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Al-BAQA Restaurant image
Al-BAQA Restaurant
👍 It is very nice place the environment is also very good and service is excellent 😊
$$ $$
4.00 (308 reviews) (~0.75 km from centre)
Kabli Gate image
Kabli Gate
Historical place
👍👍 That's is my village, I went visited there after 8 year. The feelings was so true and family get together was just amazing. There is canals which makes your morning so spectacular and fresh. The historic kabli gate is still there just I saw in my childhood.
4.30 (103 reviews) (~0.74 km from centre)
PUNJAB Pizza Club image
PUNJAB Pizza Club
Pizza Takeout
👍👍 Service was so fabulous and the pizza was delicious i'm so satisfied
4.30 (67 reviews) (~0.21 km from centre)
Sial Hospital image
Sial Hospital
😠 Too much costly and even have no facility of sitting, no parking, no drinking water, rude and unprofessional behaviour of staff. Serious patients have no place to sit in.
3.80 (49 reviews) (~0.24 km from centre)
Apna shopping Mall, Akbar Azeem Barton store image
Apna shopping Mall, Akbar Azeem Barton store
Shopping mall
👍 Nice taste. Hardworking and loving staff
3.90 (48 reviews) (~0.04 km from centre)
Zain Hotel image
Zain Hotel
👍👍 There are very spicy food and beautiful place
3.70 (46 reviews) (~0.4 km from centre)
Ali Medical Store Sahiwal image
Ali Medical Store Sahiwal
👍👍 Beautification and revamping of THQ Hospital, Sahiwal started in May 2017 & has been completed in mid of October 2017. It includes landscaping of lawn, signboards, provision of picnic benches, outdoor shelter, gazebo, plantation, developing a green belt alongside the boundary wall to amplify beauty...
4.00 (45 reviews) (~0.28 km from centre)
Jhamti Gate image
Jhamti Gate
Historical place
👍👍 Butyfull my city I love
4.50 (45 reviews) (~0.71 km from centre)
Jeela Hotel image
Jeela Hotel
Tea house
👍👍 Perfect place and tea available for 24 hours
4.50 (42 reviews) (~0.19 km from centre)
Joy Toy Family Park image
Joy Toy Family Park
3.80 (37 reviews) (~0.64 km from centre)
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