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McDonald's image
Fast food restaurant
Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.
$ $$$
3.90 (4.6K reviews) (~1.71 km from centre)
Mundet Factory image
Mundet Factory
😐 I was really struggling with this one. Call it 3.5 ⭐️ 🥘The food is great, amazing presentation on every single menu item, great flavor balance and perfectly reasonable prices. ⚜️the indoor decoration is really welcoming and the outside área more than perfect for the usual portuguese weather. 🌩t...
$$ $$
4.30 (3.6K reviews) (~1.54 km from centre)
Burger King image
Burger King
Fast food restaurant
Well-known fast-food chain serving grilled burgers, fries & shakes.
$ $$$
3.90 (3.2K reviews) (~1.05 km from centre)
E.Leclerc image
👍👍 Thank you so much
3.80 (3.1K reviews) (~0.56 km from centre)
Restaurante Amigo Wu & Oriental Palace image
Restaurante Amigo Wu & Oriental Palace
👍👍 Behind the Bazar inside the same building you have “Oriental Palace” that is a great takeaway & restaurant with a lot of foods from Japanese to Chinese. Sometimes it has a lot of variety and sometimes it doesn’t but adding up to the fresh sushi - my favorite - the staff is super nice and always will...
$ $$$
4.10 (3.1K reviews) (~0.99 km from centre)
Lidl image
Discount supermarket
😐 Low cost supermarket. No thrills shopping. Free parking and central. Bargain hunters make navigating through the corridors a constant gincana. Crowded on weekends. Alli all a valid choice for basic shopping.
4.20 (3K reviews) (~1.75 km from centre)
Centro Comercial d'Amora image
Centro Comercial d'Amora
Shopping mall
👍👍 Top 👌
3.60 (2.7K reviews) (~1.24 km from centre)
Lidl Seixal Mundet image
Lidl Seixal Mundet
Discount supermarket
👍 ample shopping space 👍
4.10 (2.7K reviews) (~1.8 km from centre)
Ferro Velho image
Ferro Velho
🫤 Poor experience from both the table service, chef and prices Vs quality. I only went because my family wanted to go there. My experience was far from ideal. With my own money I won't go there again that is a promise. Some Raw food, not tasty, unnecessary expensive and noisy, I know multiple places t...
$$ $$
4.50 (2.7K reviews) (~0.69 km from centre)
Baía do Seixal image
Baía do Seixal
Tourist attraction
👍👍 I live near this area and I never get bored of it. Very peaceful and beautiful. I especially go there for evening walk. We can see beautiful sunset. It's more beautiful when there's more water in the bay.
4.60 (2.7K reviews) (~1.59 km from centre)
Pingo Doce Paivas image
Pingo Doce Paivas
😐 Interesting choice of products and competitive prices, and reasonable shop size. Price checking inside the shop is poor, as in the example shown in the picture. This keeps happening to me and sometimes i don't complain to avoid waiting for the shop head. I recommend that you always check your bill....
3.80 (2.7K reviews) (~1.2 km from centre)
Parque Urbano das Paivas image
Parque Urbano das Paivas
👍👍 Nice place to spend some time. It has also a children area..
4.20 (2.4K reviews) (~0.94 km from centre)
O Cristino image
O Cristino
😐 Tasty food. Very friendly staff. The only reason I don't give 5 🌟 a better clean would be great and how it is possible to smoke inside? I was smelling 🚬 while eating not great.
$$ $$
4.20 (2.1K reviews) (~0.35 km from centre)
Lisboa à Vista image
Lisboa à Vista
👍 Very nice ambient, it's a boat, was a bit hot since it was a hot day, good pleaser service, went there for a wine dinner.
$$ $$
4.40 (2K reviews) (~1.4 km from centre)
Garden of the Martyrs Square of Liberty image
Garden of the Martyrs Square of Liberty
👍👍 Walking along the promenade of Seixal, have a coffee in one of the nice cafes, stopping at a restaurant for lunch or dinner - you will enjoy it.
4.40 (2K reviews) (~1.94 km from centre)
Lidl - Outlet image
Lidl - Outlet
👍 This is not your typical Lidl. It is an outlet of non-food goods. It is packed full of items that are generally in the back half of a Lidl and all of it is sold at marked down discounts. They have a lot of random things from lawn and garden equipment to clothes to workout accessories as well as comm...
3.90 (1.9K reviews) (~1.56 km from centre)
Verde Amarelo Pizzeria image
Verde Amarelo Pizzeria
🫤 Went there with a group of 10+ people, and i was not pleased with the service (mixed the orders, and the waiter swapped the plates between the two persons right in the table, after they have started eating.) Food was ok. Maybe with a smaller group the experiencie might have been better. Too many typ...
$$ $$
4.30 (1.8K reviews) (~0.68 km from centre)
Restaurante Miyagi Seixal image
Restaurante Miyagi Seixal
Asian restaurant
👍 So glad to finally dine in this restaurant in Seixal. We made a reservation for 2 at 14:00H and arrived at 13:30H and the staff was very accommodating. We ordered the Takoyaki and Nori Taco as starters. Both dishes are soooo good especially the Nori Taco. We also ordered Bao Crab, and 2 Ramen Miso i...
$$ $$
4.50 (1.7K reviews) (~1.71 km from centre)
Lidl Seixal Amora image
Lidl Seixal Amora
Discount supermarket
😐 Great place, a lot of different options and some cheap brands to shop. My only issue is that the place is a little disorganized and staff is not very helpful. Maybe is the stress from all the corona-shopping craziness, but they could do better with that.
4.10 (1.7K reviews) (~0.28 km from centre)
O Pinto image
O Pinto
Seafood restaurant
😠 This restaurant is a big scam!! We are group of 4 people and they charge us overpriced for what we ordered. This is not Michelin star restaurant. How can you charge almost €800 for a dinner? Just Coca Cola is €13. Wow I am surprise! BIG SCAMS FOR TOURISTS!
$$ $$
4.60 (1.6K reviews) (~0.19 km from centre)
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