Casa Timerar image
Casa Timerar
Indoor lodging
👍 Decent accommodation at a fair price in September. Clean, spotless white towels, changed every two days, quite close to the beach, large room and equipped with the necessary things, including hair dryer and coffee maker. There is a very strong room perfume in the closet, which makes the closet unus...
4.70 (116 reviews)
Casa Eden image
Casa Eden
Guest house
Humble guesthouse offering laid-back rooms & an apartment, plus a garden, BBQ facilities & Wi-Fi.
4.80 (70 reviews)
Miruna Valentin image
Miruna Valentin
Guest house
4.40 (150 reviews)
Casa Florenta image
Casa Florenta
Guest house
😠 The accommodation is ok. Very beautiful, but the staff and hosts leave much to be desired. They look into your rooms after you leave for the beach under the pretext that they want to clean. I didn't miss anything, but no cleaning was done either. At the entrance, there are about 4-5 maidanis waitin...
4.40 (80 reviews)
Vila Khalo image
Vila Khalo
😠 Atentie! Propietara anulează rezervarile cum vrea ea. Nu va bazati pe rezervarile online ca trage teapa. Va treziti ca mine la 8 seara ca nu aveti unde sa stati. Am rezervat si platit online prin o camera cu 3 luni in avans. Cand am ajuns sa ma cazez mi-au spus ca nu au nici o rezervare p...
4.70 (40 reviews)
Pension Oituz image
Pension Oituz
Guest house
Cozy rooms with free Wi-Fi, some with balconies, in a relaxed guesthouse with a bright cafe.
4.10 (70 reviews)
Casa Meyra image
Casa Meyra
Guest house
👍 Clean rooms, good service, parking place not very well organised.
3.90 (110 reviews)
Vila Hipodrom image
Vila Hipodrom
Guest house
4.10 (53 reviews)
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