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Impact Fitness Studio image
Impact Fitness Studio
👍👍 Nice Gym. Fully Equipped with Guided Machines, Free Weights and Cardiorespiratory Machines. Clean ChangingRooms and Bathrooms.
5.00 (277 reviews)
Holy Trinity image
Holy Trinity
4.70 (693 reviews)
PIQUANT Restaurant Pitești image
PIQUANT Restaurant Pitești
👍👍 A really nice experience we had in Pitești, the menu is not stuffed which makes it easier to choose (and i think it is also a sign that products are fresh). The menu changes very oftenly. They have a nice wine selection. Food was tasty and also the plating is really nice. The place is clean and cozy...
4.90 (250 reviews)
Scorpio Team MMA image
Scorpio Team MMA
Martial arts school
👍👍 Big up
5.00 (180 reviews)
Parcul Trivale image
Parcul Trivale
👍👍 The best place to retreat in nature while you are in Pitesti. You can bike, roller blade, walk, there's a few shops where you can get snacks, a nice terrace for coffee and drinks, and even food, relax in the fresh air and even visit the old Orthodox Monastery which lies in the heart of the forest.
4.60 (2.2K reviews)
Kazoku image
Authentic Japanese restaurant
👍👍 Such a lovely family business ❤️ the food was delicious 😋 🤤
5.00 (172 reviews)
Pitesti Prison Memorial image
Pitesti Prison Memorial
👍👍 I had read many books about and referencing this place before getting here. Only a part of the old building can be visited, the rest is a private company. The museum also works as a private company, which is admirable, but makes it hard to sustain themselves. There are boards in each room and the tr...
4.70 (476 reviews)
Teatrul "Alexandru Davila" image
Teatrul "Alexandru Davila"
Theater company
😠 19th century building with minimum to no improvement. Awful experience. Kids can't see anything. Uncomfortable. You feel like you travel 50 years back in time ... Not in a good way
4.60 (961 reviews)
Space Burger image
Space Burger
Fast food restaurant
😠 Most sandwiches will stay for a while in the rack. all the burgers we ordered (4) had some hard pieces in them, unchewable. It's one thing not to know what you eat exactly, but starting to imagine what it can be is just worse
4.70 (397 reviews)
Barock image
👍👍 It was amazing. Would recommend!
$ $$$
4.70 (395 reviews)
Ștrand Park image
Ștrand Park
Leafy riverside park with boat rental at a small lake, a miniature train line & a skatepark.
4.50 (4.1K reviews)
Park Meadow Arges image
Park Meadow Arges
👍👍 A free place. I love it there 😊
4.60 (591 reviews)
Ramada by Wyndham Pitesti image
Ramada by Wyndham Pitesti
Straightforward lodging with a fitness center, a spa & a restaurant, plus free WiFi.
4.50 (2.5K reviews)
Cinema City image
Cinema City
Movie theater
4.50 (2.1K reviews)
Artizan Urban Coffee Shop image
Artizan Urban Coffee Shop
👍👍 The best coffee in Pitesti! I come often for the flat white. The best part is the outside seating with lots of sun during the winter months! They also sell coffee beans to take home; the Ethiopia are our favorites. Highly recommend a stop in.
$$ $$
4.80 (216 reviews)
La Tuciuri image
La Tuciuri
👍👍 Easily the best restaurant in Pitesti. Love it! Everything was delicious, especially the mici and pork ribs. We capped off dinner with a super delicious papanasi.
$$ $$
4.50 (1.8K reviews)
The Musical Fountain image
The Musical Fountain
Tourist attraction
👍👍 It's the central place of the city. Here's every time nice view only exception living blocks in opposite side.
4.50 (1.6K reviews)
Cinema Trivale image
Cinema Trivale
Movie theater
😠 The place where you can watch a movie in the most uncomfortable seats where if you rest your head you will gaze at the ceiling and not the screen or have someone fiddle with the thermostat creating more cycles between chilly and hot atmosphere in one movie session. (if it was a faulty thermostat it...
4.50 (1.5K reviews)
La Librărie, Mon Cher image
La Librărie, Mon Cher
Tea house
👍👍 An off the wall boutique place that is a must visit for anybody in Pitesti or who just visits the city. It's a tea shop, book store, board games, a place to hang out, unique to Pitesti. As a bonus, they have an adorable cat.
$$ $$
4.60 (469 reviews)
La Strada Boutique Villa image
La Strada Boutique Villa
Unfussy hotel in a 19th-century building offering a restaurant & a bar, plus free Wi-Fi & breakfast.
4.50 (1.3K reviews)
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