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Sport Society Barneveld image
Sport Society Barneveld
Sports school
4.90 (203 reviews)
De Gribus image
De Gribus
👍👍 Always a pleasant experience. Very friendly staff and very nice food for a reasonable price. Would definitely recommend
$$ $$
4.50 (1.1K reviews)
Bij 't Raadhuys image
Bij 't Raadhuys
👍👍 Having food delivered by Bij 't Raadhuys and that went fine! It tasted great. Bread in advance with different spreads is delicious! My choice fell on the spare ribs and they were perfect. Nice and tender, fell off the bone .. Another surprise was the raw vegetable salad, it is really delicious! (N...
$$ $$
4.60 (344 reviews)
Yume Phan Barneveld image
Yume Phan Barneveld
Japanese restaurant
👍👍 Per toeval liepen we langs Yume. Met een terras in de zon was het erg aangenaam vertoeven. Blij verrast met het Tiger beer wat op de kaart stond en een uitgebreide menukaart met authentieke gerechten. Genoten van Bahn Mi, fresh summer rolls en sushi. Heel smakelijk! Goede service en aardige eigenare...
4.90 (138 reviews)
Dutch Poultry Museum image
Dutch Poultry Museum
👍👍 A wonderful museum that I would highly recommend. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. We were taken around by a member of staff who took us to all his favourite parts of the museum and explained everything to us. At the end he also took us in to the auction room where we got some eggs an...
4.40 (634 reviews)
The castle Schaffelaar image
The castle Schaffelaar
Event venue
👍 4 stars because I couldn't see inside but the grounds, castle, old-fashioned tea house ... It's all so beautiful. Free walking and cycling on the property is free from sunrise to sunset. Located behind NS station Barneveld and a short distance from the (now) cozy and large center. Very modern .......
4.40 (613 reviews)
Barneveld Fish B.V. image
Barneveld Fish B.V.
👍👍 Wat een lekkere kibbellingen , en een mooie en schone zaak . En vriendelijke personeel.
$$ $$
4.50 (308 reviews)
Italian Restaurant Lanterna image
Italian Restaurant Lanterna
Italian restaurant
👍👍 Great foods and good service
4.60 (192 reviews)
Restaurant Oranjerie Lavande image
Restaurant Oranjerie Lavande
👍👍 Well here must have eaten once. What a beautifully situated restaurant and what a super tasty food. Sustainable fish and beautiful wines. Super service and a beauty of a menu card. Cooks who know what the customer wants In short, really great. Oh yeah. And affordable.
$$$ $
4.50 (271 reviews)
The Hebberd image
The Hebberd
👍👍 It's always a pleasure eating at the Hebberd. Reserved a spot here for dinner with 13 people, we arrived earlier than we expected so asked if it was possible to be seated early and our spot was already prepared for us. We were asked to pick from the large range of drinks quite quickly and they arriv...
$$ $$
4.30 (1.5K reviews)
Midden Nederland Hallen image
Midden Nederland Hallen
Event venue
👍 Clean market
4.30 (983 reviews)
Rozerie - Brasserie & Bakkerij image
Rozerie - Brasserie & Bakkerij
Lunch restaurant
👍👍 Super brasserie vriendelijke bediening en zeer goede keuken een aanrader 👍
$ $$$
4.50 (234 reviews)
Cafetaria 'De Schout' image
Cafetaria 'De Schout'
Fast food restaurant
😠 Slechte service ik wilde pinnen maar moest contant betalen. Helaas had ik geen contant bij dus heb ik de eigenaar in natura moeten betalen.. ook niet erg maar het gaat om het idee..
$ $$$
4.40 (365 reviews)
Schaffelaartheater B.V. image
Schaffelaartheater B.V.
Cultural center
👍👍 Perfect
4.30 (814 reviews)
Van Dal mannenmode image
Van Dal mannenmode
Men's clothing store
4.60 (160 reviews)
Koewei image
😐 The State of Kuwait, is a small oil-rich emirate in the Arabian Peninsula in Asia on the coast of the Persian Gulf, bordering Saudi Arabia to the south and Iraq to the north. The capital is the city of the same name. In Kuwait City, the country's capital, and its urban area, is home to some 2.8 mil...
4.40 (305 reviews)
Oishi Sushi Afhalen & Catering Barneveld image
Oishi Sushi Afhalen & Catering Barneveld
Sushi restaurant
👍 Nice fresh sushi
$$ $$
4.50 (196 reviews)
Oude Kerk image
Oude Kerk
👍👍 Prachtige gebouw waar de hervormde gemeente van Barneveld op zondag kerkdiensten houdt. Op zondagen om 9.30, 16.45 en 19.00 uur. Ook zijn er regelmatig concerten.
4.50 (190 reviews)
Restaurant Het Schaap image
Restaurant Het Schaap
👍👍 Heerlijk buiten gegeten. Mooie groene binnenplaats, goede en vriendelijke bediening en heerlijk gegeten. We hebben gekozen voor het 4 gangen verrassingsmenu, zeker de moeite waard.
$$ $$
4.50 (183 reviews)
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