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Discover the best places in Băicoi, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 82 places in the village.

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Casa Yzo image
Casa Yzo
😐 The restaurant is nicely set up. Small details as table arrangements with plates and glasses would drastically help. The menu is oriented in burgers, pizzas, pasta and some grill items. A separate menu a little bit more asian. The grilled pork spare ribs were dry. The ribs were not suitable for gril...
$$ $$
4.90 (1.2K reviews) (~4.34 km from centre)
Club Touche image
Club Touche
👍👍 The best place in Baicoi to enjoy some good music with your friends :D The owners are friendly and open, very nice people to meet :D
$ $$$
4.70 (289 reviews) (~3 km from centre)
Pana Filipescu Mansion Museum image
Pana Filipescu Mansion Museum
History museum
👍👍 Hidden gem 💎 If you're going towards the mountains but still have some time to chill, stop by this place for a sweet history lesson about two of the richest and known Romanian families in existence - Cantacuzino x Filipescu The place is well preserved and it has a quiet and tidy courtyard with benc...
4.60 (327 reviews) (~9.23 km from centre)
Gradina de Lavanda image
Gradina de Lavanda
👍👍 It s a lovely place, where sometimes are organised nice events. A good place for photoshooting. A good place for weekend trips with family. Best time to visit place is summer, when lavender is blooming and harvesting. There are also a lot of bees. It s near Ploiesti city, 20 km far away. U can buy...
4.50 (613 reviews) (~9.58 km from centre)
Satul Banului image
Satul Banului
Guest house
👍👍 Fairytale location, that feels like a dream! Property backs right up to the river, with an enchanted forest directly behind it! I've spent countless nights here on multiple occasions and get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about coming back! You will never regret the memories created here,...
4.70 (206 reviews) (~8.33 km from centre)
Domeniul Cantacuzino image
Domeniul Cantacuzino
4.40 (739 reviews) (~4.85 km from centre)
Lidl image
4.30 (2.7K reviews) (~9.49 km from centre)
Hotel Club Seva image
Hotel Club Seva
Laid-back hotel offering a health club & free Wi-Fi, as well as a restaurant with a terrace.
4.40 (502 reviews) (~9.93 km from centre)
Altex Câmpina Greenfield image
Altex Câmpina Greenfield
Electronics store
4.50 (254 reviews) (~9.44 km from centre)
Grand Slam Arena image
Grand Slam Arena
Sports club
👍👍 Superb location, good food, good service, attention to details, private parking. Among the few places that also serve coffee (in a kettle), not just espresso. The road through Banesti is a bit winding. Recommended for all ages.
4.70 (133 reviews) (~7.04 km from centre)
Casa Augsburg Wellness image
Casa Augsburg Wellness
Bed & breakfast
👍👍 The best location
4.40 (375 reviews) (~6.52 km from centre)
Sportisimo image
Sporting goods store
4.30 (653 reviews) (~9.51 km from centre)
Pizza & Paste image
Pizza & Paste
😐 It s an ok restaurant
$$ $$
4.40 (278 reviews) (~4.01 km from centre)
Kaufland Campina image
Kaufland Campina
👍 This hipermarket it's super helpful!
4.20 (4.1K reviews) (~9.52 km from centre)
Casa Teo image
Casa Teo
👍👍 Ok?
$$ $$
4.30 (510 reviews) (~9.28 km from centre)
Stejarul de la Cocorăștii Mislii image
Stejarul de la Cocorăștii Mislii
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Although the oak tree itself is not a very spectacular point of interest, the nearby forest is a wonderful place. In the spring, starting with the last days of February, deer inevitably appear at the edge of the forest, exactly at the entrance to the Uleea forest road. Barn owls, barn owls, plovers...
4.80 (90 reviews) (~7.27 km from centre)
Pepco image
Clothing store
4.30 (398 reviews) (~9.51 km from centre)
Campina Sports Club image
Campina Sports Club
4.40 (225 reviews) (~9.82 km from centre)
Casa Lazăr image
Casa Lazăr
😐 Locație destul de prietenoasa, preparatele proaspete și gustoase, personalul extrem de politicos. Recomand pentru evenimente familiale.
$ $$$
4.60 (118 reviews) (~5.6 km from centre)
Ruins of the Petit Trianon Palace image
Ruins of the Petit Trianon Palace
Historical landmark
😐 It's good to visit this place one time in your lifetime, but I see no reason to come back. From Wikipedia I found that the palace was never completed because the construction was started by George Cantacuzino who died before the construction was finished. After his death, his son, Mihai, didn't want...
4.20 (531 reviews) (~4.63 km from centre)
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