon tagine and medina bowl (quinoa salad) and the Moroccan pastries for dessert. We enjoyed them all. The portion for the salad was quite huge and I couldn't finish...
4.70 (511 reviews) (~0.53 km from centre)
Le Tarbouche image
Le Tarbouche
Moroccan restaurant
👍👍 It's a small place and gets busy quickly. We ate only once the food was good and also the lemonade. The chimichanga delicious.
$ $$$
4.60 (1.2K reviews) (~0.38 km from centre)
Mosque and University Kairaouine image
Mosque and University Kairaouine
👍👍 Though unfortunately closed on Friday (Holy day in Morocco) but standing right beside the oldest university (longest running one) in world is so unbelievable… at least peeking through the crack of the giant doors give you a glimpse of this historical place of superb architecture… and how lucky it is...
4.60 (1.1K reviews) (~0.38 km from centre)
Fez & Friends image
Fez & Friends
👍 We went for couscous Friday while in Fez. Nice place. A little more westernized in thier vibe. Prices great, food great service great. Wish the couscous had a little more flavor. The mint lemonade is good but you need to love mint. It's really strong mint. Good experience. We stopped again the next...
4.70 (439 reviews) (~0.65 km from centre)
Darori image
Moroccan restaurant
👍👍 Darori restaurant in Fes is undoubtedly one of the top three restaurants in the city. The food served there is absolutely delicious, and the service is exceptional. One standout feature is that they offer wine, which is quite rare in Morocco. It adds an extra touch to the dining experience. However...
$$ $$
4.70 (436 reviews) (~0.29 km from centre)
Villa Luxury Fes Villa image
Villa Luxury Fes Villa
👍👍 A place worth visiting very Good services. In addition to calm place. Highly recommended
4.90 (203 reviews) (~4.36 km from centre)
Restaurant Palais Fes Yahya image
Restaurant Palais Fes Yahya
👍👍 I found this place on a Google search. It is tucked behind a small alley in the Medina but not hard to find. We ate dinner up on the terrace and it was the best meal we had in Fes! All the food was so fresh and you could tell it was cooked with love. Just being out on the terrace and eating the deli...
4.90 (202 reviews) (~0.49 km from centre)
👍👍 My first dining experience in Fès, and turns out, one of the best. Great food, good value for your money, and friendly service makes me look forward to come back. The terrace on the fourth floor is worth the effort, the view is outstanding, abd the light breeze great on hot days.
4.80 (272 reviews) (~0.13 km from centre)
Dan Café Chicha & Lounge image
Dan Café Chicha & Lounge
Hookah bar
👍👍 It's so beautiful with coffee and great service I really like this place I feel like I'm in home
4.80 (261 reviews) (~3.44 km from centre)
Abdullah Thé & Café image
Abdullah Thé & Café
👍👍 Definitely the best mint tea I had in Morocco. Abdullah is nice and takes his time to show all the herbs his using to prepare the tea. More than 5 different fresh herbs 😅. You need to look for the stairs (see photo) and walk up.
5.00 (153 reviews) (~0.42 km from centre)
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