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Karachi Center image
Karachi Center
Shopping mall
👍👍 Best place to shopping for Generator spare parts. Specialist in Cummins Generator parts
3.80 (174 reviews)
Gujranwala Tikka Shop and Restaurant image
Gujranwala Tikka Shop and Restaurant
👍👍 OMG, GUJRANWALA tikka shop has the best BBQ in town! You have to try it out. The food is so tasty, and the atmosphere is really lively and fun. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the prices are reasonable. I highly recommend their chicken tikka - it's juicy and flavorful. They also have a wide...
4.20 (116 reviews)
SitarA Super Store image
SitarA Super Store
Shopping mall
👍 General store daily products easily available
4.00 (70 reviews)
Tekoni Park image
Tekoni Park
🫤 Kids play ground
4.10 (68 reviews)
Anwar Nimko Park image
Anwar Nimko Park
😐 Playing Ground
3.20 (50 reviews)
Brooklyn Eatery image
Brooklyn Eatery
👍👍 Delivery time was good. Food was reasonably hot consider December cold. Pizzas were tasty. Tried them first time and loved it.
4.20 (38 reviews)
yourcart image
Community garden
👍👍 This is very good place for fresh breath, walk,exercise, enjoy, play, relaxing,and it's for families too
4.50 (33 reviews)
Grace Replica Store image
Grace Replica Store
Clothing store
😠 Today I received my parcel. And I'm so disappointed worst dress ever the color and stuff is totally different. I will never recommend this. Pathetic...
4.20 (31 reviews)
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