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Church of the Nativity image
Church of the Nativity
Christian church
Heritage site of a 4th-century church said to be built above a cave in which Jesus was born.
4.70 (11.7K reviews)
The Walled Off Hotel image
The Walled Off Hotel
Quirky Banksy-designed boutique hotel on the Israeli West Bank barrier, plus a museum & a gallery.
4.60 (1.3K reviews)
Astoria Cocktail Room image
Astoria Cocktail Room
👍👍 Astoria was an amazing highlight during my visit to Bethlehem (Palestine). The drinks and food were simply fantastic, and the service was just top-notch. I went to Astoria twice for two nights in a row and it never disappointed! The overall atmosphere was so chill, relaxing and the music was ON POIN...
4.90 (189 reviews)
OTTO image
Italian restaurant
👍👍 HANDS DOWN the best Italian restaurant in Bethlehem. The ambience is very relaxing, and the outside seating is the best on a summer night. The owners are very friendly. Great food selection, and the prices are very reasonable. I'd recommend the pepperoni pizza with fresh mozzarella, the Frutto di ma...
4.90 (186 reviews)
Alqaser sweets image
Alqaser sweets
👍👍 Typical and the best palestinian knafeh! Must to stop by. Would denifitely come back:)
4.50 (399 reviews)
Milk Grotto Church image
Milk Grotto Church
Catholic church
Chapel said to be on the site the Christian family found refuge from the Massacre of the innocents.
4.50 (368 reviews)
Rewined M&D image
Rewined M&D
👍👍 We couldn’t tell from the sidewalk, but inside was a bustling and modern bar, pub, and hookah lounge. They were playing good funky music (like Chicago), had an extensive bar by any global standard, a good list fo wines and beers, and served delicious food including American fare, hummus, and falafe...
$$ $$
4.50 (276 reviews)
Afteem Restaurant image
Afteem Restaurant
👍👍 We had delicious fresh falafels for lunch here during our stay in Bethlehem. A really nice place around the corner from the main square in Bethlehem. The place is cool and clean inside. They make good coffee too. The place is busy with locals and tourists.
4.50 (259 reviews)
Saint Gabriel Hotel image
Saint Gabriel Hotel
Refined hotel featuring 2 restaurants, a bar & a fitness center, plus a beauty salon.
4.40 (405 reviews)
Little Italy image
Little Italy
Italian restaurant
👍👍 Great experience! The staff are extremely welcoming and give helpful advice to travelers. Also, they make the best Shakshuka in all of the Levant! Their coffee was also better than any others we drank during our travels to this area.
$$ $$
4.30 (559 reviews)
You Burger Bethlehem image
You Burger Bethlehem
Fast food restaurant
👍 The burger was perfect and delicious especially their meat is fresh, but I gave them 4 stars because the wings were very small. Highly recommended.
$$ $$
4.40 (260 reviews)
Al Karawan Restaurant image
Al Karawan Restaurant
👍👍 Local Palestinian food about a 3 min walk from the Walled Off Hotel. We walked at night time which, at first, felt a little intimidating, but most of the walk is around the wall and it ended up being very interesting looking at the graffiti on the wall. It was very safe to walk at night at the time...
$$ $$
4.50 (175 reviews)
Casa Nova Palace image
Casa Nova Palace
👍👍 Restaurant at the hotel of the same name. We were pleasantly surprised by the selection of coffee drinks. We choosed the cappuccino and also took dessert tiramisu and apple pie. All of these products were very good. One of the few places in Bethlehem where you can pay with credit cards. Pleasant sta...
4.50 (169 reviews)
Manger Square Hotel image
Manger Square Hotel
👍👍 The property was booked by an agent and we stay there for a whole week! The overall experience was very good, the staff was friendly and helpful (especially Elianna at the front desk). The best part it was the location because everything was in walking distance and even we were returning early ther...
4.20 (717 reviews)
The Barrel image
The Barrel
👍👍 Best bar in Bethlehem 🍺 Welcoming interior and nice decorations. Perfect tapped beers and tasty snacks. Above all, welcomed and helped by a very friendly owner of this bar. 👌👍🍻 --> A must visit in Bethlehem!!
4.90 (71 reviews)
Mount David Hotel image
Mount David Hotel
Informal hotel featuring complimentary Wi-Fi, a wood-paneled bar & a lobby lounge.
4.30 (293 reviews)
Viendo Restaurant & Cafe image
Viendo Restaurant & Cafe
👍👍 nice place to eat good quality of traditional cuisine of Palestina🇵🇸
$$ $$
4.30 (293 reviews)
Milano restaurant image
Milano restaurant
Pizza restaurant
$$ $$
4.30 (287 reviews)
Banksy Guest House image
Banksy Guest House
Bed & breakfast
👍👍 This is one of those place that you find when you least expect it. Literaly. You are walking along the wall back from checkpoint 300, and all of a sudden, there it is. You walk into the restaurant part, and it feels like you left Palestine, and you just walked into some turn of the century pub. Food...
4.70 (92 reviews)
Palestinian Heritage Center image
Palestinian Heritage Center
Tourist attraction
👍👍 A must see in Bethlehem Is the WALL! Art works and the call for Freedom Make you cry! I still feel the desire! I still feel the pain! I still hear the words I’ve read all over the place! I still see the paintings, the tears, the injustice. Go! And talk to people! Ask questions! Never take for grante...
4.30 (270 reviews)
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