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Kesem Center Shopping Center image
Kesem Center Shopping Center
Shopping mall
👍 A small and cute shopping center with the Hash Tambor extension and the Yesh chain, etc
3.70 (1.2K reviews) (~0.49 km from centre)
מרכז עסקים עילית אחוזת ברכפלד מודיעין עילית image
מרכז עסקים עילית אחוזת ברכפלד מודיעין עילית
Business center
3.80 (1.2K reviews) (~0.64 km from centre)
מאפה הבית image
מאפה הבית
Coffee shop
👍👍 Good food
$ $$$
4.40 (411 reviews) (~0.49 km from centre)
גן הדסים image
גן הדסים
Event venue
😠 Disgraceful exploitation of the location of residents who have no idea of ​​prices and a fair return. A basic shawarma plate costs NIS 100, without pita bread, without salad, and without chips. 100 NIS a plate and nothing else. Pita another 3 shekels Chips another 30 shekels. and salad.. none!. Anyt...
4.10 (350 reviews) (~0.77 km from centre)
בשר בכיכר image
בשר בכיכר
Chophouse restaurant
👍👍 Great place for a diner. The food is delicious, the quantities are good. I personally really like their chips. Although it's not like a chip shop, but for a falafel and meat place, their chips are really tasty. They also have business dishes that arrive in Hamachishit, which is really good for those...
$$ $$
4.70 (234 reviews) (~1.19 km from centre)
Barkol Shopping Center image
Barkol Shopping Center
Grocery store
In-store shopping
3.20 (223 reviews) (~0.88 km from centre)
פסק זמן image
פסק זמן
👍 Reasonable prices, delicious food, courteous and patient service I ordered a chicken breast on the plancha with onions for 2 dishes, both of which had the majority of onions in relation to the breast, to the attention of the owners of the place. Other than that, it was great
$ $$$
4.50 (158 reviews) (~0.6 km from centre)
בקר גריל בשרים- BAKAR- image
בקר גריל בשרים- BAKAR-
Chophouse restaurant
👍👍 Yaniv the owner is a great, nice and pampering person. We ate as a whole family, each chose something different in the lafa/baguette Everyone was really satisfied, delicious, fresh and aesthetic. Fair price and pleasant atmosphere. Big like!! Uploading you one picture that I managed to take..
$ $$$
4.10 (155 reviews) (~0.49 km from centre)
למען החי image
למען החי
👍👍 A lovely living area for children. Those responsible are constantly working to upgrade and optimize for the well-being of children and adults alike. Thank you. And this is the place to ask the local authorities to take part and help as much as they can for this action which is very much needed in a...
4.30 (150 reviews) (~1.07 km from centre)
Tzipi Rosenthal - Bridal makeup makeup eve I Productions I Fashion image
Tzipi Rosenthal - Bridal makeup makeup eve I Productions I Fashion
Make-up artist
👍👍 The stunning Tzipi, thank you for perfect makeup!!!! The make-up remained the whole event like new, this is the third time I've had my make-up done by you, there's nothing like your patience and calmness and the delicate work so that everything turns out exactly champion ❤️
5.00 (125 reviews) (~0.64 km from centre)
השוק השכונתי image
השוק השכונתי
Discount supermarket
In-store shopping
4.00 (109 reviews) (~1.09 km from centre)
Rifa Tziri - Holistic Massage and Reflexology image
Rifa Tziri - Holistic Massage and Reflexology
Massage therapist
👍👍 I was fortunate to go to Raf for my first ever massage and it was the best first massage I could ask for. Being someone who works out a lot, I had a lot of tight muscles and tension, and Rafi knew so we’ll how to get my muscles relaxed and release the tension. I felt very comfortable and really like...
5.00 (108 reviews) (~0.79 km from centre)
כללית בית מרקחת image
כללית בית מרקחת
Medical clinic
😐 Convenient hours, a permanent pharmacist who is a bit slow and always has shifts. Accessible place
4.00 (79 reviews) (~0.96 km from centre)
קפוצ’ינו image
Coffee shop
👍👍 The truth is that I really recommend cappuccino! This is the second time that the entire team went to a team evening on behalf of work. In terms of price - a cheap price for a coffee shop. A reasonable price for elite intelligence... (we are not used to coffee shops here) The food is really deliciou...
4.80 (76 reviews) (~0.52 km from centre)
חומוס אליהו מודיעין עילית image
חומוס אליהו מודיעין עילית
👍 Pamper less than the other branches, Everything sparingly and punctually And there is no refilling as in the entire chain
4.00 (43 reviews) (~0.51 km from centre)
מיירדיק image
Buffet restaurant
👍👍 Great place. Only less relevant for women/girls on Thursday night 😂😂😂
$ $$$
4.90 (41 reviews) (~0.48 km from centre)
Healing Waves image
Healing Waves
Sports massage therapist
👍👍 Gal is truly the utmost professional. Besides for her treatment, her passion for healing is remarkable. I would highly recommend her to everyone!
5.00 (38 reviews) (~1.37 km from centre)
יענקלה בשרים image
יענקלה בשרים
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 Great place. Delicious, cheap, high service
3.90 (33 reviews) (~0.96 km from centre)
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