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Alake Palace Ground image
Alake Palace Ground
Historical landmark
πŸ‘ Home coming it is, beautiful place, beautiful people, the αΊΈΜ€gbΓ‘ people are just awesome.
4.40 (555 reviews)
Adire Mall, Itoku image
Adire Mall, Itoku
Shopping mall
πŸ‘ Adire Mall is a classic innovative market promoting African Fabrics specially known among the Yoruba Nations as Adire clothing materials of various artists design.... Truly Excursion Africa Pride
4.30 (830 reviews)
Olumo Rock Tourist Centre image
Olumo Rock Tourist Centre
Historical landmark
πŸ‘ It was a pleasant experience and tour guides were really helpful in the ways they explained the histories to you. Although there is an signage at the bottom of the rock saying you are not obligated to pay the tour guides, I would suggest you can still tip them when you get to the top of the rock. E...
4.30 (721 reviews)
The Rock Foundation Church Idi-aba Abeokuta image
The Rock Foundation Church Idi-aba Abeokuta
Pentecostal church
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I had always wanted to visit the Rock Foundation Church right from the time I heard Pastor Mrs Kemi Amosun over the radio on a Sunday morning. Eventually I got to visit and from the gate I was already overwhelmed with grace and serenity. I attended the Friday worship service that starts by 5:30pm an...
4.70 (123 reviews)
Justrite Supertsore Obantoko image
Justrite Supertsore Obantoko
Shopping mall
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I like superstores, if not for anything to just walk round and enjoy looking at all their aisles. This place is packed, you'd enjoy grocery shopping here. They still need to stock up on a lot of other products tho to give themselves the ultimate superstore title. The attendants are mostly nice, es...
4.20 (453 reviews)
Cathedral Church of St. Peter image
Cathedral Church of St. Peter
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Nice structure with large parking area. Can accommodate thousands of worshippers
4.40 (156 reviews)
go!IELTS image
4.90 (59 reviews)
Sapon Mall image
Sapon Mall
Shopping mall
πŸ‘ Sapon mall is located in one of the finest city in the south west. Abeokuta to be precise.. The name is quite hilarious 🀣 Why I choose to write about this is because the few minutes spent in the mall was worth it as I was able to get a footwear I have been longing to purchase for a long time in one...
4.10 (612 reviews)
Centenary Hall- Abeokuta image
Centenary Hall- Abeokuta
Historical place
πŸ‘ The Centenary Hall at Ake, Abeokuta is a historic building that was opened in 1930 in commemoration of a centenary’s celebration of the Egba people. It’s architectural style is not definitive but it takes cue from Neo-Classical architecture with arches that feature keystones, large Tuscan pediments...
4.10 (313 reviews)
Top Fruits image
Top Fruits
Fruit and vegetable store
πŸ‘ Nice place to get sharwarma, parfait and drinks (natural)
$$ $$
4.30 (132 reviews)
Sapon Roundabout image
Sapon Roundabout
Historical landmark
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Sapon is a popular area in Abeokuta, Ogun State Capital. It is the commercial centre of Abeokuta. It is easy to connect many areas in Abeokuta from Sapon. From Sapon, one can easily connect Ake, the seat of the paramount ruler of egba land, as well as other areas like Itoku, Lafenwa, Kuto, Omida, Ok...
4.20 (160 reviews)
Elms Court Serviced Apartment image
Elms Court Serviced Apartment
Serviced accommodation
4.50 (64 reviews)
Olowu Palace image
Olowu Palace
Historical place museum
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Owu palace is strategically located in the historic and great town, Abeokuta, Ogun State. The Owu palace is rooted in deep and rich history. It is the palace of the Olowu of Owu Kingdom, the paramount monarch of the Owu people.
4.10 (159 reviews)
Opulent Hub image
Opulent Hub
πŸ‘πŸ‘ A fantastic place to chill and relax...they are clean to the core...even their restrooms!! Lookout for an attendant there named Samuel...he is very respectful, friendly and courteous. They have very delicious and tasty foods...also snacks and drinks to go with. You will enjoy your time there...
4.00 (243 reviews)
Rejoice Supermart (Supermarket, Restraunt, and Bakery) image
Rejoice Supermart (Supermarket, Restraunt, and Bakery)
Grocery store
πŸ‘ The security is okay, the service provided is awesome and quick access to payment. It is order.
4.20 (107 reviews)
Lantoro Roundabout image
Lantoro Roundabout
Historical landmark
4.20 (106 reviews)
Camas Hotel and Suite Abeokuta image
Camas Hotel and Suite Abeokuta
😐 It’s alright with a reasonable car park space. But they could do with an elevator and make the door display which contains the β€˜door bell’ and β€˜DND(do not disturb)’ button functional than just being there for fancy. There’s a nice gym and swimming pool. The staff are very helpful and nice. My room A...
4.20 (106 reviews)
Oluwalogbon Electronics Stores image
Oluwalogbon Electronics Stores
Electronics store
πŸ‘ An indigenous seller of Quality Home Appliances with pocket friendly Prices. Oluwalogbon remains one of the standard one stop-shop for domestic Appliances in and around Abeokuta.
4.00 (214 reviews)
Mazonia Funeral services image
Mazonia Funeral services
Funeral home
5.00 (32 reviews)
Madojutimi Restaurant image
Madojutimi Restaurant
😐 A nice restaurant indeed. Meals were tasty and deliciously served in fancy saucers. Good ambience, dinning chairs and ample space. A very good place to dine in groups. Quite affordable. However, the toilet facilities need to be rehabilitated.
$$ $$
3.80 (816 reviews)
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