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Discover the best places in Lupeni, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 124 places in the village.

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Mini Transilvania Park image
Mini Transilvania Park
Tourist attraction
👍👍 It's a great place for kids and also people who love history. A lovely way to pass time surrounded by beautiful nature and small replicas of great historical buildings from Transylvania and Romania in general. I especially recommend it for families: the adults can relax on the terace, and the childr...
4.80 (6.9K reviews) (~6.35 km from centre)
Kotyogó Restaurant & Pension image
Kotyogó Restaurant & Pension
👍👍 The food and the service was great. I can only recommend this place.
4.80 (722 reviews) (~0.58 km from centre)
Heart of Jesus statue image
Heart of Jesus statue
Vista point
👍👍 If you are lucky for sunny weather it’s pretty accessible by normal cars (lower ones might have problems on the last portion of the road in the forest). Road is narrow and usually 2 cars can barely pass next to each other. The view it’s breathtaking and worth coming there. Steps are steep and if it...
4.70 (3.3K reviews) (~2.9 km from centre)
Gizi Csárda image
Gizi Csárda
Humble, country-style quarters in a charming inn featuring a warm restaurant/bar.
$$ $$
4.70 (1.3K reviews) (~9.17 km from centre)
Schwarz Bistro image
Schwarz Bistro
Family restaurant
👍👍 Great service and well mannered waiters. The food is absolutely great and changes every week. You can't go wrong with anything.
$$ $$
4.90 (307 reviews) (~9.29 km from centre)
Piatra Funerară Tamási Áron image
Piatra Funerară Tamási Áron
Memorial park
👍 Nice, clean, full of souvenirs and with a very tasty langos!
4.70 (1.2K reviews) (~0.5 km from centre)
Galffis Chocolate image
Galffis Chocolate
Chocolate factory
👍👍 Yummy chocolate in a cozy place. Great coffee also. Definitely recommend
4.80 (474 reviews) (~8.71 km from centre)
Frieske Pan image
Frieske Pan
Dessert shop
👍 Great supply of cakes and they also served caffe and juice. I missed some place to sit down an enjoy my cake. It is obviously only for takeaway. Everything fresh and tasty.
$$ $$
4.70 (882 reviews) (~9.74 km from centre)
Casa Memorială Tamási Áron image
Casa Memorială Tamási Áron
Memorial park
👍👍 Egyszeruen felemelo fenseges lenyűgöző mar ahogy belep az ember az udvarra valami furcsa nyugtato de ugyanakkor felemelo erzes ami atjarja az ember testet lelket,az idegenvezeto holgy nagyon aranyos segitokesz es nem utolsosorban Tamasi Aron kozeli rokona,sajat keziratat lehetett katni,bölcsőjét de...
4.70 (474 reviews) (~0.5 km from centre)
Central Park image
Central Park
4.60 (889 reviews) (~9.75 km from centre)
Galeria Porților Secuiești image
Galeria Porților Secuiești
👍👍 Not very hard to climb and the view is AMAZING
4.70 (316 reviews) (~6.78 km from centre)
Teatrul Tomcsa Sándor Színház image
Teatrul Tomcsa Sándor Színház
Theater company
👍👍 Nice park.
4.60 (511 reviews) (~9.71 km from centre)
Sziklakert Fogadó image
Sziklakert Fogadó
Guest house
4.60 (491 reviews) (~7.81 km from centre)
Menta Bistro image
Menta Bistro
👍👍 Teljesen jó kis hely finom ételekkel és kedves kiszolgálással. Köszönjük
$$ $$
4.70 (279 reviews) (~9.93 km from centre)
Bluepentool image
Custom t-shirt store
👍👍 Great quality work, soft material annd good prices! Really helpfull and friendly stuff. I would say they have a fair price to quality level. Recomend!
5.00 (129 reviews) (~8.58 km from centre)
Patakmenti Panzió image
Patakmenti Panzió
Bed & breakfast
👍👍 Interneten kaptam meg a korondi Patakmenti panziót, ahol két éjszakát töltöttünk családommal. Házigazdáink , Szász Ferenc és családja elfeledtette velünk a város zaját. Tiszta, szép szobákba szállásoltak el, bőséges reggelivel és vacsorával láttak el amit minden alkalomkor frissen keszítettek és mo...
4.80 (195 reviews) (~9.75 km from centre)
Taverna Gyros image
Taverna Gyros
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 This is a really good fast-food restaurant i ate the best gyros in here. I recommend that you do not skip it. :)))
$$ $$
4.60 (397 reviews) (~9.79 km from centre)
Sükői Halastó image
Sükői Halastó
👍👍 Nice place, plenty of delicious food, quick and nice service ... 👌
$$ $$
4.70 (242 reviews) (~7.25 km from centre)
Ice Cream Shop image
Ice Cream Shop
Frozen yogurt shop
👍👍 The ice cream here is very tasty. You can find different varieties, including sugar-free and lactose-free ice cream. Don't miss this if you are in the city.
$$ $$
4.60 (351 reviews) (~9.99 km from centre)
Muzeul Haáz Rezső image
Muzeul Haáz Rezső
👍👍 Beyond words!! I paid 5 RON i.e one euro for one of the best museum experiences in Romania. Everything was so good, so well displayed that I ended up taking a pic of literally everything, stayed in the museum for an hour and a half while thinking I will hardly stay for 20 minutes going in. This is...
4.60 (338 reviews) (~9.75 km from centre)
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