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Discover the best places in Târgu Neamţ, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 134 places in the village.

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Restaurant Moldavian Burger image
Restaurant Moldavian Burger
👍👍 The perfect place for slow cooked foods. Tasty and generous portions all around. Recommended if you want a burger or some pork ribs. The staff is very friendly. The toilets are clean and there's even a kids play room, the place looks classy without being extra expensive
$$ $$
4.90 (3.1K reviews) (~3.27 km from centre)
Agapia Monastery image
Agapia Monastery
👍👍 Just beautifull
4.80 (7.4K reviews) (~7.56 km from centre)
Varatec Monastery image
Varatec Monastery
👍👍 Such a beautiful place and so quiet.
4.80 (5.7K reviews) (~7.11 km from centre)
Neamț Citadel image
Neamț Citadel
14th-century fortress with a renovated interior featuring educational displays & period artifacts.
4.70 (11K reviews) (~3.3 km from centre)
Pensiunea Eden image
Pensiunea Eden
Warm rooms in a casual guesthouse with a garden, a TV lounge & a restaurant, plus a farm.
4.60 (1.9K reviews) (~0.57 km from centre)
Venezia image
Romanian restaurant
👍👍 5 stars for attitude A very pleasant surprise when I discovered the place. Located in the center, you might need a little help from a GPS or Google maps just to locate it on a one way steet. No parking spots, but paid public parking available just in the front. Wooden tables and branches, a little p...
$$ $$
4.60 (1.6K reviews) (~3.25 km from centre)
Pensiunea Aristocratis image
Pensiunea Aristocratis
Casual guesthouse offering a restaurant with a terrace, plus a garden with play areas.
4.60 (1.2K reviews) (~5.44 km from centre)
Ion Creangă Memorial Museum image
Ion Creangă Memorial Museum
👍👍 It's a small house, but packed with personality and charm. It's after all, the home of Ion Creangă, one of the best storytellers that also encapsulated the spirituality of the village life. It instantly takes you back to childhood and the many well known stories from "Amintiri din copilărie". The ma...
4.50 (9.6K reviews) (~2.08 km from centre)
Popa Museum Tarpesti image
Popa Museum Tarpesti
Bed & breakfast
👍👍 This is a privately owned Museum run by a rather unusual guy with help from his family, particularly his sister who served us lunch. The exhibits are housed in an around a building with interesting architecture. There are all manner of artifacts pertaining to Romania as well as a collection of coins...
4.70 (357 reviews) (~8.79 km from centre)
Cafeneaua Danioti image
Cafeneaua Danioti
Coffee shop
😐 When they brought my coffee everything was fine. But they spilled half of my friend's coffee.
$$ $$
4.70 (342 reviews) (~3.06 km from centre)
Pizza Club image
Pizza Club
Pizza restaurant
$$ $$
4.60 (514 reviews) (~3.14 km from centre)
Theme Park "Ion Creangă" image
Theme Park "Ion Creangă"
Theme park
4.70 (286 reviews) (~2.08 km from centre)
Parcare Cetate image
Parcare Cetate
Parking garage
4.60 (337 reviews) (~2.87 km from centre)
Casa Anca Agapia image
Casa Anca Agapia
4.70 (206 reviews) (~5.36 km from centre)
Pensiunea Edera image
Pensiunea Edera
Bed & breakfast
🫤 No air conditioning in the rooms, hot as... there was dust in the rooms, and the couch was uncomfortable to sleep on. The fridge is out of the socket and the socket out of the wall. When asked the staff to turn on the fridge, they've never shown up to do it. The restaurant is good, the food is amazi...
4.40 (913 reviews) (~5.35 km from centre)
Pensiunea Daria image
Pensiunea Daria
👍👍 ok
4.50 (381 reviews) (~5.44 km from centre)
Cazare Pensiune - Agapia image
Cazare Pensiune - Agapia
Bed & breakfast
👍👍 A big 5 stars for the staff, who were very accommodating to our large group including small children. The rooms themselves were clean but nothing to write home about.
4.50 (378 reviews) (~2.28 km from centre)
Taverna de Neamt image
Taverna de Neamt
Family restaurant
👍👍 Fantastic restaurant nou deschis în Târgu Neamț. Mâncare foarte bună, gustoasă și lafel de bine prezentată de personalul zâmbitor. Recomand din inimă acest restaurant care nu merită nota 10 pentru că este un restaurant de nota 1️⃣2️⃣ 🇷🇴👍👨‍🍳🍴👩‍🍳🍽️🧑‍🍳🍕🍺🍖🍗🥘🍧🍰🍷🤗
4.70 (167 reviews) (~3.21 km from centre)
Belvedere Gastro-Pub image
Belvedere Gastro-Pub
Warm rooms in a laid-back hotel & restaurant in the countryside, offering live entertainment.
4.40 (617 reviews) (~4.76 km from centre)
PENSIUNEA Belvedere Târgu Neamţ image
PENSIUNEA Belvedere Târgu Neamţ
👍👍 I stayed here for one night only. We came in late and we had dinner at the restaurant. It was good and it was just what we needed. The room is big enough, the bathroom was clean, the shower was big to move around. It was quiet even though the location is next to the road. The balcony was nice to sta...
4.60 (212 reviews) (~4.74 km from centre)
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