Masjid Wazir Khan image
Masjid Wazir Khan
Historical place
4.60 (52 reviews)
Qasim Gate image
Qasim Gate
Historical place
😐 Beautiful architecture.
4.60 (45 reviews)
Sawi Masjid image
Sawi Masjid
Historical place
👍 The so-called Sawi Masjid is located in northwest Multan in the Mohalla Tolay Khan neighborhood. It is a small, roofless structure comprising a set of graves surrounded by walls and an antechamber, all sitting on a high plinth. Although commonly referred to as the Sawi, or "Green" masjid, the struct...
4.50 (243 reviews)
Fort Kohna Qasim Garden image
Fort Kohna Qasim Garden
The site of this mostly destroyed fortress is now a park with a museum, scenic views & shrines.
4.40 (12K reviews)
Haram Gate image
Haram Gate
Historical place
👍 Ancient place Haram Gate . Crowded, No discipline
4.40 (3.4K reviews)
Dehli Gate image
Dehli Gate
Historical place
👍👍 Its so historical place .... A Super grosry markeet .... Sweets More Available at day time
4.40 (2.7K reviews)
Lohari Gate image
Lohari Gate
Historical place
👍👍 Great historical place. This gate is just opposite if chowk ghanta ghar. It is frequently mispronounced as lahori gate, is one of the historic six gates of the walled city of Multan. The name lohari traces back its roots to the Urdu word" Lohar" which means blacksmith . it is also busy market area o...
4.40 (348 reviews)
Bohar Gate image
Bohar Gate
Historical place
👍👍 Heavy Traffic Not Place For Car Drivers. Come Hare On Bike. Never Take Kids With U. It Is Whole Sale Market.
4.20 (5.7K reviews)
Nigar Khana image
Nigar Khana
Art gallery
👍👍 When U visit Multaan Never regret skipping this place. Wonderful and Unique work of Art. I step in thinking as a small shop but VOILA. ITS TREASURE. Wooden frames Wall clocks artifacts tables chairs utensils much more to explore. Metallic pieces specially I fell in love with the metallic horse n...
4.20 (101 reviews)
Tomb Peer Syed Hamid Shah Gillani image
Tomb Peer Syed Hamid Shah Gillani
😐 Its a religious place of Multan. The life of Hamid Shah Bukhari Sb is a role model of everyone, instead of Muslims or Non Muslims.
3.90 (103 reviews)
Baqar Khan Well image
Baqar Khan Well
Historical place
😠 This one is historical water well which was excavated by Baqir Khan (Governor Of Mooltan ) beacuse of King of sub continent Jahngeer (he was Beliver of Hazrat Bahauddin Zkriya) But now these day People throw Money in this water well for blessings . Now these days you can't see water in this Water w...
3.80 (35 reviews)
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