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Kyaik Tha Lan Pagoda image
Kyaik Tha Lan Pagoda
Buddhist temple
😐 One of the historical and pride of Mawlamyine. It's located at higher so you can see good seeing likes fields, trees and Thanlwin river.
4.50 (545 reviews)
Mahar Myatmuni Buddha Image. image
Mahar Myatmuni Buddha Image.
Buddhist temple
😐 This place was almost empty when I visited in the early afternoon. Maybe the heat was keeping people away, or maybe the construction. Large, gold Buddha, that imitates the more famous one in the Mandalay area.
4.50 (157 reviews)
Ocean Supercenter (Mawlamyine) image
Ocean Supercenter (Mawlamyine)
👍👍 Very nice
4.10 (1.3K reviews)
Ngwe Moe Hotel image
Ngwe Moe Hotel
Casual hotel offering Wi-Fi & breakfast, plus river views, a bar & a restaurant.
4.10 (526 reviews)
ဦးဇိနစေတီတော် image
👍👍 Nice view, esp at night and in the evening and morning. The pagoda is very beautiful and shine with golden bright ray in night light. A good to pay homage and meditate and read and walk. Toilets should be ok and clean. The couple should not kiss and hug in this holy place, which are not polite manne...
4.40 (121 reviews)
Hotel Suggati image
Hotel Suggati
Warmly decorated rooms, some with river views, plus a stylish restaurant/bar & a 24-hour gym.
4.50 (96 reviews)
Royal Hinthar Hotel image
Royal Hinthar Hotel
👍 I stayed at the Royal Hinthar on a recent business trip, the room was exceptionally clean and the service was good. Breakfast was available from 6.30am in the 4th floor restaurant, noodles and fried rice, omelette and fruit are options for breakfast which is buffet style. The bathroom was spacious...
4.10 (357 reviews)
Hotel Queen Jamadevi image
Hotel Queen Jamadevi
Unpretentious rooms in a woodsy hotel offering a restaurant, a terrace & gardens.
4.20 (183 reviews)
Cinderella Hotel image
Cinderella Hotel
Basic dorms & relaxed private rooms in a modest hotel with a restaurant & complimentary Wi-Fi.
4.10 (209 reviews)
ဘုန်းကြီးစားသောက်ဆိုင် image
👍 Food was good, service was nice - the waiters were really dressed up and professional for this small town. However, I did not understand what the big fuss for this restaurant - it seems to be one of the "go to places" to eat, however I found the food to be nothing special and the prices were a bit h...
4.00 (394 reviews)
Rahmonnya Hotel image
Rahmonnya Hotel
👍👍 The international standard hotel is the perfect place for a traditional meal in one place. Now it is a modern system, so it is very comfortable to stay in the dining room, so it is very welcoming and friendly when it comes to food.
4.20 (127 reviews)
Mawlamyine River-side View Point image
Mawlamyine River-side View Point
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Beautiful sunset on the side of Thanlwin River is amazing as well as the seagulls flying
4.40 (79 reviews)
Shwe Nandaw image
Shwe Nandaw
👍 Classic authentic tea and cafe shop of mawlamyaing
4.20 (125 reviews)
Mawlamyine Strand Hotel image
Mawlamyine Strand Hotel
👍👍 It is a palace on the strang road in Mawlemyine. I often go there to pick clients up and dropout part of our southern myanmar trip. The views I can see just front side of the Hotel is river view. In the morning we have chance to watch local fishermen under the morning rays of Sun and also in the ev...
4.00 (298 reviews)
Mawlamyine Viewpoint image
Mawlamyine Viewpoint
Scenic spot
👍 * View Point of Mawlamyine * It is on the hill range (Taung Yoe Dan) of Mawlamyine facing to the west in front of Lawka Tharafu Thutbyinnyu Pagoda. You can see the back side of Mawlamyine City, Thanlyin river and the hill range of Bilu island. Sunset and night view are most attractive. And it is a...
4.40 (67 reviews)
Shwe Zee Kwet 2 Restaurant image
Shwe Zee Kwet 2 Restaurant
😐 Most foods are expensive in this restaurant and you will take a long minutes to get the food you order. However, you can get wide space and fresh communication. As for me, there is not comfortable.
$$ $$
4.10 (130 reviews)
A1 Restaurant image
A1 Restaurant
😐 Food, tea and drink are delicious and all can taste traditional local food but not the best taste. It tries to get all kinds of traditional foods ,but as most of all, cannot get the best taste. Bean curry dishes are very small and need to be got again and again for vegans. Be patient.
3.90 (351 reviews)
Pao Mon image
Pao Mon
👍👍 Food was excellent and tasty! Great staff too!
4.10 (126 reviews)
Royal Mawlamyine Hotel image
Royal Mawlamyine Hotel
Upmarket hotel featuring an international restaurant & a rooftop bar, plus a spa & a fitness centre.
4.50 (55 reviews)
Kyaik Thoke Pagoda image
Kyaik Thoke Pagoda
👍👍 Very beautiful and historic pagoda, best nice view at night and in the evening, Golden Colour and radiant at night due to electric light. Moderate platform to pay homage to the Temple. Moderate pilgrimages daily and in the evening, visit is tha best.
4.40 (62 reviews)
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