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De-GraceLand Home Consults ️ image
De-GraceLand Home Consults ️
Commercial real estate agency
πŸ‘πŸ‘ De-grace land real estate is a very good, secure and reliable commercial real estate, they have good and affordable lands and it provides the best quality and services you can find.
5.00 (109 reviews) (~1.24 km from centre)
BON Hotel Smith City Awka image
BON Hotel Smith City Awka
Unpretentious hotel offering a conference hall, a restaurant & 2 bars, plus an outdoor pool.
4.40 (814 reviews) (~1.91 km from centre)
Vertex-view Hotel & Suites image
Vertex-view Hotel & Suites
Informal hotel offering an outdoor pool & a gym, plus a restaurant, a bar & breakfast.
4.40 (421 reviews) (~2.54 km from centre)
Body and Mind Spa image
Body and Mind Spa
Shopping mall
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Amazing Experience and have everything you need. A good place to stop by anytime. Strongly Recommend.
4.20 (762 reviews) (~5.62 km from centre)
Hilton Leisure Resort & Hotel image
Hilton Leisure Resort & Hotel
Warmly decorated rooms & suites in an upmarket hotel featuring bars, restaurants & an outdoor pool.
4.20 (519 reviews) (~1.56 km from centre)
Roban Stores image
Roban Stores
πŸ‘ Gave them 4 stars because all the time I was at the store, I wasn't comfy enough to take pictures and videos. Love how huge and spacious it is, navigating towards the stores is hitch free, the workers at the teller point, mostimes are slow, on all my visits to the store during my stay, it wasn't fu...
4.10 (2.8K reviews) (~2.27 km from centre)
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church image
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church
Catholic church
πŸ‘ A great and conducive environment for worship. They have 6 AM 8AM and 10AM masses. Oh and they use English and do throw in their native dialect from time to time however you will get the full picture. So yh will recommend for first timers at residing around the area.
4.60 (101 reviews) (~4.14 km from centre)
St Charles Medic Diagnostics Awka image
St Charles Medic Diagnostics Awka
😐 Good place to run labs but they have to work on their restroom, less hygienic for a medical establishment
4.40 (151 reviews) (~1.54 km from centre)
Saint Patrick's Cathedral image
Saint Patrick's Cathedral
Catholic church
πŸ‘πŸ‘ What a magnificent building so big , spacious,and very clean and neat environment as worshipping there there will makes you feel more relax as the security there are all capable and able . I just like the spacious atmosphere there so cool and so loving .saint Patrick cathedral Akwa is just one of t...
4.50 (113 reviews) (~1.38 km from centre)
Best Western Meloch Hotel image
Best Western Meloch Hotel
😠 A review of my stay at Meloch Hotel Awka Hi everyone. I don't always write reviews, and even when I do, I usually take time to reflect on my experience to make sure that it aligns with my reviews. Honestly, I had the worst experience at Meloch Hotel at Awka. It was one problem after the other, sta...
4.10 (700 reviews) (~3.84 km from centre)
Radopin Supermarket image
Radopin Supermarket
Grocery store
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Very nice shopping place. They sell affordable and quality house hold items. Their Bread is one of the BEST, one can get around Awka metropolis. I will suggest to anyone visiting Awka to check them out. It is one place I will like to visit each time I am in Awka or while passing through Awka. I just...
4.20 (284 reviews) (~1.26 km from centre)
Dominion City Awka image
Dominion City Awka
Pentecostal church
πŸ‘πŸ‘ The best place to worship. Dominion City worldwide have the mantra "Raising Leaders that transform the society" Their services are brief but Impactful Praise and Worship sessions are spiritually loaded... The sermon expository to the love and leadership of God. Their pastors are seasoned and lea...
4.70 (72 reviews) (~1.15 km from centre)
Parktonian Hotel, Awka image
Parktonian Hotel, Awka
πŸ‘ When I first knew this place, they don't give rooms any how to young guys especially if you look or appear irresponsible, they will tell you that there are no rooms available. The compound is always quiet though it is located close to the expressway. This place is expensive not for low income ear...
4.10 (483 reviews) (~1.21 km from centre)
3neetee Cakes & Chops image
3neetee Cakes & Chops
Cake shop
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I was thrilled by their prompt delivery and professionalism, I needed a surprise birthday cake for my sister and contacted 3neetee Cakes a day before her birthday and she was able to deliver beyond my imagination. Keep it up!
4.80 (60 reviews) (~3.99 km from centre)
Holy Family Youth Village Hostel, Amansea image
Holy Family Youth Village Hostel, Amansea
😐 What I like most about this place is the shower, and electricity. What I despise most about this place is SOMEONE STOLE MY SHIRT few days after I bought it. PROS ***Attend lectures easy and as early as 8am. ***Gen goes on 7 to 11pm daily. ***Water is almost always available. ***The environment is...
4.10 (396 reviews) (~8.56 km from centre)
Trig Point Hotel image
Trig Point Hotel
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Great pool side bar, affordable and tasty meals, I say affordable cause for a hotel that large you'd think the meals would be too expensive. Great service.
4.10 (367 reviews) (~2.63 km from centre)
Nnamdi Azikiwe University image
Nnamdi Azikiwe University
Public university
πŸ‘πŸ‘ It is one of the federal Universities in Nigeria, The current Vice Chancellor is Prof Joseph Ahaneku and it has been called the University of all times. There are so many projects ongoing in the school and there are provisions for every Faculty to accommodate students. The University produces thou...
4.00 (1.2K reviews) (~6.78 km from centre)
Patmos Studios image
Patmos Studios
Photography studio
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Patmos is πŸ’― more than a studio, it is a home that brings imagination to life, with excellent creativity. Patmos; where dreams come true.
5.00 (45 reviews) (~1.39 km from centre)
Wintess Garden Hotel and Suites image
Wintess Garden Hotel and Suites
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Wintess Garden hotel and suites, Awka is truly a definition of hospitality industry. A place of comfort and relaxation. Your comfort and peace of mind is assured and security is second to none.
4.00 (859 reviews) (~7.53 km from centre)
De Santos Hotel, Awka image
De Santos Hotel, Awka
πŸ‘ Good place. Neat, presentable and chic. I'll recommend this place. Apparently, they have a couples room that has a see through bathroom. First that I've seen. However, they have an issue with hot water. No hot water during my entire stay. So make sure you ask if the problem has been fixed before pa...
4.00 (800 reviews) (~1.16 km from centre)
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