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Palas Iasi image
Palas Iasi
Shopping mall
Large, modern mall featuring 250+ local & global shops, an international food court & a hypermarket.
4.70 (35.2K reviews) (~64.39 km from centre)
Iulius Mall image
Iulius Mall
Shopping mall
👍 It's a nice mall but it definitely need more parking lots.
4.50 (16.2K reviews) (~63.41 km from centre)
Palace of Culture image
Palace of Culture
365-roomed complex built between 1906 & 1925 to house government offices, now housing 4 museums.
4.80 (14.1K reviews) (~64.46 km from centre)
Arena Mall image
Arena Mall
Shopping mall
Retailers, restaurants & a cinema round out the offerings at this 3-story indoor shopping center.
4.40 (13.6K reviews) (~88.5 km from centre)
Mamma Mia image
Mamma Mia
👍👍 One of the best restaurants in the city. Everything was great, very recommended
$$ $$
4.30 (13K reviews) (~65.28 km from centre)
Anastasie Fătu Botanical Garden image
Anastasie Fătu Botanical Garden
Botanical garden
Large 19th-century botanical garden with walking trails, a duck pond & seasonal floral shows.
4.70 (12.3K reviews) (~68.4 km from centre)
Metropolitan Cathedral Iasi image
Metropolitan Cathedral Iasi
Majestic neoclassical church known for its soaring, domed towers, mosaics & 16th-century icons.
4.80 (12.2K reviews) (~65.02 km from centre)
"Palas" Public Garden image
"Palas" Public Garden
Formal city park with a monumental staircase, fountains & a lake, overlooked by a neo-Gothic palace.
4.80 (11K reviews) (~64.35 km from centre)
Copou Park image
Copou Park
Longtime public garden featuring an obelisk that is Romania's oldest monument & a 500-year-old tree.
4.70 (9.2K reviews) (~67.22 km from centre)
Exhibition Parc image
Exhibition Parc
👍👍 If you have a child, take them here! My six-year-old daughter and I went after visiting the nearby botanic garden and stayed for two hours! First of all, there are two enclosed playgrounds- one for smaller kids and one for older. The playground for older kids has slides, swings, a rope for climbing...
4.70 (9.1K reviews) (~68.23 km from centre)
Leroy Merlin image
Leroy Merlin
Home improvement store
👍👍 Store with fair to cheaper prices than the competition. Good array of goods, not necessary best quality, but mainly focused for a bit for everyone. Usually busy, expect some queue despite many cashers opened. Appreciated by buyers.
4.40 (8.3K reviews) (~63.11 km from centre)
ERA Shopping Park Iași image
ERA Shopping Park Iași
Shopping mall
👍👍 Most of the times not busy, home to different shops, from value for money to posh ones.
4.40 (8.2K reviews) (~68.57 km from centre)
Dedeman image
Home improvement store
👍👍 Very nice place to do home shopping. You will find everything that you need for your house and garden. Staff is always ready to help and they really know what they are talking. I recommend Dedeman . And they also have massive car parking so this is not a problem if you drive. Enjoy !
4.40 (8.2K reviews) (~63.07 km from centre)
Eminescu's Linden Tree image
Eminescu's Linden Tree
Tourist attraction
Venerable linden tree, approximately 500 years old, linked to famed Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu.
4.80 (8.2K reviews) (~67.22 km from centre)
Carrefour image
👍 Everything is OK, except for the prices which are too high.
4.30 (8.1K reviews) (~62.25 km from centre)
McDonaldʼs image
Fast food restaurant
Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.
$$ $$
4.00 (8K reviews) (~65.85 km from centre)
Decathlon image
Sporting goods store
👍👍 I recommend. Wheelchairs people are welcome too. This store are very clean and tidy. If you come inside definitely you will be back because the staff are friendly, helpful and fast training to serve you. Decathlon is the superstore in Iasi, Romania that has everything you could possibly need for exe...
4.60 (7.4K reviews) (~68.84 km from centre)
Auchan image
👍👍 Gigantic store in the city center. If you can't find something there, probably you won't find it anywhere in Romania. They have really curious payment system, I've never seen it before: 1. The clerk scans your products like a regular store. 2. They give you the receipt 3. You have to scan the receip...
4.30 (7.3K reviews) (~64.16 km from centre)
McDonald's image
Fast food restaurant
Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.
$$ $$
4.00 (6.9K reviews) (~89.12 km from centre)
Carrefour image
😠 Was a good store. Now the produce is not very good got some stuff expired (kaiser) at the cashier they have only the huge bags or the very small ones and when you ask them you get nothing. They will not do anything to give you a decent bag. In the store the staff expect you to move aside being rude...
4.20 (6.5K reviews) (~88.27 km from centre)
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