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Green Valley Restaurant Samar Park image
Green Valley Restaurant Samar Park
👍👍 Amazing staff made us feel welcome, treated us like family. The food was great and plenty. They celebrated my wife’s birthday with music and dancing what a classic touch! Thank you Madji the best, Sarah very courteous and to the rest of the staff.
$$ $$
4.80 (2K reviews)
Deir al Krntl (monastery Krntl) image
Deir al Krntl (monastery Krntl)
Striking cliff-face monastery on the site where Jesus fasted, with guided visits, a shop & cafe.
4.70 (853 reviews)
القدس فلسطين image
القدس فلسطين
4.80 (320 reviews)
Jericho panorama image
Jericho panorama
Tourist attraction
👍👍 A beautiful view of the mountains that Christians believe Jesus and the devildevil debate there for forty days and the result is unknown. Don’t forget to visit the souvenir shop and drink some juice near the panorama. Easy to access. Nice scene.
4.60 (476 reviews)
Ancient Jericho/ Tell es-Sultan image
Ancient Jericho/ Tell es-Sultan
Archaeological site
Ancient archeological mound & ruins of ancient Jericho with excavated structures & scenic views.
4.50 (875 reviews)
Sykomora Zacheusza image
Sykomora Zacheusza
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Sycamore tree where its said that Jesus healed the blind beggar. Unsure why but the gardens were closed during the day on a Wednesday.
4.60 (204 reviews)
Russian Museum image
Russian Museum
Archaeological museum
👍👍 I was very impressed by the architecture, quality, details and cleanness of this property. Very regal and a monument of national pride of Russia abroad.
4.30 (552 reviews)
Al Kemah image
Al Kemah
👍 Good place, out side you will get different varieties of fresh fruits, shopping can also be done here.
$$ $$
4.20 (1.5K reviews)
Mosaic Centre Jericho مركز الفسيفساء أريحا image
Mosaic Centre Jericho مركز الفسيفساء أريحا
Tourist attraction
👍👍 A very nice discovery in Jericho. Very welcoming people willing to explain the history and culture of the Mosaic Centre, very beautiful and authentic handicraft.
4.40 (235 reviews)
Temptation Tourist Center, AbuRaed, Tel Jericho, Tel Es Sultan, Jericho Old City Since 1979 image
Temptation Tourist Center, AbuRaed, Tel Jericho, Tel Es Sultan, Jericho Old City Since 1979
👍 An AMAZING experience!!! I was thoroughly surprised on how natural the chicken was cooked. It definitely was not processed or injected like some countries. Definitely will return when the opportunity arises. Keep up the good work !
4.30 (371 reviews)
Resort hotel
👍👍 Great place, we had such a great weekend out there, cleanliness, hospitality, everything was beyond perfect. I highly recommend this place!
4.90 (67 reviews)
Jericho Waves image
Jericho Waves
Water park
👍👍 Visited with kids from about 2pm to 8pm. Entry was 50 NIS per person including kids as young as 4. Not sure if there is free entry for younger kids. This place is super clean including the bathrooms and change rooms with modern facilities. The lifeguards were outstanding, vigilant and attentive. The...
4.50 (124 reviews)
Abu Feras Restaurant image
Abu Feras Restaurant
👍👍 good food,every other day they have a diffirent prices
$$ $$
4.30 (201 reviews)
Jericho Resort Village image
Jericho Resort Village
Simple rooms & bungalows in a relaxed hotel with outdoor pools, a Jacuzzi & a BBQ area.
4.10 (870 reviews)
Al Rawda Restaurant image
Al Rawda Restaurant
👍👍 Good place to eat local food. It is important to support local Christian business.
$$ $$
4.50 (105 reviews)
Al Baiara Resort image
Al Baiara Resort
Resort hotel
😠 This place is absolutely terrible and the bathrooms stink of sewage! The staff and the owners are extremely rude to customers. The staff “accidentally” threw our food and other belongings in the garbage without asking our permission, and when confronted about it they were unbelievably rude and unapo...
4.30 (130 reviews)
Tourist Information Center image
Tourist Information Center
Tourist information center
4.10 (269 reviews)
AlAqeed Sandwich & More image
AlAqeed Sandwich & More
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 Nice place,good food.Best burger with mushroom cream.
4.60 (67 reviews)
Bab Al Shams Resort image
Bab Al Shams Resort
Modest units in a stylish apartment hotel offering an outdoor pool, a restaurant & a bar.
4.10 (224 reviews)
Safari Aqua Park image
Safari Aqua Park
Water park
👍 Best waterpark in Palestine 🇵🇸 Me and my family love it we had a blast .. Bathroom need a little more attention 😃
4.20 (134 reviews)
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