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Muzeul Comunismului Hunedoara image
Muzeul Comunismului Hunedoara
👍👍 An interesting museum for those who would like to know more about Communism and Romania's socialist history. Important note: while this place can bring out the nostalgia from those who lived the era's, it's not a place to cherish the dictator or the struggle's of the nation. Also, not a place to sh...
5.00 (1.9K reviews)
Cartofisserie image
Fast food restaurant
5.00 (1K reviews)
Send Coffee Shop image
Send Coffee Shop
Coffee shop
👍👍 Amazing, friendly and professional personal, boosting coffee, chill and relaxing atmosphere, slice of heaven, affordable prices, would hear colors again after 2 grandes. I've been drinking my coffe here over 1 year and still can't get enough. Overall 20/10
$$ $$
5.00 (935 reviews)
Muzeul Trenulețelor Valentin Banciu image
Muzeul Trenulețelor Valentin Banciu
👍👍 Amazing place to visit with kids or not. The persons taking care of the place are very dedicated and have a lot of stories about Valentin. Amazing details. Keep it up. I hope you find a larger place
4.90 (2K reviews)
KENDRA beauty cosmetics image
KENDRA beauty cosmetics
Cosmetics store
😠 My experience with the Kendra store, from Unirea: the example of the worst customer service I could have expected in a mall store, Bucharest, 2018. I enter them last night, at 21:30 (they close at 22). Inside about 3-4 saleswomen plus 2 guards. They talked hotly about bacon boiled in cabbage juice...
4.90 (1.4K reviews)
Cuibul Artiștilor image
Cuibul Artiștilor
Theater company
👍👍 Emotion in motion. Speechless performance and incredible acts. Extremely realistic stories and highly creative actors. They are not humans, for sure, but magicians. They make you stay present and feel. You will leave from there full of vitality and with a spectacular mood. Just thank you for the ex...
4.90 (1.4K reviews)
Cartofisserie image
Fast food restaurant
🫤 We order via one of the deliver companies. It was delivered in 1.5h from parklake mall. The potatoes were quite good, but the rest seemed to be a little bit strange, but we put it on the fact that we are to used with the taste from Kfc. The sauces were mixed, some were what we ordered some were not....
4.90 (1.3K reviews)
Dârvari Skete image
Dârvari Skete
Historical landmark
Erected in the 1930s, this church with a simple, white exterior is decorated with frescoes inside.
4.90 (1K reviews)
Burger & burrito image
Burger & burrito
New American restaurant
👍👍 I bought two Arizona cheeseburgers at a 30% discount and can say I am impressed. Vegetables were fresh, the bun was tasty and the meat above average. And I say “above average” as the market is currently over saturated with mediocre hamburgers and it is hard to find a decent one. If you’re in the nei...
4.90 (879 reviews)
Prislop Monastery image
Prislop Monastery
Picturesque, remote Romanian monastery built in the 14th century & surrounded by hills.
4.80 (22.3K reviews)
Cărturești Carusel image
Cărturești Carusel
Book store
👍👍 Fantastic book store, which offers much more than books only. The interior definitely worth a peek! There's a section here for anyone. Really worth a visit if you're into these places. Note that many things are in Romanian, but there were a lot of books and items in English as well. Besides books, c...
4.80 (17.5K reviews)
The Romanian Athenaeum image
The Romanian Athenaeum
Performing arts theater
Iconic neoclassical concert hall opened in 1888 hosting the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra.
4.80 (13.2K reviews)
"I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre image
"I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre
Performing arts theater
Restored 6-floor national theater complex, open since 1973, with 6 halls & an outdoor amphitheater.
4.80 (11.9K reviews)
Bucharest Fountains image
Bucharest Fountains
Tourist attraction
Dancing water displays set to music, lights & 3D projections, held every weekend from May-October.
4.80 (9K reviews)
Radu Vodă Monastery image
Radu Vodă Monastery
Orthodox monastery founded during the reign of Alexander II Mircea (1568–77) & often restored since.
4.80 (7K reviews)
The Museum of Football image
The Museum of Football
👍👍 Visited this museum yesterday on my last day of my Romania trip and I had more fun than I expected. First of all it serves as an education of the Romanian football history and important Events in it. Secondly it also shows some football events, player trikots, match emblems etc on the Internationa...
4.90 (745 reviews)
Origo image
Stylish specialty coffee shop by day, trendy cocktail bar by night, with a terrace & light snacks.
$$ $$
4.80 (4.2K reviews)
"Saint Anthony" Church image
"Saint Anthony" Church
Orthodox church
👍👍 Die älteste Kirche in Bukarest ist definitiv einen Besuch wert! Einfach nur wunderschön! Vergesst nicht einen Wunschzettel auszufüllen (liegen links beim Eingang auf einem kleinen Tisch) und werft ihn dann in den kleinen Holzkasten (ebenfalls links ca. 2 Meter weiter). Der Priester liest diese Zette...
4.80 (3.8K reviews)
Human Coffee image
Human Coffee
👍👍 A very good place found nearby Tineretului Park which serves very good specialty coffee and is pet friendly 😊 The staff is taking good care of the customers and the vibe is really good!
$$ $$
4.90 (718 reviews)
Cartofisserie image
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 I didn't even get to order and the nice guy there gave me exactly what I wanted, 100% would recommend
4.90 (701 reviews)
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